Who Owns Leisure Travel Vans?

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Two Leisure Travel Vans parked next to each other

If you’re looking at Class B vans but really want some additional space, consider the Class C options made by Leisure Travel Vans.

This Canadian company manufactures smaller Class Cs that provide more interior space than Class Bs without losing the ease of maneuverability. 

Let’s learn more about Leisure Travel Vans. Perhaps a new Wonder or Unity is in your future!

About Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Travel Vans is a company dedicated to producing functional Class C vans. Through their innovative use of space and technology, Leisure Travel Vans develops options that suit the travel needs of many different travelers. 

The Wonder and Unity lines are sleek and stylish, providing multiple floor plans. That includes the Murphy bed, twin bed, and rear lounge options.

Inside a Wonder Leisure Travel Van

Who Owns Leisure Travel Vans?

P.W. Enns founded Triple E in 1965 with his two sons-in-law. The following year, they made 97 small travel and 327 trailers in 1967. In 1969, Jim Pattison of Neonex Leisure Products acquired a controlling interest in Triple E, which led to the company’s substantial growth over the next few years. 

However, in 1974, Phil Ens and P.W. Enns bought back the company, restoring it to family ownership.

During the late 1970s, Reg and Saide Harder founded Leisure Travel Vans. While both companies were producing their own types of motorized RVs, Leisure Travel Vans focused on smaller models.

At the same time, Triple E continued to manufacture larger Class A and Class C units. In 2008, Triple E acquired Leisure Travel Vans, just seven miles down the road.

However, due to the economic downturn, Triple E consolidated Triple E RV and Leisure Travel Vans into one operation. The company discontinued Class A, travel trailer, and fifth wheel production to focus on the Class B and C markets. 

In 2015, Triple E celebrated its 50th anniversary and redesigned the Unity to reflect this milestone.

Where Are Leisure Travel Vans RVs Made?

One-hour tours are available at the Winkler plant off Roblin Boulevard in Manitoba, Canada. The facility is easily accessible from Highway 32 and Highway 14. The province of Manitoba is just north of Minnesota and North Dakota. 

The Triple E and Leisure Travel Van facility is just 20 minutes north of the United States-Canadian border.

The Leisure Travel Vans Lineup

Leisure Travel Vans doesn’t mass produce dozens of lines like larger companies. Its focus is solely on developing two top-quality lines with multiple options for travelers. The Wonder and Unity lines can sleep up to four people and offer similar floor plan options.

All floor plans feature ample storage inside and along the van’s exterior. The kitchens in all Leisure Travel Vans have stainless steel sinks, built-in pantries, and curved cabinetry to create a functional yet stylish space. 

A Truma AquaGo Comfort Plus water heater comes standard on all units. In addition, Corian countertops and Ultraleather furniture are also standard. These features make both the Wonder and Unity models comfortable and functional.

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The Wonder is built on a Ford Transit Cutaway T-350 Chassis and runs on a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 gas engine. The exterior height is less than 10 feet, and the length is less than 25 feet. Four floor plans are available: a rear lounge, a Murphy bed lounge, a front twin bed, and a rear twin bed. 

The Murphy bed lounge and front twin bed options have rear bathrooms with front living/sleeping spaces. Meanwhile, the other two floor plans position the bathroom in the center of the van and split the sleeping space from the living space.

Inside a Wonder Leisure Travel Van


Unlike the Wonder, the Unity is built on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis 3500 and runs on a 3.0 L V6 Turbo Diesel engine. The exterior height is 10 feet 6 inches, and the length is just over 25 feet. 

Six different floor plans are available: a Murphy bed lounge, a Murphy bed, FX, a corner bed, a rear lounge, and a twin bed. The corner bed, rear lounge, and twin bed units sleep up to four people, while the other three floor plans only sleep two people.

The twin bed floor plan, rear lounge floor plan, and Murphy bed floor plan are all very similar to the floor plans of the Wonder by the same name.

The FX floor plan features two separate sitting areas, one in the rear and one in the front. The rear sectional sofa comes with an ottoman, and the front lounge space also has a Murphy bed.

The corner bed floor plan is very similar to the FX floor plan, except the corner bed replaces the rear sectional. Additionally, a booth dinette replaces the front lounge space with the Murphy bed.

Inside a Unity Leisure Travel Van

How Much Does a Mercedes Leisure Travel Van Cost?

The Wonder Leisure Travel Van’s four different floor plans are different prices. The front twin bed model is the least expensive. It starts at $162,470, while the Murphy bed lounge model is about $20,000 more, starting at $183,280.

The Unity Leisure Travel Van’s six different floor plans also vary in price. The twin bed floor plan, the least expensive model, starts at $172,070. The most expensive model, the Murphy bed lounge, starts at $188,590.

You can add options like an Exterior Entertainment Package for $1,240 or a ladder for $400. If you’re planning on boondocking often, you can add an Onan generator for $4,830 or a diesel option for $8,780. Lithium batteries and solar panels are also available to add on.

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Do Leisure Travel Vans Hold Their Value? 

Because the Unity is on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis, it will hold its value over time better than other Class B and Class C models.

In general, these vans will hold their value longer than towable RVs like travel trailers and fifth wheels. 

Usually, an RV will depreciate 30% to 45% in the first five years of ownership. Of all the RV types, Class Cs tend to hold their value longer if you properly maintain the unit. Preventing water damage and external collision damage is key to maintaining the highest value possible.

Can You Live Full-Time in a Leisure Travel Van?

This can only be answered individually. Some solo travelers or couples will find the Wonder or Unity perfect for their lifestyle. They have dry baths and all the amenities needed for life on the road. 

However, other travelers will find the space too small. They may take long trips in a Leisure Travel Van but won’t be able to live full-time in less than 25 feet of space. So is it possible to live full-time in a Leisure Travel Van? 

Certainly, but it’s not for everyone.

A Leisure Travel Van parked by a lake

Travel in Luxury in a Leisure Travel Van

So the next time you head out to a lot to check out some travel vans, take a look at the Wonder and Unity models made by Leisure Travel Vans. Although they’re classified as Class C RVs, you’ll find them similar to many Class Bs but with more interior space and exterior storage. 

You won’t have the cabover bed sitting on top of you as you drive, and you’ll have a full dry bath to make traveling more convenient and enjoyable.

With so many different floor plans in the Leisure Travel Van lineup, which one will you choose?

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