Arvie: Your New Favorite Campground Booking Tool

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A woman booking their next camping reservation through arvie

Are you having difficulty finding and making campground reservations? Welcome to the club!

Camping has become incredibly trendy, and nearly everybody and their brother is making camping memories. If you’re tired of fighting for a reservation, you may want to give Arvie a try.

Today, we’re sharing how this game-changing piece of technology can help you and your loved ones make priceless camping memories. Let’s dive in!

What Is Arvie?

Arvie is software that helps make booking campsites as convenient and fast as possible. It is a subscription-based service for campers to book campsites at thousands of participating RV parks and campgrounds.

Their revolutionary technology constantly searches for changes in availability and allows users to use their “one-click booking” to snag a reservation quickly.

Their “sold out search with insta-book” will search for last-minute cancellations and give you the best chance at scooping them up. You can let Arvie lend a hand if you’re tired of struggling to book a campsite.

View of a campground booked through Arvie

Who Created Arvie?

Like many other travel resources, Arvie is a tool for RVers by RVers. RV enthusiasts wanted to help find and book campsites as fast and easy as possible.

Mark Petersen, an avid RVer, is the founder and CEO of the company. He has enjoyed camping since he was ten years old. 

He created the software because he says he “quickly grew frustrated with the outdated and tedious “looking and booking” processes that came with it.” Now travelers can use the software he created to make the process less stressful. 

Why Are Campground Reservations Becoming More Difficult to Make?

If you’ve tried making a campground reservation in the past few years, you’ve likely discovered that it’s not easy. Camping, especially RVing, has become incredibly popular.

With the chaos that 2020 created regarding traveling, many found that RVs and camping were the best ways to enjoy traveling while staying safe.

The RV industry experienced a massive boom across the entire industry. RVs were flying off dealership lots faster than RV dealerships could sell them. As a result, many RV owners are trying to book campsites.

Most campgrounds have been slow to respond to the massive increase in demand. Many infrastructures cannot sustain the need for campsites, especially during the prime camping seasons.

How Is Arvie Different From Other Campground Locator Sites?

While there are other campground locator sites, Arvie introduces some game-changing features that set them apart. The real-time availability search helps you to see availability in a simple-to-use interface.

In addition, taking advantage of “one-click booking” means no longer having to fill out forms during the registration process. The “sold out search with insta-book” is one feature you won’t find elsewhere, either.

This will constantly scan specified campgrounds and make a reservation if one fits your specific search criteria. 

Unique Features Offered On Arvie

There are many unique features on Arvie, making it an appealing option. We think you’ll love using the Arvie software for several reasons. Let’s take a look! 

Real-Time Availability Checking at Multiple Locations

The real-time availability checking at multiple locations means you can compare five campsites simultaneously. You’ll quickly see the information for various campsites to help make your choice easier.

You won’t have to worry about juggling between tabs in your internet browser or remembering the specifics for each camp. You’ll have everything you need to know in one window.

Keep in Mind: Find free camping spots along your route by using!

Some campgrounds sell out almost instantly once campsites become available. This can make it challenging to snag a campsite in some of the most popular areas.

With Arvie’s sold-out search feature, it will instantly book you a site if one becomes available that fits your search criteria. Now you can avoid constantly hitting refresh and crossing your fingers, hoping that something becomes available.

One-Click Booking

It can get highly tiring to fill out the same forms repeatedly. Luckily, with Arvie, you can book campsites with one click. You no longer have to repeat the same information.

With the press of a button, you can secure several sites and spend less time staring at your computer screen and more time out in nature. 

A sign to a campground booked through Arvie

Can You Cancel Or Change a Reservation On Arvie?

While Arvie can help you make reservations, they cannot help you with canceling or changing a reservation. The policies for canceling and making changes to reservations will vary from campground to campground.

You should always verify the rules and procedures of a campground before making a reservation. If not, you could risk losing your hard-earned money.

How Much Does Arvie Cost?

Arvie comes with a free one-week membership. However, after the trial expires, it costs $19.95 per month.

It’s crucial to remember that the $19.95 each month is all you’ll pay to Arvie. You won’t pay any booking fees or other costs to Arvie to use the service.

Pro Tip: Many RVers purchase a campground membership to save on nightly fees! See Which Campground Membership Is Right For You!

What People Are Saying About Arvie

Arvie is becoming a trendy tool in the RV community. Tom Stanfill says, “Arvie is a game changer!  It has allowed my wife and I to camp more than we ever had. 

The Sold Out Search is fantastic!” He loves the simplicity of the app and being able to conveniently book trips for himself and his wife.

Derik Serfontein loves the app and says, “I recently made several campsite bookings through their search engine. I was amazed about how simple they made the process.

I also tried the sold-out function and was able to book a site for which I have never been able to find a spot in the past.”

However, don’t take their word for it. Give the service a try for yourself and see what campsites it can help you book. You may snag one of those hard-to-find spots you’ve never been able to book, like Derik.

A couple booking their next camping reservation through arvie

Book Your Next Adventure Through Arvie

If you’re tired of the hassle of booking campsites, Arvie might be the answer. We think you should try their service by using their free trial. If you only camp in the same campground a few times each year, you’re not likely to benefit nearly as much.

However, if you’re constantly looking for new places to camp or want to camp in popular areas, the Arvie software can give you a huge advantage. It’s worth a shot!

Let us know what you think of Arvie! Do you think it’s worth a try?

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