Easiest Way to Find the Next Rest Stop on Your Route

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View of RVs parked at their next rest stop on their route

During long road trips, a good rest stop can feel like an oasis in the desert.

They can be the difference between arriving at your destination tired, annoyed, and on edge versus calm, relaxed, and ready to have a good time.

But they’re not always easy to find. So, if you frequently ask, “Where’s the next rest stop on my route?” don’t worry. We’ve got the answers to this common question and more valuable tips for travelers.

What Is a Rest Stop? 

The definition of a rest stop is right in its name – a place to stop and rest while driving. You’ll find rest stops along interstates, highways, and other major roads.

They’re generally used anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours or even overnight. Rest stops can range from humble parking lots to sprawling facilities with restaurants, bathrooms, and other amenities for weary travelers. 

A rest area sign for your next rest stop on your route

Pros of Planning Your Rest Stops in Advance 

Some travelers may prefer to wing it and just look for signs or other indications of a rest stop.

This may work out fine enough, but can really backfire while traveling through remote areas where rest stops might be many miles apart! Planning your stops in advance ensures you’ll never run out of fuel and food or get too tired to safely drive to your destination.

Plus, having pit stops along the way can help make the drive feel shorter. You’ll be focusing on intermediate destinations instead of a single distant final one. 

Can You Park Overnight at a Rest Stop?

The answer to this question will depend on the particular rest stop route you choose. In some cases, rules or laws may prevent you from legally parking overnight.

In others, you may be clear to catch a few hours of rest or leave your vehicle overnight.

You’ll likely have to follow some rules and restrictions, like keeping your slides in and not running your generator in an RV.

As always, just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. Use your best judgment in deciding whether to stay at a rest stop overnight. 

Can Google Maps Show Rest Stops?

If you’re one of the many people who use Google Maps to get around, you’re in luck when it comes to finding rest stops.

The service makes it easy to find the next rest stop on my route with a convenient button that appears at the top of your screen once you’ve got your initial destination entered.

On mobile, use the “Search Along Route” feature. Google Maps can be especially useful in selecting rest stops because it often includes pictures, reviews, and other critical information.

A car parked at their next route stop

Can Apple Maps Show Rest Stops?

Apple Maps users also have some excellent built-in options for finding the next rest stop on their route. Once you’ve started navigating to your destination, swipe up to find a variety of choices for stops along your way.

You can specifically filter for gas stations, certain types of restaurants, and other common stops. Like Google, Apple Maps will seamlessly transition you from your current route to your new destination and back to your original one afterward. 

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Is There an App That Tells You Where Rest Stops Are?

Like nearly everything else these days, there is most certainly an app to figure out the next rest stop on my route.

In fact, there are plenty of different apps that fit the bill! Some may cost money, but many are entirely free or ad-supported.

Think about which features are most important to you, and keep this in mind when finding the right app. 

Easiest Ways to Find the Next Rest Stop on Your Route

So out of the many ways to find your next rest stop along your route, which are the ones most worth knowing?

Try these three and you’ll never be left wondering how many miles down the road you’ll need to travel. 

View of semis parked at their next rest stop on their route


iExit is a website and app that helps travelers locate rest areas, food, gas, lodging, and more essential amenities close to the interstate. Users can search by location or easily scroll through guides for major interstates and highways to see what’s ahead.

This helpful app even includes gas prices along the way, helping you to save money at the pump. Meanwhile, it also integrates with Yelp to help travelers find the best places and avoid the bad ones on the go. 


InterstateRestAreas.com may not look flashy, but it’s one of the most valuable resources out there for drivers. You can browse rest areas by state or highway, view rest areas maps, and access other useful resources.

This mapping function is especially helpful as some rest areas can be somewhat sprawling and difficult to navigate. Users can also leave comments to provide further information about conditions at each stop.

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Rest Stops Ahead

Those looking for an all-in-one navigation, planning, and trip-tracking app will find what they’re looking for with Rest Stops Ahead. It’s simple to use, but offers powerful abilities to customize your search by amenities and other factors.

The app will route you on the best roads for rest stops and keep track of your progress and stops. Drivers can even set up rest stop alerts to ensure they don’t miss crucial information.

View of the next rest stop on your route

Find the Next Rest Stop With Ease

Most frequent travelers likely have at least one rest stop horror story.

They will either be unable to find one when needed or deal with missing or substandard amenities when they do. But these days, there’s no need to deal with these pitfalls.

Through the combination of common mapping services, useful apps, and the principles we’ve discussed, you should no longer be asking yourself where the next rest stop on your route will be.

Consider yourself a rest stop wizard, ready to work your magic on your next road trip!

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