Camco Water Bandit Review

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A faucet is dripping water and if you use a Camco Water Bandit to connect your hose to this faucet you wont have to worry about leaks!

The Camco Water Bandit is a nifty product you probably didn’t even know you needed!

Have you ever attempted to hook your RV’s fresh water hose to a campground’s pump faucet and found a poor connection? The threads are stripped or non-existent, and you can’t get a solid link to the tap, resulting in a leaky, muddy mess! 

That’s where the Camco Water Bandit saves the day. 

Product Overview

Camco Water Bandit | Features a Highly Flexible Silicone-Polymer Sleeve & ABS Male Water Hose Connection | Works with Damaged or Stripped Faucet Threads or Faucets without Threads (22484)
  • STOPS LEAKY HOSE CONNECTIONS: Connects your hose to unattachable water sources— allowing you to stop wasting water...
  • COMPATIBILITY: Water Bandit fits most standard hoses. It works with damaged or stripped faucet threads, and faucets...

The Camco Water Bandit is a simple little device. It’s a rubber cylinder about 3in long with a threaded metal fitting that connects to standard garden hoses. It acts as a tight seal between any faucet and hose. 

It weighs almost nothing, takes up virtually no room at all, and costs about $9. Despite its diminutive size, low cost, and simplicity, it can have a powerful impact in certain circumstances. 

What Does the Camco Water Bandit Do? 

The magic of the Camco Water Bandit is in the rubber side. It’s a highly flexible silicone sleeve that stretches to fit over the end of any standard water spigot or faucet. It has shallow ribbing as well to ensure a tight seal. 

The other end of the Camco Water Bandit has a standard threaded fitting for a traditional water hose like the one you carry with you for potable water. 

Some potable water sources we find on the road are threadless, some have stripped threads, and others may be damaged in different ways. The Camco Water Bandit’s sleeve will fit over any of them for painless water collection. 

A hose is leaking at the connection point, but this would have been fixed if they used a Camco Water Bandit!

Our Favorite Features

The Camco Water Bandit has several features that combine to make it an absolute must-carry for all campers, no matter how you camp.

Connects to Damaged or Threadless Faucets

The Bandit connects to damaged faucets and fixtures, a situation you might find in some older or frequently-used water sources. Other faucets or spigots are made threadless. 

The Camco Water Bandit bypasses the threaded system altogether, creating a seamless attachment.

Can Be Used Indoors or Outdoors

We’ve described how to use it on an outdoor fixture, and it’s the same for standard household water faucets. If you’re filling your tanks from your kitchen sink before you leave home, for example, the Bandit makes the perfect adaptor. 

Fixes Leaky Hose Connections

Suppose you connect your hose to a threaded spigot at a campground or your home, but the connection leaks badly. Not only will the water create a muddy or soggy mess, but you’ll be wasting water! 

The Water Bandit can correct the poor connection because the threaded side will connect to your hose perfectly, and the sleeve side will seal out the leak.

Who Should Buy the Camco Water Bandit?

Honestly, anyone can benefit from owning a Camco Water Bandit! For less than $9, this little tool weighs less than 2oz and is barely over 3in long can simplify many scenarios. Whether you’re camping or working in your sticks-and-bricks garden, you can find a use for this adapter.

Here’s another example of where the Camco comes in handy. Imagine you’re filling a child’s pool, but you don’t want to use cold water from your outdoor spigot. You can use the Water Bandit to attach a garden hose to your kitchen faucet and have more temperature control. 

It’s important to note that the Camco Water Bandit won’t work with pressurized water sources to work on garden hose spray attachments. The pressure may force the sleeve to disconnect. 

However, the Water Bandit works well for water under low pressure, as you’ll find in typical indoor and outdoor fixtures. That being said, you could use hose clamps on each end of the Water Bandit to secure it if you only have a high-pressure connection. 

As you can see, there are many uses for this useful adapter, whether you’re camping or working around the house. What applications can you imagine with the Camco Water Bandit?

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  1. Jason
    Thanks for the review
    The forest service loves those threadless water faucets with a half inch stem coming out. Will the camco device squeeze down on a tube that small?

  2. If you view the Nomadic Fanatic water bandit video, he talks about the item between 9:15 and 11:30 of the 12+ minute video. This reminded me to dig mine out. Stay safe.

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