10 Life-Changing S’mores Recipes

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A gourmet spread of the best smore recipes with chocolate, candy bars, marshmallows, coconut flakes, almonds, and graham cracker crumbs.

Ooey-gooey chocolate and melted sticky marshmallows overflowing from two graham crackers–is there anything better than that when sitting around a campfire with friends? How about gourmet s’mores? These 10 s’mores recipes might just change your life. At least, your campfire life, anyhow.

S’mores: A Camping Staple

Since most of us were wee bitty ones, s’mores have more than likely been a camping staple. Camping just isn’t complete without them. The marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate; we’re already drooling. 

It’s more than just a sweet treat. There’s just something about gathering around a campfire with friends and roasting marshmallows over the fire. Those memories are simply divine! 

Standard S’mores Recipe

One would think there’s a standard s’mores recipe, and while technically there is, there are always disagreements on how to cook the marshmallow. But ultimately, there are a few basic steps and ingredients that make up the basic s’mores recipe.

1 marshmallow

2 graham cracker squares

1 chocolate square

A metal roasting stick or sharpened wooden stick

A heat source (preferably a campfire)

And you know the rest! Roast the marshmallow to your desired doneness, and create a squishy, messy sandwich with marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate. 

Now that you’ve got the basic recipe down let’s add a few advanced tips. Properly roasting the marshmallow will almost always be a topic of debate around every s’more-making campfire. Some are perfectionists when it comes to melting the mallow. It will take them “forever” to get that perfectly browned, never-burnt mallow. 

On the other end of the spectrum are the mallow burners. Their marshmallows are done within seconds, as their ultimate goal is to catch it on fire and eat the charred remains. Most of us are somewhere in the middle of the marshmallow spectrum. You do you, and don’t let anyone tell you differently! 

Life-Changing S’mores Recipes

You might start with the standard recipe, but have you ever thought about spicing things up? How about s’mores with bacon? Or maybe a s’mores martini? Cheesecake or sugar cookie s’mores?  

Yep, now that you’ve got the basics down, it’s time to rock your world with these 10 life-changing s’mores recipes. 

1. Candied Bacon S’mores

Click Here For the Recipe

Anything with bacon has got to be good. And this s’mores recipe will have you “bacon” for more. (See what we did there?)

This recipe switches out the milk chocolate for dark chocolate and used candied bacon. And don’t let the idea of candied bacon scare you away. It’s pretty simple to make using brown sugar and a hot oven (or dutch oven over the fire). 

Layer it all up between the graham crackers, and you’ve got the best dessert–or breakfast–ever!

Candied bacon makes an excellent addition to a s'more to create one of the best s'mores recipes.

2. S’mores Cheesecake

Click Here For the Recipe

OK, so maybe this one isn’t exactly s’mores, but it’s most definitely s’mores-inspired. You’ll need an actual oven for this delectable dessert, but it might just make you feel like you’re sitting around a campfire. 

With marshmallows and chocolate piled into a graham cracker crust, you won’t be missing your traditional s’mores much at all. Refrigerate your leftovers for a midnight snack! 

Oh, who are we kidding? There will be no leftovers!

A neatly made smores cheescake with roasted marshmallows on top and a bowl of fresh mallows nearby.

Click Here For the Recipe

Who needs graham crackers and plain ole’ chocolate when you can use sugar cookies and Milky Way candy bars instead? You heard me right. 

You’ll use the grill rack on the campfire for this one. Place the sugar cookies on the rack for about a minute, just enough to brown the cookie bottoms. Melt your marshmallow to your level of perfection, and layer it up. 

Careful–that ooey-gooey candy bars combined with the melted mallow will make quite the sticky mess. But once you taste this sugary delight, you won’t mind.

A melty smore but instead of graham crackers the chocolate and marshmallows are in between two sugar cookies.

4. S’mOreos

Click Here For the Recipe

Want the dealio on the s’mOreos? You might think that the Oreos replace the graham cracker.s Nope! They’re in addition to them! Grab all your basic s’mores ingredients, along with a handful of Oreos and peanut butter. Or better yet, Nutella.

Before melting that mallow to perfection, slather that Oreo with nut butter and place it on one half of the graham cracker. Top that with your chocolate of choice and melted mallow for a heavenly concoction. 

You better have a sweet tooth for this campfire dessert. If not, you’ll have one afterward. 

Almost like a regular smore but upgraded with an oreo on top and a spreading of peanut butter to go on top to elevate this smore game.

5. Skillet S’mores

Click Here For the Recipe

This is another s’mores-inspired recipe, but it’s not your typical over-the-campfire s’mores. Regardless, we’d dig into this any night of the week. It requires all your basic s’mores ingredients, but they take on a different form. 

You’ll also need a cast-iron skillet and an oven. Or, if you’re good at campfire cooking, you could try this recipe in a Dutch oven under the hot coals.

Using the graham cracker for dipping is quite ingenious. However, a spoon might give you the most out of your dipping experience! 

A skillet is full of melted chocolate and marshmallows with a pile of graham crackers nearby to dip into the melty deliciousness.

6. S’mores Cups

Click Here For the Recipe

If you’ve ever wanted s’mores to go, this is your perfect recipe. Picture this: You’re having a stressful day, and you sit down to eat a plain lunch. But then, you have a s’mores cup for dessert! Suddenly, your day feels brilliant. 

It would be best to serve this right away once the marshmallow is toasted. However, if you need something sweet and world-brightening in the middle of your day, this would be great cold too. 

We told you these s’mores recipes could be life-changing! 

A blue cup is filled with smores goodness, with a graham cracker rim and marshmallows and melted chocolate covering the top.

7. S’mores Pizza

Click Here For the Recipe

Two favorite foods combined into one? Bring it on. 

This is a dessert pizza that deserves your time. Easy to make using store-bought pizza dough and unique with a hint of spice, s’mores pizza might just ruin traditional s’mores for you for life. And traditional pizza, for that matter. 

This recipe makes two pizzas, and you’ll need two because one simply won’t be enough.

A smores pizza in a pizza dish with graham cracker crumbs all over. This is one of the best smores recipes.

8. S’mores Martini

Click Here For the Recipe

Who says s’mores have to be for kids? If you’re looking for an extraordinary cocktail recipe reminiscent of the flavors of childhood, the s’mores martini is for you. 

The recipe calls for vanilla-flavored vodka, but cinnamon flavoring in your liquor could be a fantastic alternative. You can make your own cinnamon vodka (it takes a week to infuse the flavors) or purchase it. 

The work put into this delectable cocktail will be well worth the endeavor when shared with friends on a cold night. It’s almost as though you’ve put the campfire and s’mores into a glass. 

Two martini glasses are filled with the best smore martini recipe and topped with a roasted marshmallow with a jar of marshmallows spilling nearby.

9. Frozen S’mores

Click Here For the Recipe

You generally don’t think of s’mores on a hot summer day. Popsicles sound more like it. But how about a s’mores popsicle? While this recipe isn’t a popsicle, it does involve frozen goodness. So, after you’ve been out in the sunshine all day and find yourself craving something sweet and cold, this is the perfect s’mores recipe to chill out with.

These summer treats are a perfect ending to a summer day of lounging around a pool or running through a sprinkler. Grab your lawn chair and your frozen s’mores, and continue your well-earned lounging into the summer evening.

Frozen smores are one of the best smore recipes. Stacked layers of smores cover each other with additional chocolate piled nearby.

10. Try S’mores with Other Chocolates 

S’mores can be as simple or as elaborate as you would like them to be. Are you more of a dark chocolate lover? Ditch the milk chocolate and use gourmet chocolates instead. Maybe you’re more of a candy bar lover. Try Reeses, Kit Kats, Thin Mints, or any other bar to change it up a bit. You’re only limited by your creativity here. 

But why stop there? Try out different graham crackers, salty crackers, toppings, sprinkles, and whatever your taste buds yell for. Create a s’mores recipe that defines you. Think of it this way: If you were a s’more, what kind of s’more would you be?

Welcome to the Gourmet S’mores Lifestyle

We apologize for making your life a bit more complex when it comes to making s’mores. The process will never be the same again. 

However, we don’t apologize for turning you into a s’mores snob. We expect you’ll return the favor the next time you’re hanging around a campfire with all your friends. S’mores, indeed, can be life-changing. And we need more s’mores snobs to support our new gourmet s’mores lifestyle! 

And if you’re hungry for a savory dish to fill you up while camping, check out our blog of Easy Campfire Recipes for the Best Camping Meals!

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