Well-Built Canadian RVs That Should Be on Your Radar

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Close up of an Armadillo Canadian RVs

If you love snow skiing in Colorado or want to head to the mountains of New York in January, then you have limited options in America for true four-season trailers. On the other hand, if you head north of the border, you’ll find quality, durable, lightweight campers that provide comfortable accommodations for your winter travels. But these Canadian RVs aren’t just for winter camping. 

You can enjoy them year-round, and rest assured that you’ll buy from companies that have been in the RV business for decades, producing top-quality travel trailers and truck campers. 

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best Canadian RVs you should consider!

How Many RV Companies Are in Canada?

Canada has a strong but small collection of RV manufacturers. Most of the models purchased by dealers come from the United States. Winnebago, Airstream, and Coachman, among others, are household names in Canada and the United States. 

But even though the Canadian RV industry is relatively small compared to the U.S., it has established itself as a successful business, focusing on eco-friendly materials, four-season campers, and aerodynamic designs.

Overall, you’ll find a dozen or so Canadian RV manufacturers that build various models, from teardrops to motorhomes. They include Bigfoot RV, Escape Trailers, Outback Trailers, Bruce Coach, Fleetwood, and General Coach.

Or you can choose from others like Glendale RV, Leisure Travel Vans, Northern Lite, Pleasure Way Industry, Precision Coach, Prevost, and Triple E RV.

According to Money Sense, 15% of Canadians own an RV. Although many snowbirds escape Canada for at least half the year, many Americans head north of the border during the summer too. 

And in Florida and Arizona, you’ll find many RVs with Canadian license plates between December and May. 

Yet anytime between June through September, you’ll likely see a Florida or Arizona license plate in Quebec. 

So seasonal RVing in Canada is very popular, but Canadian RVers venture south with Americans from Michigan, New York, and North Dakota, escaping the cold, brutal winters.

7 Best Canadian RVs You Should Check Out

One of the best reasons to buy from a Canadian manufacturer is the year-round capabilities of the RVs.

If you want to winter camp, Canadian RVs can withstand harsh winters. Let’s look at seven of the best Canadian RVs on the market.

Leisure Travel Vans

Location: Winkler, Manitoba

Types of RVs: Class C

In 2009, Leisure Travel Vans and Triple E RV merged to focus primarily on the smaller Class C market. The Wonder Class C motorhome starts at around $162,000 and features four different floorplans, including front twin beds, rear twin beds, a rear lounge, and a Murphy bed. 

The Unity Class C motorhome starts at around $172,000 and features a few more options with six floorplans. You can get a rear twin or rear lounge option, three Murphy bed options, and a corner bed option. 

Additionally, these two Class C motorhomes feature panoramic windows, reclining chairs, multiple storage solutions, a residential-style bathroom, and a Truma premium climate package, making them popular Canadian RVs.

Inside a Leisure Travel Van Canadian RV


Location: Kitchener, Ontario

Types of RVs: Class B

Acquired by Groupe Rapido in 2019, Roadtrek has manufactured Canadian RVs since 1980. Today the brand offers a full line of Class Bs built on Mercedes and Ram ProMaster chassis. 

They have eight models that range in price from $146,986 to $195,968. The Zion Slumber and Play Slumber sleep and seat up to five people, while the other models sleep up to three.

Additionally, the lengths range from 19 feet 7 inches to 20 feet 9 inches, and all units have a GVWR of 9,350 pounds. 

All models have gas engines except the SS Agile, which is diesel. These Canadian RVs have a 5.3-cubic-foot refrigerator, a roll-out pantry, deep pot and pan storage, and 37-gallon capacity freshwater tanks. 

The premium models also have a 600 AMP lithium battery system, 300 Watt power inverter, and rooftop solar.


Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Types of RVs: Class B

Pleasure-Way, a family-owned and operated business, began in 1986 and takes an individualized approach to production. These Canadian RVs aren’t mass-produced but receive hundreds of hours each of personal attention and custom building. 

The seven Class B lines range from a starting price of $94,250 for the Tofino to $182,000 for the REKON 4×4. The Tofino is also the smallest at 17 feet 9 inches, while the Plateau TS and Plateau FL are the longest at 22 feet 9 inches. 

For RVers who prefer to camp off-grid, the REKON 4×4 has a 400-Watt solar package. The Plateau FL features a unique two-living-space floorplan. So no matter what your travel needs, Pleasure-Way has created specially designed Class Bs to suit all types of camping lifestyles.

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A Pleasure-Way Canadian RV

Escape Trailers

Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia

Types of RVs: Travel Trailers

In 2003, Escape made its first molded fiberglass travel trailer. Fast-forward 20 years and the company now manufactures six different molded fiberglass models and one fifth-wheel. 

They all feature a designated sleeping space and separate dinettes, except for the Escape 17B, which features two dinettes. Owners can choose from a maple, oak, or contemporary interior finish. 

Additionally, these Canadian RVs range from 17 feet 8 inches to 21 feet 4 inches and have a GVWR of 4,000 to 5,000 pounds. Even the E5.0 fifth wheel only has a GVWR of 5,500. 

The Escape trailers, designed for medium-duty, come with a 3500-pound torsion rubber ride suspension, electric brakes, and front and rear stabilizer jacks. 

Other standard or upgraded features include a 12,000 BTU furnace, 12 Volt demand water system, three-way refrigerator, two-burner cooktop, and stainless steel sink.

Armadillo Trailers

Location: Armstrong, British Columbia

Types of RVs: Travel Trailers

Like Escape Trailers, Armadillo Trailers manufactures molded fiberglass travel trailers. Brothers Mike and Jason Jong own the family-operated business, which features modern technologies, innovative designs, and eco-friendly materials. 

You can explore two lines: the Armadillo and the Backpack. The Armadillo is 13.5 feet in length and weighs about 2,700 pounds. It features a front and rear dinette that converts to a sleeping space. 

The Backpack comes in 14and 16-foot options and also weighs about 2,700 pounds. And the Backpack model comes in a front kitchen or a front flush-toilet floorplan. 

Owners can customize their Armadillo trailer by choosing the exterior color, adding solar panels, upgrading to a power package, and more. The starting price ranges from about $25,300 to $27,600. 

Northern Lite

Location: Kelowna, British Columbia

Types of RVs: Truck Campers

Northern Lite has manufactured top-quality, four-season truck campers for decades. The company offers a six-year structural warranty, the best in the industry. 

Made for both short-bed and long-bed trucks, Northern Lite has a lineup that includes both wet bath and dry bath options. The dry weight of the campers ranges from 2,560 to 3,360 pounds. 

Furthermore, you can get Limited Edition, Special Edition, and Sportsman Plus campers. The Limited Edition and Special Edition campers feature two 200-Watt solar panels, an LCD TV screen, a queen mattress, a skylight, and a full kitchen. 

The Sportsman Plus campers are the lightest four-season truck campers available and work best for travelers who don’t need a lot of amenities. Options for this line include a built-in Onan 2500LP generator, a second wardrobe, two 185-Watt solar panels, and a wireless backup camera.

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The bedroom inside a Canadian Northern Lite RV

Outback Trailers

Location: Rocky View County, Alberta

Types of RVs: Travel Trailers

Outback Trailers, also known as Trillium, manufactures molded fiberglass trailers like Escape and Armadillo. The base model price starts at $22,900, but you can customize them to suit your needs. 

Standard equipment includes a DC fridge, two-burner stove, sink, roof vent, and rear stabilizer jacks. Owners can also add a bike carrier, awning, flush toilet, solar panels, outdoor shower, and more. 

Additionally, all units have a similar floorplan, a rear double bed with storage, a center kitchen, and a wardrobe. You can customize the front of the unit to include a bunk bed, mini couch, flush toilet, or dinette. 

These Canadian RVs work for those who don’t have a heavy-duty truck but want to enjoy the camping lifestyle year-round.

Are RVs Built in Canada Better Than RVs Built in the US?

You’ll probably find that many people will share that Canadian RVs are better than American ones because of their year-round capabilities. The molded fiberglass trailers and truck campers can handle the harsh Canadian winters. 

But in reality, they’re just built differently. To succeed, these manufacturers must produce RVs that can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. 

For the most part, American RV manufacturers don’t have to worry so much about four-season capabilities because most campers will only venture to the campgrounds during prime camping season.

Are Canadian RVs Worth It?

If you don’t own a dually truck and want to winter camp in Maine, then a Canadian RV may be your best bet. Few American RV manufacturers produce the four-season quality of the trailers and campers that you’ll find from these seven top Canadian RV manufacturers. 

In addition, the lightweight and aerodynamic design of these RVs make them easier to tow. The fiberglass design makes them durable and less prone to leaks and water damage. So if you buy from one of these Canadian companies, you won’t regret it!

Are you in the market for one of these options?

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