Who Makes Armadillo Trailers?

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Multiple armadillo trailers parked outside

Sometimes the “look” of a travel trailer matters. Some travelers prefer vintage, fiberglass, egg-shaped shells rather than the aluminum siding square boxes of other travel trailers.

They don’t want slides; they don’t need full amenities; they want comfort in a compact size. Does that sound like you? If so, it’s time you learn about the Armadillo trailer.

Let’s dive in!

About Armadillo Trailers

If you’re into vintage, fiberglass travel trailers, you’re probably familiar with Casita, Bigfoot, Scamp, or Happier Camper.

Another name to add to that list of quality small fiberglass travel trailers is Armadillo. You can pull this compact, lightweight camper in almost any vehicle.

The 13-foot by 16-inch length may seem small on the outside, but it feels much bigger on the inside.

With an efficient and long-lasting design, this four-season camper has everything you need and dozens of additional options for a compact unit.

Who Makes Armadillo Trailers?

Canadian company Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing makes Armadillo trailers. Brothers Jason and Mike Jong own Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing and grew up camping and enjoying the outdoor lifestyle.

They’ve always loved the rounded, smaller trailers. Jason manages the manufacturing end, while Mike covers the day-to-day business. They’re both certified Red Seal RV Technicians.

Close up of an armadillo trailer

Where Are Armadillo Trailers Made? 

Armstrong, British Columbia, is home to Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing. The facility is easily accessible off Vernon-Sicamous Highway/Highway 97A.

If you need to stay overnight in Armstrong to purchase your new Armadillo Trailer, Armstrong Kin RV Park is a short three-minute drive from the facility.

The city of Armstrong is about five hours northwest of Vancouver. Spokane, Washington, is approximately a five-and-a-half-hour drive south.

The most direct route would follow Highway 97 from Oroville, Washington, near the border. Armstrong is about three hours north of the US-Canadian border.

Can You Buy An Armadillo Trailer in the US?

When you buy an Armadillo trailer, the manufacturer builds it to order. The trailers sell directly from the manufacturing plant in British Columbia. There are no dealers.

This means you can custom-make your Armadillo trailer precisely as you want it. You don’t have to search for a dealership near you to purchase one of these RVs.

United States residents can drive to Armstrong to pick up their trailer, or they can hire a company to ship it. Armadillo Trailer Manufacturing, however, does not deal with direct shipments.

You can use a service like Krosshairventures.ca or Uship.com.

What Makes An Armadillo Trailer Unique?

The most significant factor that sets an Armadillo trailer apart from other campers is the customization.

Potential owners can choose from dozens of options and upgrades, from a portable toilet and television to a power tongue jack and the exterior color.

In addition, the box steel frame is the strongest frame of any small trailer. The molded fiberglass shell significantly reduces rotting and rusting that other trailers with aluminum and wood experience.

An Armadillo trailer will retain its value for years while other trailers quickly depreciate.

View of an armadillo trailer

The Making of An Armadillo Trailer 

First, Industrial Steel Fabrication creates a sturdy, heavy-duty box steel frame with 3500-lb Torsion axles and electric brake assist. They then merge the laminated materials to form the classic, rounded shape of an Armadillo trailer.

The company uses marine-grade materials, metals, sealants, and glues to prevent water from entering the trailer. Dense insulation and breathable fabrics also reduce condensation.

Armadillo trailers can withstand Canadian winters, so you can rest assured that you can camp year-round.

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The Armadillo Line Up 

The Armadillo trailer is lightweight, so you don’t need a heavy-duty truck to go camping. It’s also small enough to store in most garages when not in use.

Let’s look at some of the finer details.

The Armadillo Trailer

MSRP: Starting at USD 24,500 ($33,900 CDN)

Length: 13 feet 6 inches

GVWR: 2,700 pounds (depending on layout and options)

Floorplans: 1

The kitchen includes a 2-burner stove, 3.5 cubic foot 12V refrigerator/freezer, and stainless steel sink. Each Armadillo trailer has a 38L fresh water tank, 12V LED lighting, an emergency exit window, a circulating fan, night shades, and more.

The electrical installation includes a 35-amp converter/battery charger, 12V deep cycle battery, and battery disconnect switch.

The floorplan of the Armadillo trailer includes a booth dinette in the rear that converts to a sleeping area.

The front of the unit has three options: a table for two, a couch/bunk, or a triple bunk. The kitchen appliances are in the center of the unit.

The Backpack Trailer

MSRP: Starting at $26,600 (36,900 CDN)

Length: 14 feet

GVWR: 2,700 pounds (depending on layout and options)

Floorplans: 3

The Backpack trailer is six inches longer than the Armadillo trailer. Also, the front and rear walls are flat instead of rounded, allowing for a larger 21 by a 47-inch window in the rear.

The Backpack trailer has all the same standard features and amenities as the Armadillo trailer. The primary differences are in the three floorplans.

In one layout, you can design the Backpack like the Armadillo with the three options in the front of the unit. The only difference is the addition of six extra inches of space.

In another layout, the Backpack can have a large dinette in the rear that converts to a king-bed sleeping area. The kitchen is in the front. In the final layout, a front flush toilet replaces the table, couch, or bunk space on the first floorplan.

Inside an Armadillo Backpack Trailer

Can You Personalize An Armadillo Trailer?

The fun happens when you custom design the interior of your Armadillo trailer and choose the exterior features. Each owner selects the cabinet color, the exterior color, the fabric color, and the color of the countertop.

Then owners can add a portable toilet, air conditioner, furnace, solar panels, backup camera, power tongue, jack, awning, and more. The GVWR may change depending on the upgrades and additional features in or on your Armadillo trailer.

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Does An Armadillo Trailer Have a Bathroom?

Armadillo trailers do not come with a bathroom. You can add a portable toilet. It measures 12 inches high by 14 inches wide, with a 16-inch diameter.

You can also add an exterior shower when customizing your Armadillo trailer. The Backpack trailer allows for adding a flush toilet in one of the floorplans.

An Armadillo Backpack Trailer outside

Go Canadian With An Armadillo Trailer 

If you’re ready to purchase an Armadillo trailer, get started on your personalized unit today. There’s an approximate 10-12 month wait from the time of deposit to pick-up. So if you know the Armadillo is the suitable unit for you, don’t wait any longer!

One Google reviewer said it best, “We are on our 2nd trailer from Armadillo and can’t say enough about how happy we have been about the service and quality provided. … What I love the most about this company is their adaptability to individual customer needs.

Everyone is not the same kind of camper! Other trailer companies will sell you something prefab based on a set floor plan and style but Jason, Mike and team work with you to find the perfect fit for you and your family.”

Will you purchase a Canadian Armadillo trailer?

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