Beauer Camper: The Expandable Camper You Have to See

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A beauer camper parked outside
Source: Beauer Camper

Beauer Camper is a world-class expandable camper you have to see. It’s unique, innovative, and simple at the same time. 

Keep reading to learn more about Beauer Camper and the models available. We also dig into where the campers are made and if they’re available in the United States. 

Let’s get started!

About Beauer Camper 

The Beauer Camper makes expandable and highly innovative caravans built around a telescoping concept. You simply press a button, and the cylinder-shaped camper expands horizontally.

It has three camper models that can sleep between two and six people. And Beauer also makes an expandable car and van unit. 

Beauer is a European manufacturer of expandable, interlocking campers and workspaces. They’ve been in production for over 10 years and is the first European extension manufacturer. While Beauer has mainly sold their caravans in Europe, they have gained worldwide recognition.

Who Is Eric Beau?

Eric Beau is the owner and creator of Beauer Camper. Eric and his father had the idea of designing a nesting caravan with sliding telescopic modules. 

They launched the company in 2012 with a patented concept. In 2022, Beauer Company grew its production space and team, looking forward to increased marketing and sales. 

Where Are Beauer Campers Manufactured?

Beauer designs and manufactures its campers in Cholet, France. They have a 2,000-square-meter factory and a team of 10 people dedicated to manufacturing innovative caravans. 

What Makes the Beauer Camper Unique?

Beauer Campers are a unique expandable RV. They’re simple and cutting-edge at the same time. And they have an ultra-modern and sleek look that makes heads turn.

The expandable concept allows you to have a small caravan to navigate through narrow European streets and almost any campground. Yet, you can expand the unit for a big and roomy living.

Unlike slide-out rooms on American RVs, the Beauer Camper provides a more compact caravan. The concept is somewhat similar to an American pop-up camper, but the Beauer expands horizontally instead of vertically. And the Beauer is a hard-sided and topped camper all the way around.

According to the website, to expand these units, “simply press the button on the back for 60 seconds to activate the electric cylinders.” You don’t have to do any hard labor or assembly. 

Additionally, “in the folded position, the furniture is nested together. During the unfolding process, the furniture moves into place by itself.”

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The Beauer Camper Line-Up

Let’s look at the Beauer Camper line-up. These include towables, truck bed, and van insert campers.


MSRP: Starting at 26,218 Euros TTC (including tax)
GVWR: 1,350 kilograms
Expanded Length: 8 square meters
Sleeps: Two people

The Beauer Camper 2X has an L-shaped dinette that converts into a bed. It also has a kitchen with a 90-liter refrigerator, combined cooker and sink, counter space, and storage. There’s also a wet bath with a cassette toilet and shower. 

Windows on the Beauer Campers feature screens and blackout curtains. You can also get optional add-ons such as a bike rack, an awning, and solar panels.

Inside a beauer camper
Source: Beauer Camper


MSRP: Starting at 34,233 TTC Euros
GVWR: 1,350 kilograms
Expanded Length: 12 square meters
Sleeps: Four people

The Beauer Camper 3X has the dining and living room area and kitchen like the 2X model. But the 3X adds a bedroom with a double bed. A bathroom joins the bedroom and kitchen with a cassette toilet and the option of adding a shower.

On the 3X, you can also add stabilizers and a step integrated into the frame of the caravan. Other additions include solar, air conditioning, a caravan mover, and more.

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Inside a beauer camper
Source: Beauer Camper


MSRP: Starting at 79,999 TTC Euros
GVWR: 2,700 kilograms
Expanded Length: 28 square meters
Sleeps: Six people

The Beauer Camper 3X+ has two bedrooms. You can get a double bed or two singles. And a double-compartment dressing room separates the two rooms. 

The modern kitchen is large with a 230-liter refrigerator, sink, and gas or electric stove. It has a lot of storage and room to add a dishwasher or oven. The bathroom has a cassette toilet, vanity, sink, and shower. In addition, you can add a small washing machine in the bathroom.

A beauer camper parked outside


MSRP: Starting at 66,993 TTC Euros
Expanded Length: 12 square meters
Sleeps: Four people

The 3XC is an expandable car caravan. It can come built on a Volkswagen, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Mercedes, or Iveco chassis. You can also remove the camper from the car to make it independent. 

And the car meets clean-air emission standards. The vehicle also has five or three seats with a holding area.

The Beauer Camper sits on the back of a car chassis and expands horizontally beyond the passenger and driver’s sides. And the door and entry steps are in the rear. The layout is just like the 3X camper.

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MSRP: Depends on features and add-ons.
Weight: The extension module weighs 130 kilograms. 
Expanded Length: The module measures 110 by 120 by 120 centimeters.
Sleeps: Two people

The XVan is an extendable camper van. It expands out of the van’s rear with a double bed in the extension. It also has some storage units and a small kitchenette. 

Unlike the 3XC, the XVan is minimal and meant for frequent transportation. However, you can add features like a shower, a portable toilet, a pop-up roof, heating, solar panels, and a bike carrier.  

Inside a beauer camper
Source: Beauer Camper

Is Beauer Available in the U.S.?

Beauer is selling in the United States. You can contact the U.S.-based reseller, Mark Kilgus, according to the company’s Facebook page. You can also find an email address on the website to ask about shipping to the United States.

Since Beauer is getting more and more worldwide attention, we expect to see more of this innovative concept. 

How Much Does A Beauer Camper Cost?

Beauer campers cost anywhere from 24,000 Euros to more than 66,900 Euros. The campers will start in the low $30,000 in the United States. 

Given the concept and weight of the campers, the cost is quite reasonable compared to other lightweight RVs in the country.

However, since it’s a small and newer company, there’s not a lot of data yet to prove if they’re worth the price. But we think they’re pretty innovative and neat.

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Go European With a Beauer Camper

Are you ready to vacation in a European camper? Beauer offers a modern, simple, and innovative way to go to nearly any destination with your home on wheels. 

The lightweight campers are an excellent option for maneuvering roads, parking lots, and campgrounds. And the modern interiors offer a glamping experience. You also get so many customizable options, from interior colors to amenities.

If you purchase a Beauer, let us know about your experience. 

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