This Camper Is Also a Boat!

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A CaraBoat camper boat set up as a camper on land

If you’re trying to decide between a camper or a boat for your next purchase, we’d love to introduce you to the CaraBoat.

You can set up almost any campsite and take it to the boat ramp to cruise around your favorite lake.

You’re sure to be the talk of the campground in this rig! Let’s look at this incredible camper boat that could transform the way you travel in the future.

Let’s dive in! 

What Is a CaraBoat?

The CaraBoat is one part camper and one part boat. Its unique construction allows you to drive around the lake or park on a campsite.

You’ll have the best of both worlds for boating and RVing. All models have a versatile layout, maximizing the living space for optimal comfort.

If you enjoy spending your weekends at a local campground with a lake, it’s hard to beat the CaraBoat. You can take everything on the water and to the campsite.

The stylish interior will have you forgetting you’re on an RV the moment you step onboard the CaraBoat.

How Does a CaraBoat Camper Boat Work?

The CaraBoat isn’t a new design, but they’ve reinvented the concept to make it more practical than other options.

The CaraBoat isn’t nearly as broad as a standard houseboat, which makes it excellent for towing and navigating the water.

The space onboard CaraBoat may be smaller, but it is very livable and can seat four people comfortably.

No matter how you use it, you’ll appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship and the massive windows that keep air circulating.

You may be floating on water, but you’ll have many modern amenities that RV owners love about their rigs.

You can also create more distance between yourself and others while drifting around the water.

A CaraBoat camper boat out on the water

How Much Is a CaraBoat?

If you’re in the United States and want to purchase a CaraBoat, expect to pay upwards of $150,000 to $160,000. Base prices range from $114,500 to $124,500, but the cost can vary depending on upgrades or alternate options.

Considering that you’re getting a high-quality boat and camper in one purchase, it is an exceptional value.

Can You Use the Camper Boat on the Ocean?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the CaraBoat on the ocean or in any rough waters. According to CaraBoat, the boat is “designed for calm, inland waters and will comfortably handle wind chop up to 0.3 meters.” 

You’ll want to be mindful of the weather and water conditions before launching the boat. You and your camper boat could be in a hazardous situation if not.

Benefits of a Camper Boat

There are several things to love about owning a camper boat. Let’s examine what makes the CaraBoat special.

A CaraBoat camper boat out on the water

Easy Access to Land and Water

Accessing the CaraBoat is straightforward as the entrance is low to the land and water. Whether your camper boat sits on a beach or the trailer, the rear steps are easily accessible.

You won’t have to work harder than necessary to get in and out of your CaraBoat.

This can make it easy to explore areas or jump into the water for a dip while adventuring on the lake. You’ll enjoy your CaraBoat wherever you take it.

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Shallow Draft

The CaraBoat comes with an incredibly shallow draft. The boat can approach very shallow depths without worrying about causing any damage.

You’ll be able to access some of the most secluded places that aren’t available to other boats or RVs. Want to camp on an island? Now you can!

Panoramic Views

The CaraBoat camper boat has remarkable panoramic views via the massive windows that surround it. You’ll struggle to find windows this size on any other camper.

Whether parking at a campsite or motoring on the water, you’ll love seeing everything around you. An added benefit is the massive windows slide open to provide air circulation throughout the space.

Premium Interior and Finishes

Less is more, and when regarding the CaraBoat, manufacturers found a happy medium. They’ve designed interior space with almost everything you could need without feeling cluttered.

CaraBoat provides the luxury feel you’d expect from a high-quality RV but in a boat. A full-height pantry, ample bench storage space, and overhead storage compartments are all standard features on CaraBoats.

If that’s not enough space, you can use the roof to store more oversized items like kayaks and other aquatic toys.

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The inside of a CaraBoat camper boat

CaraBoat Models

There are two CaraBoat camper boat models currently available. Let’s take a closer look to help you decide which CaraBoat would be best for you!

Model 790

The CaraBoat 790 is the newest offering from the company and has a starting price of $114,500. It’s 25.9 feet long, weighs 4188 pounds, and has over six feet of internal headroom.

There’s sufficient storage to bring the necessities and a few extra toys on your adventures.

It has many of the same features that users love about the 870, but with a unique twist. The 790 uses a single engine instead of twin engines. This maximizes the deck space.

While looks can be deceiving, the CaraBoat 790 looks dazzling and can do the job.

Model 870

The CaraBoat 870 is what started CaraBoat and begins at $124,500. At 28.5 feet long, 8.2 feet wide, and 4535 pounds, it’s the most enormous CaraBoat available.

The 870 has nearly four more feet of rear deck space than the 790 camper boat, perfect for sunbathing, fishing, or soaking in a sunset. If you need more space to spread out, hop on the roof and soak up the sun. 

Where the 870 outperforms the 790 is its massive underdeck storage space. If you want to ensure you have room for all your gear, supplies, and toys, the 870 is the way to go.

The 870 also includes dual 30hp four-stroke outboard engines. Who doesn’t love more power? 

The inside of a CaraBoat camper boat

Now You Can Have an RV and a Boat All in One Camper Boat

Deciding between an RV and a boat can be challenging.

However, if you choose the CaraBoat, it’s one challenge that you don’t have to take. CaraBoat has manufactured a boat and camper so you can enjoy a luxurious adventure on water or land.

If you enjoy experiencing new scenery and want to maximize your freedom during journeys, the CaraBoat is for you.

We’d love the privilege of taking our home with us while exploring new places on land and water.

Where would you explore on a camper boat? 

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  1. I’ve been contacting this company for just about two years wanting to buy a Caraboat and I keep getting the same old story; we will be in the United States by early summer. I think I better just buy a pontoon boat. By the time they get here it will cost a quarter of a million dollars.

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