“The World’s Finest Offgrid Trailer” Is Built in Australia

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A Bruder trailer parked outside

Many people know Australia for its rough terrain. Low plateaus, deserts, and fertile plains stretch across the continent. If you want to dry camp in the Outback, you need a rugged RV.

You also need a sustainable one. Meet the Bruder Trailer. This expedition vehicle is a work of art and an impressive display of strength and power. Let’s learn more!

About the Bruder Trailer

Two brothers, Dan and Toby, started Bruder. They spent their lives exploring remote areas of Australia. They founded Bruder, meaning “brother,” in hopes of helping other people enjoy off-road and off-grid adventures in a specialty expedition trailer.

A Bruder trailer is small, lightweight, and rugged. The manufacturer builds them for adventures and remote camping.

Where Are Bruder Trailers Made? 

Bruder Trailers are Australian. However, they ship globally.

Dan and Toby have delivered Bruder Trailers to Paraguay, Mongolia, Ireland, Russia, the Netherlands, Tanzania, the United States, and other countries globally.

The Brisbane Warehouse is in Queensland, Australia, while the Amsterdam Warehouse is in Naarden, Amsterdam.

About Bruder Trailer Construction

For each component to fit perfectly, they utilize digital equipment and create quality joinery by exacting CNC precision-cut. Bruder’s top artisans build the cabinets by hand.

According to the Bruder website, “Bruder trailers have chassis and suspension systems certified-engineered to handle five times their maximum weight.”

The suspension can also calibrate its ride height, so whether you’re towing with an SUV or pick-up truck, you’ll have a balanced experience.

In an emergency, the suspension can raise a wheel off the ground to continue traveling safely. With a touch of a button, the suspension system levels itself no matter the terrain.

Are Bruder Trailers Sold in the USA?

Bruder Trailers ship to the United States, but dealers do not sell them directly here. Prospective owners can contact Bruder to order their expedition trailer.

Each trailer is built-to-order, so construction and delivery times are constantly changing. Allow plenty of time for your custom build.

Interested buyers can set up a virtual appointment or visit Australia for an in-person visit to learn more about Bruder Trailers. Once they deliver the trailer, the new owners can enjoy 24/7 customer service and a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.

The Bruder Trailer Lineup

There are three Bruder Trailer models to start your build. Each option is for year-round camping, including military-grade specs, high-quality materials, and innovative technology.

You can make additional sleeping areas by converting the lounge space in the EDX P-8 or adding a rooftop tent, but the three models can accommodate two people.

Bruder EX P-4

MSRP: Starting at Starting at AU $93,900 (USD equivalent: $58,205)
Length: 16’2″ feet
Weight: 4,078 lbs
Sleeps: 2

With the nickname, the Baby Bruder, the EX P-4 trailer features a spacious front 6 feet wide and 7 feet long sleeping area. An LED strip provides adequate lighting, while shelves behind the bed offer storage.

You can add a pop-up roof tent for additional sleeping space. The rear hatch opens for access to the kitchen. The kitchen includes a two-burner cooktop, fridge/freezer combo, sink, and plenty of storage drawers and cabinets.

Exterior features are a manual awning, Rhino roof rack tracks, a rear winch, and two storage compartments.

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A Bruder trailer parked outside

Bruder EX P-6

MSRP: Starting at Starting at AU $209,900 (USD equivalent: $130,110)
Length: 22 feet
Weight: 7,716lbs
Sleeps: 2

The rear entry door to this Bruder Trailer leads into the lounge space with a sofa on one side and the kitchen on the other. Unique to Bruder Trailers, the EX P-6 features a two-way kitchen you can access inside or outside through a sliding glass window.

The cooktop and sink are inside the unit, while the fridge/freezer combo and storage drawers are in a slide-out kitchen on the exterior.

You’ll find a queen bed in the front with additional storage options. The exterior has a cassette toilet, an electric awning, 800W solar panels, an external shower, and a service hatch.

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The bedroom inside a Bruder trailer

Bruder EX P-8

MSRP: Starting at Starting at AU $271,818 (USD equivalent: $168,491)
Length: 22’5″ feet
Weight: 7,716 lbs
Sleeps: 2

This Bruder Trailer has a front bedroom featuring four small windows to let in plenty of natural light around the queen-size bed.

A lounge with a slide-out table sits across from the galley kitchen. The kitchen has a two-burner induction cooktop, microwave, and sink.

A refrigerator and freezer sit at the opposite end near the control panel. Clients can choose leather, suede, or premium woven textiles. They also have numerous veneers and finishes.

The exterior has 1600W solar panels, an electric awning, a rear storage hatch, and pass-thru storage

View of the inside of a Bruder trailer

How Long Can RV Go Off-Grid?

The EX P-8 has a 1,600W solar panel system and 1,000Ah lithium battery power. In addition, it has reverse osmosis and a water purification system. They make staying disconnected from the world possible.

How much energy you use will determine how long the RV will last off-grid before connecting to shore power. The EX P-8 has a 300L/79.25-gallon water tank and a 75L/19.81-gallon gray water tank.

So your water usage will also determine how long you can camp off-grid. Days are certainly doable, and some travelers may extend their adventures to weeks in the EX P-8 model.

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Are Bruder Trailers Worth It?

Bruder Trailers are one-of-a-kind expedition trailers for off-road and off-grid use. Each unit goes through extensive testing in the harshest driving conditions and extreme temperatures.

A Bruder Trailer is durable, withstanding whatever adventure you’re seeking. If you want a trailer you can take across deserts, mountains, muddy creeks, and more, this is the trailer for you.

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Go Off-Grid Longer in a Bruder Trailer

Bruder Trailers aren’t for the typical traveler. If you like staying in campgrounds and RV resorts, the Bruder Trailer line isn’t for you.

But if you’re part of the smaller segment of travelers who seek adventure and long to go anywhere with an RV, these three options from Bruder are your answer. Now you’ll have to decide which model best suits your needs.

Do you want the 1,600W solar panels of the EX P-8? What about the two-way kitchen of the EX P-6? Or the smaller, convenient space of the EX P-4?

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