Meet People and Save Money at These RV Clubs for Seniors

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The RV lifestyle can allow seniors to experience astounding landscapes and grand adventures, but it can also be lonesome. RV clubs for seniors can help you battle these feelings and provide many other benefits. If you’re a senior looking to take your RV travels to the next level, we’ve got a handful of RV clubs we think you should consider.

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What Is an RV Club?

An RV club is a community of like-minded people that share a passion for RVing. These groups are primarily full-time RVers; however, anyone interested in the RVing lifestyle is typically welcome to join. 

There’s usually an annual membership fee that members must pay to maintain their club status. But there are many benefits to joining a club that make it worth considering.

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The Benefits of an RV Club for Seniors

RV clubs often provide discounts and events specifically targeted at their members. They typically have an extensive support network, access to specific members-only parks, and even roadside assistance and insurance plans. Many programs also offer educational services and discounts to some of the most popular brands and products RVers use.

Many RVers join these clubs for the large online community that comes with the membership. Whether through the online communities or the connections you make at an in-person gathering, you can make life-long friendships with other RVers. Some have specific meetings for various age groups and stages of life, so you can surround yourself with like-minded people who share similar life experiences.

5 Best RV Clubs for Seniors

We’ve found the five best RV clubs for seniors that provide tremendous financial and on-the-road relationship benefits. Let’s look at the clubs we think are worth your consideration.

1. Escapees RV Club

About: The Escapees RV Club is one of the largest RV clubs ever. They host some of the largest gatherings and provide numerous benefits to the RVing community. 

You can get discounts on roadside assistance, educational courses, RV parking, and campground fees, and one of the best mail forwarding services in the industry. Many full-time RVers join Escapees to change their residence to a state more friendly to the RV life. 

Cost: $49.95 for the U.S. and $59.95 for Canada and Mexico

Learn about the Escapees RV Club community.

Pro Tip: Find out if you need to be a member to stay at Escapees RV Parks.

2. Family Campers and RVers

About: Family Campers and RVers is a non-profit RV club is entirely volunteer-run and has been since 1949. Every year they organize hundreds of campouts across the country. There are club chapters across the continental United States and Canada. 

Perks of joining include campground discounts, insurance policies, and product discounts. You’ll have no problem finding something for everyone in your extended family since they offer programs for kids, teens, adults, and retirees. As a bonus, you get six months free when joining!

Cost: Joining Family Campers and RVers is $35 per year, but there are some discounts. You can purchase two years for $68, three years for $99, and a lifetime membership for $560. 

3. North American Family Campers Association

About: All North American Family Campers Association members follow the seven C’s–care, caution, courtesy, cleanliness, cooperation, conservation, and common sense. 

This RV club has been in existence since 1957. They aim to bring people together to make new friends and explore new places byhosting many events such as meetups, dinner/dances, and large group camping adventures. They welcome members regardless of their camping modes, from tents to large diesel pushers. 

Their chapters are primarily in New England, but there’s also one in Canada and a seasonal chapter in Florida. 

Cost: $30 for one year, $55 for two years, and $75 for three years. The membership covers one or two adults, plus any dependents under 18. 

4. RVing Women

About: RVing Women is an RV club for–you guessed it–women. A female traveling independently can join, no matter her age. RVing Women was founded in 1991 and is the only international support network solely for women RVers. 

There are more than 2000 members in this club. It hosts events where women can develop skills and friendships. There are professional instructors, technicians, and service providers to help every woman in the group care for and maintain her RV. 

Members can enjoy chapter events all over the country, discount services, RVing information, not to mention new friendships and networking with other female RVers.

Cost: $62 for one year, $122 for two years, and $180 for three years. Two members can join for $104 for one year, $204 for two years, and $300 for three years.

Active Baby boomer grandparent teaching his grandson how to fish at a local lake.

5. National African American RVers Association

About: The National African American RVers Association hopes to promote positive family values while enjoying camping in a sustainable way. The NAARVA started in 1993 with 52 RVs coming together to dream about the possibilities. 

Now, the group is a national organization with over 1400 active RVers. You don’t have to own an RV to be in the club, but you must have access to one or rent one to attend the national rally.  

Cost: $50 per year or $135 for three years, plus a $10 regional fee per year

How Much Do RV Clubs Cost?

RV Clubs aren’t overly expensive in the long run. Most of these programs cost less than a single night at an RV park. Plus, there’s the cost-saving benefits. By using a few of the club-specific discounts, the membership just may pay for itself.

In all, you can expect an annual membership to cost between $50 and several hundred dollars, depending on which club it is and the services they offer.

Pro Tip: Learn which camping memberships have saved RVers the most money.

Is It Worth It to Join an RV Club?

Joining an RV club can be incredibly beneficial for full-time RVers. You can connect with other RVers who enjoy a similar lifestyle, potentially leading to life-long friendships. Even when you can’t meet up in person, you can interact with other members in online communities. 

Those who only travel infrequently might not fully appreciate the cost-savings benefits of joining a club. However, they might enjoy the camaraderie that comes with it. It all depends on what you hope to get out of a membership. 

What RV clubs are you considering?

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