The Best RV Fresh Water Hose (2020)

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Finding the best RV fresh water hose may not be the highest of priorities for most RV owners. However, in our opinion, the RV fresh water hose is one of the key pieces of a pain-free camping experience. It will be abused by the sun, hot temperatures, cold temperatures, constant water pressure, and more. The wrong hose may poison you if it is not lead-free and listed as useable for drinking water.

This review is for any RV owner that is looking for a new RV freshwater hose. This may mean that you recently purchased a new RV (congratulations!), or you are replacing a broken freshwater hose. You may be a weekender looking for a good freshwater hose for your vacations or a full-timer looking for something that will last week-after-week. In any case, our pick will work for you.

Having been on the road in our RV for over three years and owning just about every type of RV freshwater hose. We have a little bit of real-world experience. We have recently revised our pick after two years of use from our previous top pick. The reason for the switch is detailed below.

Best RV Fresh Water Hose – Top Pick

Teknor Apex Zero-G Water Hose
  • 50% More Lightweight - Assures effortless handling
  • Kink Resistant - Provides an uninterrupted flow

The Teknor Apex Zero-G fresh water hose is the perfect pick for best RV Freshwater hose if you are looking to save weight. It comes in at only 2.4 pounds which more than half the weight of our runner-up pick.

The flexibility of this hose also allows for various storage options because of its flexibility. This hose doesn’t do as well as our previous number one pick when it comes to standard insulation so your water will more closely match the temperature outside. Make sure to tuck the hose under your RV for less fluctuation.

The durable exterior netting protecting the hose prevents rips and abrasions during normal use. We have had no rips or tears after a year of rough use. This is a great hose if you are looking to save on weight.

We recommend the 50ft hose because you never know how far you will be from the fresh water spigot. From experience, moving your RV after you already unhitched is a real bummer. It is drink water safe and lead-free and comes with a 5-year warranty.

The major reason this hose took the top spot was its flexibility and weight. Compared to the runner-up, we can disconnect this hose and throw it in a box in a few seconds.


Camco 50ft Premium Drinking Water Hose
  • Heavy duty hose is 20 percent thicker than standard drinking water hoses
  • Drinking water safe, lead free, BPA free, phthalate free and leaves no strong plastic taste in your drinking water

This heavy-duty RV freshwater hose is built to stand the test of time. It has nickel-plated brass ends that resist corrosion and strain-relief springs to help keep the ends protected where they receive the brunt of normal wear and tear. The 6-pound hose is thicker than an average hose and you can definitely feel it.

The durable exterior will keep the hose protected from most rips or punctures but also has a major downside, it’s not very flexible. This was our main reason for ditching this pick as the best RV fresh water hose and moving to our new number one pick.

While in the sun the hose is plenty pliable, however, if you are in cold weather of any kind the hose becomes rock solid. There were a few times that we couldn’t even roll it to put it away and it ended up just tossed into our storage compartment in frustration.

The extra thickness of the hose does have another benefit though, it provides a little extra insulation of the hose. This means that your water will stay colder in the summer and warmer in the winter.

This is not a true heated and insulated hose and it should not be used if it is going to be below freezing outside. However, it is rated to be used with liquids up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

It has an extra UV coating to resist the hose breaking down as it sits in the sun day after day. The most important benefit of this hose is that it contains no dangerous chemicals (like lead) and imparts no off-tastes.

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  1. I just read your article, “The Best RV Fresh Water Hose (2020)”. Your Best RV Fresh Water Hose – Top Pick does not appear to be for drinking. Am I missing something.

    1. Just marketing. It is labeled as “Drinking Water Safe & Lead-Free” but this one is not marketed directly toward RVers but as a commercial heavy duty option. They have a blue one marketed specifically for boats and RVs but it is only 1/2″ diameter versus 5/8″ diameter of the black one.

  2. I got the one from WalMart at half price with a 3 year warranty, same specs, Fiberjacket as they didn’t have the Zero G. Its green and we love it.

  3. I’ve had the Zero G for about a year. I love it–so much easier to stow. It had a slight taste at first, but before putting it in use, I left it filled up with water at home for a week or two, occasionally changing the water. (You can buy male and female end caps for hoses.)

    We haven’t noticed any hose taste since.

  4. I got my hoses a long time ago from RV water filter store.

    They are not cheap, but they’re rated for very high water pressure and have great fittings. That allowed me to put the pressure regulator on the fitting at the coach rather than at the pedestal. I’ve been at campgrounds with extremely high water pressure with no issues.

  5. The best hose I ever owned is a stainless steel 50 footer. It is safe for drinking water although I always use bottled water. Never kinks. Rolls up better than anything on the market. Will not snag, rip or tear. Love mine.

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