Set Up Camp in Less Than a Minute with This Camper

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Aliner pop up camper parked in a grassy campsite next to another RV.

No cranking. No support poles. Park it in your garage. Solid rigid sides–sounds like the perfect pop-up camper, doesn’t it?

Meet the Aliner camper. The larger Aliner models even feature a lift assist to help you set it up in under a minute. 

Let’s check out all of the features of this fantastic pop-up camper!

What Is an Aliner Camper?

An Aliner camper is one of the easiest campers to set up. It has an A-frame design combined with pop-up camper convenience. While some pop-up campers have canvas tents, Aliner campers have fully rigid sides, meaning better protection against weather. 

Because they’re smaller, they’re also easy to tow. The largest camper, the Aliner Expedition, has a dry weight of only 2,000 pounds.

Setting Up Camp in the Aliner A Frame Pop Up Camper Trailer

The Benefits Of An Aliner

The Aliner Company has been around since 1970. The founding family retired in 2007, but the company still manufactures Aliner campers in Pennsylvania. The long history of quality craftsmanship makes Aliner campers desirable for many travelers.

The chief benefit of owning an Aliner is the easy setup–it takes less than a minute! There’s also the weight and towability. Because Aliners are lightweight and shorter, they’re easy to maneuver while traveling, and almost any vehicle can tow them.

This is also great for beginner travelers because everything you need comes in an Aliner–some even have a toilet.

You can also store them in a typical garage. It’s great for owners without additional storage space outside their homes or those who have an HOA that prohibits campers parked outside.

The construction of an Aliner makes these campers durable and long-lasting. The vacuum bonded fiberglass panels protect from the weather and have better insulation than canvas sides. The tubular stone frame, thermoplastic composite interior walls, and diamond plate stone guard come standard. 

And a PerforMAX X 500 flooring compound replaces the typical plywood you find in other travel trailers. That means you won’t have bowing or deterioration over time. 

Pop up camper in its closed position at a drive thru campsite in a wooded are.

The Disadvantages of an Aliner

An Aliner camper is a step up from a tent and canvas pop-up campers. But it’s still small. You probably won’t spend a lot of time traveling at one time unless you’re traveling solo or with a partner. There isn’t much room for a family.

Plus, if you want to bring along lots of gear or outdoor toys like kayaks, bikes, or fire pits, your storage will be limited. The sleeping space is also somewhat small compared to other travel trailers, making it potentially uncomfortable for taller people.

There have also been reports of Aliner campers not sealing properly. Many owners have complained about the gaps where the roofing and siding meet, causing leaks. Those who haven’t had trouble with leaks often spend hours each year on sealing maintenance.

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Do Aliner Campers Have Toilets?

Yes and no. Because there are varying models, not every unit has a toilet. For example, the smallest two units, the Ranger 10 and the Scout-Lite, don’t have toilets. 

In the medium camper category, the LXE is the only one that has a toilet. And of the three large Aliner campers, only the Family and Expedition feature toilets. So a few of the Aliner campers are fully-contained.

How Much Does an Aliner Camper Cost?

This will vary from model to model just like all brands. A new Aliner Expedition will cost anywhere from $27,000-$39,000 depending on the layout. A smaller unit like the Aliner Scout will cost around $17,000-$18,000. And a model somewhere in the middle like the Aliner Ranger can cost anywhere from $18,000-$31,000 depending on the floor plan.

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Two campers cheers and enjoy a glass of wine in their camping chairs overlooking a beautiful sunset over the mountains with their dog.

Are Aliner Campers Any Good?

Compared to similar teardrop campers, Aliner campers peak at 8ft. Even expandable dormers give extra head room. The versatility and functionality of the floor plans also make Aliner campers feel bigger than they really are. You won’t feel cramped even though they’re smaller travel trailers

And each Aliner camper is vacuum-bonded or chemically bonded instead of glued, which means better durability. The Aliner campers are great, long-lasting options for beginner travelers or solo travelers or couples on a weekend getaway.

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What Do You Think of Aliner Campers? 

There are ten models of new Aliner campers ranging from a 13ft frame to an 18ft frame. You can go tiny with a 10ft box in the Aliner Scout-Lite or go large with an Aliner Expedition and even add on front and rear dormers. 

Owners appreciate the ease of travel so they can focus on enjoying their camping experience. They don’t have to buy a heavy-duty truck to pull their camper, so it’s less money spent upfront. 

And with setup taking less than a minute, what else could you want in a small pop-up camper? What do you think about these compact travel trailers?

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