Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Breaking Bad RV

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Breaking Bad RV

Recreational vehicles carry a certain mystique about them, especially for those who dream of escaping the daily grind and hitting the road. This is certainly true for the Fleetwood Bounder that had a cameo in the first 34 episodes of Breaking Bad, although the adventures this RV took his owner on were somewhat sketchy.

From a camping vehicle to a mobile meth lab, the rig made its mark on the series and its viewers. Many still ask, “Whatever happened to The Krystal Ship?” Well, let’s find out!

What is ‘Breaking Bad’?

For those who never watched the crime drama, Breaking Bad was a television series that ran from 2008 until 2013. It documented a fictional high school science teacher who found a way to increase his income (and heighten his sense of danger) by creating and selling drugs.

Vince Gilligan, the executive producer, created the show’s title to infer that the main character would change from protagonist to antagonist. In southern terminology, breaking bad means “raising hell.”

Once he obtained a terminal lung cancer diagnosis, Walter White wanted to provide for his family before he died. This meek Science teacher used his background in chemistry and elicited help from a former student to create and distribute a purer version of crystal meth.

They acquired an old RV in which they could cook the meth, changing locations when needed. This Breaking Bad RV became the perfect ploy to stay one step ahead of the law; at least for a while.

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The Breaking Bad RV out in the desert.

What Type Of RV Was Used in Breaking Bad? 

“The Krystal Ship” was a Class A recreational vehicle by Fleetwood RV. The model was a 1986 Bounder, which was 30’ in length. During the timeframe Walter White would have purchased it, a Bounder of that age would have sold between $4,000 and $7,000.

In the show, the money White gave to his student to get a vehicle went toward other items, and the motorhome was stolen. If you’d like to own the Breaking Bad RV, there are a few on the road, so it is possible!

About the Fleetwood Bounder RV Line

Fleetwood RV, a subsidiary of the Rev Group, has been in the recreational vehicle business for more than 70 years. They started with creating motorhome blinds and expanded into travel trailers and motorcoach manufacturing. Today they also build truck campers and folding trailers.

The Bounder line of Class A motorhomes was the first motorhome with a basement. At first, most dealers shunned the taller vehicle, but the idea must have caught on because all Class As today showcase basement storage. 

Today Fleetwood produces luxury Class A motorcoaches with gas engines, including the Fleetwood Bounder. Their other models are Discovery, Frontier, Pace Arrow, Southwind, Fortis, and Flair.

Does the Breaking Bad RV Still Exist?

The original Krystal Ship was not destroyed at the junkyard, as was depicted in the series. The studio that owned the rights to “Breaking Bad” kept the RV and placed it on their movie lot. Visitors who take the studio tour can see the Breaking Bad RV there. 

The Breaking Bad RV at Sony Picture Studios.
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Can You See the Breaking Bad RV Now?

The production company did not auction off the original Breaking Bad RV with the props after the series ended. Instead, Sony Pictures Studios kept the recreational vehicle with the intent to use it on studio tours.

The motorhome is currently on tour, which you can join Monday through Friday at Sony Pictures in Culver City, California.

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At Sony Pictures Studios, you can see the Breaking Bad RV during a studio tour.

Can You Ride in the Breaking Bad RV?

If you are interested in following Walter White through Albuquerque, visiting many of the series’ locations, you can jump on the Breaking Bad RV tour.

You’ll stop by thirteen filming locations for Walter’s house, Jesse’s house, Tucco’s hideout, the Dog House, the Railyards, Combo’s corner, Chucky McGill’s, Los Pollos Hermanos, the Car Wash, the Superlab, Wendy’s Crossroads, Owl Cafe, and of course, Jesse’s porta-potty.

The Fleetwood Bounder for this tour is a replica, but you’ll undoubtedly feel as though you were back in Heisenberg’s digs.

Are You An RVer Who Loved Breaking Bad?

With so many people enamored with traveling in a recreational vehicle, there have been several RVs on film or television. From “The Long Long Trailer” to “RV,” the entertainment industry has immortalized this unusual (and sometimes humorous) form of travel.

Breaking Bad has taken practical uses in a strange new direction. If the series is one of your favorites, there’s a good chance you’re already in love with the RV lifestyle. What is your favorite RV from a show or movie?

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