What Do I Need to Repair My RV Roof?

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RV with skylight missing and repairs being done on the roof

When it comes to RV repairs, roof issues can cause some of the most detrimental long-term damage. But many of the problems that occur can be rectified by RV owners themselves. 

Suppose you have holes or damaged roof material and are waiting to have a professional fix the problem. In that case, you may want to consider doing your own RV roof repair before the issue becomes an even more significant concern.  Here’s an overview to assist you with DIY RV roof repairs.

How to Repair an RV Rubber Roof

There are two types of rubber roofs, each with its benefits and detriments:

1. EPDM Rubber Roofs

This synthetic rubber roofing material is named after its chemical makeup, Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is applied in sheets attached to the roof, and its seams are sealed with either adhesives or tape. EPDM has been around for more than 60 years and is very flexible.  These roofs last 20 to 25 years.

2. TPO Rubber Roofs

Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a rubber that is chemically adhered to the roof. The seams are sealed with a hot air gun, and the material tends to reflect sunlight rather than absorb it. These roofs typically last from 15 to 20 years.

To repair a puncture or tear in either roofing material, first, make sure the surface is all clean and free from debris. Purchase “Diseal Patches” made for the material from which your roof is made, either EPDM or TPO. 

These patches make RV roof repair a snap. Simply place them over puncture holes or rips in roofing material, and they act as a permanent repair. Clean the area around the repair spot with roof cleaner, then water and let dry. Then wipe the area with denatured alcohol.  Once dry, just peel and place a patch where needed. Then, with a small roller, work from the patch’s center, rolling outward to make a permanent connection with the roof.

If the damage is more extensive in scope, purchase Dicor Repair Tape, which is just a roll of the same material used in Diseal Patches. You will treat the roof surface in the same fashion and after adhering to the tape and rolling it, place a bead of Dicor Sealant around the edges of the tape.

A TPO rubber roof on a Grand Design Solitude

How to Repair an RV Fiberglass Roof

Fiberglass RV roof repairs are a little more involved because of the material.  When fixing a puncture or tear, you should be instructed in safety first – wear a mask, as fiberglass and lungs don’t get along with one another. You may need to dig a bit of the fiberglass out of a hole to patch it, so be prepared.

If your repair is deep or rather broad, you will need an “Epoxy Kit” to fill in the area and some fiberglass tape. To complete your RV roof repair, layer a piece of fiberglass tape, then epoxy, and let dry.  Repeat with the necessary number of layers to fill in the hole. Then sand and paint the area to match the existing roof. 

You can use Diseal patches or Dicor tape for smaller RV roof repairs, just as they are used on rubber roofs.  Or consider using Eternabond, a tape that is a micro sealant that can make any surface waterproof. It is heavier than Dicor repair tape, but it is not difficult to apply.  However, once the backing is removed, it immediately sticks in place, so make sure you’ve put the tape exactly where you want it!

RV Roof Repair Restorers

If you determine that the repairs needed on your RV roof are more than you can handle, consider using an RV roof repair specialist or having the roof restored. This would involve removing the EPDM or TPO rubber roof sheets, replacing them with new ones, or sanding and recoating a fiberglass roof.

Many restoration specialists reseal, adhere gel coats, and buff the roof to restore its shine after repairing holes or tears in the roofing material.

An RV tech in a blue shirt doing RV roof repair by putting down new caulk.

Benefits of RV Roof Sealant & Coating

An RV roof is the umbrella under which your entire house-on-wheels sits. So protecting its systems, structure, and belongings should be high on your priority list. There are several benefits to having a dependable, waterproof roof in good working order: 

Structural Protection

With water leaks come structural breakdown of the materials in the walls of your RV. If the water stays in those walls, you will, no doubt, discover mold and need to do a large RV roof repair. The water may also get between the wallboard and the external skin, causing delamination.

Temperature Regulation

A solid roof will help keep your RV warmer in the cold months and cooler in the hot months. As insulation in the walls and roof will be protected by a well-maintained roof.

Energy Use Reduction

Because the roof is in good repair, the heat or air conditioning will have fewer places to escape your RV, giving you better control over your energy consumption.

Reduced Costs & Reduce Repair Issues

Most rubber and fiberglass RV roof repairs can run into thousands of dollars when enlisting a repair shop to do them. With DIY maintenance, you can save yourself a great deal of money. And by doing the repairs quickly, you reduce the chance of more damage occurring, like water leaks.



This caulk-like material acts as a sealant on seams and in small holes.  Unlike caulk, however, it is more flexible and does not harden and break off.

Dicor 501LSW-1 HAPS-Free Self-Leveling Lap Sealant for horizontal surfaces - 10.3 Oz, White, Secure, Ideal for RV Roofing, Maintenance, Repair, Appliance Application
  • RV ROOFING USE: Lap sealant is sun-ray stabilized to avoid spoiling and discoloration; Plus, it will not stain or...
  • COLOR: White hue for stylish and beautiful RV roof

EPDM Coatings

This synthetic rubber roofing membrane is very durable. It can be sealed with liquid adhesives or rubber-formulated tape.

Dicor RP-CRC-1 EPDM Rubber Roof Acrylic Coating Part 2 - White, 1 Gallon
  • USE: Well suited for retrofit installations; Protective barrier for extending the life of the EPDM rubber membrane on RV...
  • COLOR: White hue for stylish and beautiful RV roof


A micro sealant in tape form, this adhesive forms a waterproof seal wherever it is placed.

EternaBond RoofSeal White 4" x50' MicroSealant UV Stable RV Roof Seal Repair Tape | 35 mil Total Thickness - EB-RW040-50R - One-Step Durable, Waterproof and Airtight Sealant
  • MULTI-USE: Perfect for use on metal buildings, trailer/RV roofs and sides, drain pans, drain pipes, boats, canoes. bonds...
  • NO ADDITIONAL SEALING REQUIRED: Aluminum backing, combined with a layer of advanced MicroSealant, creates a waterproof,...

Rubberized Leak Stopper

This seam sealer comes in a paint can and can be used on vent pipes, cracks, and seams.  It is much like rubber tar.

Gardner-Gibson 0319 10-Ounce Rubberized Roof Patch Cartridge
  • Tube leak stopper roof patch, a fiber reinforced trowel grade rubberized roof patch
  • Adds extra shine to your product

Fiberglass Repair Tape

This cloth comes in tape form and is used to create a base that can hold a layer of epoxy in place for repairs.

COFAIR PROD Cofair UBE425 Quick Roof Extreme White 4" x 25'
  • White TPO surface
  • For use on EPDM, TOP, metal, fiberglass, aged 7 rigid PVC, vinyl, wood, OSB and most building materials.

Final Thoughts on RV Roof Repair

Hopefully, now you have some clarity on how to repair your roof and prevent further damage in the future. Doing your own RV roof repair doesn’t have to be technical or difficult, you just need the determination to do it!

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  1. One of the best ways to take care of a leaky RV roof is with RV Roof Magic. This is a liquid material that you can paint onto your roof. It is essentially a barrier or membrane that will keep out the water to protect you RV from leaks. It goes on very easily, and this is one of the RV roof repairs you can do on your own without much trouble at all.

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