How Do You Replace an RV Door Lock?

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A woman walking into her RV after replacing her RV lock on her door

We’ve done plenty of upgrades over the past several years. However, replacing our RV door lock was one of the first things we did when we bought our new-to-us truck camper. 

No matter what camper you have, we think this project is worth it. So how do you replace an RV door lock? Thankfully, it’s not nearly as difficult as you might think, and you only need a few tools.

Today, we’ll walk you through how to replace the cheap RV door lock on your rig. Let’s get started!

Is Replacing an RV Door Lock Hard?

While some of the tasks on your honey-do list can be time-consuming, this isn’t one of them. Replacing an RV door lock is incredibly easy. Even if you’ve never done it before, it shouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Most installations only require a screwdriver and a pair of needle nose pliers. Undoing a handful of screws is all it takes to remove the current lock. Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through each of the steps for replacing an RV door lock.

Are All RV Locks and Keys the Same?

It’s surprising to many RVers that their RV is as unique as they thought. Unfortunately, manufacturers typically use only a handful of locks and keys. They do this for various reasons, one being that it’s easier for dealerships to secure rigs sitting on their lot.

While this can be useful if you get locked out of your RV, it creates security concerns. Your campground neighbors are likely good people, but that’s not always the case. 

If a fellow camper has a key that matches the lock on your RV, they could access your rig. For many owners, this is one risk they’re not comfortable taking.

An rv door lock before being replaced

Benefits of Replacing Your RV Door Lock

Here are several reasons for replacing your RV door lock. Let’s consider why you should add this project to your to-do list.

Increased Security

As we’ve already mentioned, upgrading your lock increases the security of your rig. Depending on the one you choose, there’s just about no chance someone else in the campground has a matching key. This allows you to worry less while sleeping or away from your camper.

Security is one area where you can never be too safe. Keeping yourself and your stuff secure during your adventures is priceless. Any upgrade that helps increase security is worth it for us.

Remote Locking and Unlocking

The lock we upgraded to, RVLock, comes with a key fob. Just like the key fob for our truck, it allows us to lock and unlock our RV’s door by pressing a button on our keys. This has proven to be handy several times when we’ve crawled into bed and forgotten to lock the door.

Additionally, we’ve had a time or two when we’ve returned from an adventure or trip to the store, and it was raining. We don’t have to stand at the door fumbling with our keys while rain pours down onto us.

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Never Get Locked Out

Almost every RVer we know has locked themselves out of their RV at some point. If you choose a lock with a keypad, this is one thing you no longer have to worry about. 

You can lock your door with the press of a button and unlock it by punching in your custom pin code. This is easier and reduces the odds of finding yourself locked out of your rig.

One Key for All Your Locks

There’s nothing more annoying than having to carry around a ton of keys on your keychain. Unfortunately, most RVs come with different locks, which means carrying multiple keys. Luckily, many companies that offer replacement locks have options to replace all of your locks. 

Instead of having multiple keys, you’ll have a single one that lets you lock and unlock every door and cabinet on your rig. You can even find some options to secure all the locks with a single button. You don’t have to check every latch to ensure you secured each one.

How to Replace RV Door Lock

Replacing an RV door lock is a simple project. However, we’ll look at each step of the process so you can confidently tackle it. Let’s dive in!

Measure Lock and Order Matching Replacement

First, you need to measure the lock and order the correct replacement. Luckily, RV locks only come in a handful of sizes and types. 

However, this is another time when it’s worth taking your time to measure. You don’t want the new door lock to arrive and discover it’s incompatible with your rig.

When in doubt, reach out to customer service before ordering. If not, you may have to pay for the return shipping if you order the wrong item. 

In addition to costing you money, you may get a headache dealing with a return.

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Open Door and Remove the Screws

Once you’re ready to start, open your door and locate the screws on the inside of the door. Generally, only a handful of screws hold the lock in place. 

Removing the screws will loosen the handle. Then the inside and outside of the handle will separate as you loosen the screws. 

During this step, an extra set of hands can be helpful, but isn’t entirely necessary, to help avoid losing any screws or small pieces.

Place New Lock and Install Screws

After removing the old lock, place the new latch and slide the outside of the new lock into place. You must line up the screw holes with the inside and outside pieces before inserting the screws. 

Additionally, ensure you connect any electronics if you opt for a push-button or remote keypad.

Once everything is in place, tighten the screws. Avoid over-tightening them, especially if your new lock has plastic construction. You don’t want to damage a brand-new door handle.

Test Lock for Proper Fit

Before you shut the door, test the lock a few times. Use the key to lock and unlock the door to test all the moving parts. If it came with a remote, test it too. 

Ensure you can lock and unlock the door before you close it. If not, you could accidentally lock yourself out of your rig.

After confirming that your lock works, you can close the door. We recommend keeping someone inside in case things don’t go as planned. 

Next, ensure the door latch closes smoothly and efficiently. You shouldn’t have to slam the door shut to get it to close. Finally, test all the features and make sure everything works as it should.

Program Entry Code, If Applicable

If you chose a lock that allows you to set an entry code, now is the time to program it. The process for setting your code will depend on which unit you choose. As a result, it’s best to consult the manual that came with your lock for this process.

If you need help, reach out to customer service. Additionally, you’re likely not the first customer to experience an issue. You may find a video of someone on YouTube that can walk you through fixing it.

When picking your entry code, ensure it’s a number you won’t forget. Do yourself a favor and don’t make it “1,2,3,4” or something that just about anyone can guess. Use the last four digits of your phone number, Social Security number, or birthdate so you can remember it.

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An entry code lock for an RV

Use Your New Lock

You need to use your new lock now that you’ve installed it. You must secure your belongings anytime you’re not in or around your rig. Luckily, many of these upgraded units make it as easy as possible to do so. Just don’t forget your new key or entry code.

Is Replacing Your RV Door Lock Worth It?

Replacing your RV door lock is one project that is worth it. It’s a quick, simple way to maximize your safety. 

You don’t have to worry about anyone else in the campground having a matching key or being able to access your rig. So do yourself a favor and add this project to your to-do list before your next camping adventure.

Has someone else ever opened your RV with their key before?

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