The Best Cold Weather RVs to Take on Winter

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One of the best cold weather RVs parked in the snow

Many travelers head south for the winter or put their RVs in storage for a couple of months while the temperatures dip below freezing.

However, some RVers love winter camping. If that’s you, you’ll want to pay attention to these best cold-weather RV options.

You can’t comfortably and safely camp in freezing conditions in just any trailer. Let’s look at how these cold-weather RVs will protect you and provide warmth during the winter.

Can an RV Withstand Cold Weather? 

Certain RVs have better insulation and features to protect you and your possessions during cold weather than others.

Full-timers, hunters, ice fishermen, and travelers who love winter recreation are probably most interested in the best cold-weather RV options.

Just because an RV has a four-season rating, you can still take safety measures to retain as much heat as possible during the winter.

But buying an RV that has insulated water lines and superior R-factor insulation in the walls and ceiling will help protect your rig from damage during cold temperatures and keep you warm.

What Are Cold Weather RVs? 

Cold-weather RVs usually come with the title “Four Seasons,” which means they have undergone testing and can withstand temperatures down to 32 degrees or below.

But not all cold-weather RVs are rated for four seasons. You can still find other good options with thick insulation and features to keep the cold air out, the warm air in, and your water lines protected.

Can You Live in RVs in the Winter? 

It is possible to live in RVs in the winter. People all over the country do this.

Some people remain stationary and wrap skirting around their rig to protect the underbelly where the pipes are. Lots of RVers use Reflectix to retain heat and keep out cold air.

So there are certain things you can do to protect your RV, no matter if it has a four-season rating or not.

But cold-weather RVs will have additional features and benefits like heated tanks, heated water lines, and thicker insulation.

The Best Cold Weather RVs to Take on Winter

Below we share seven of the best cold-weather RVs to keep you warm and keep the cold air out.

You won’t have to work as hard to retain the warmth in these RVs.

You have options for a truck camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, and Class C, so pick what best suits your needs.

Lance 2465 Travel Trailer

MSRP: $50,000-95,000
Length: 29 feet 10 inches
GVWR: 8,900 pounds

Cold Weather Features: Three 5-gallon propane tanks, an electric fireplace, and a 35M furnace will help keep you warm and cozy on winter nights.

The all-weather package means you can camp safely in colder temperatures and feel protected with thicker insulation.

About: The Lance 2465 travel trailer features two slide-outs on the driver’s side to create additional room in the living area and the rear bedroom.

One of the best features is the front J-lounge, where you can view the stars through the super-sized “SkyView” front window.

On top, the Lance Load Roof Rack system provides ample room to bring your outdoor gear.

Pro Tip: If you’re going camping this winter, then you’re going to need the right camping gear! Take a look at this list of winter Camping Gear You’ll Actually Love!

Lance 850 Truck Camper

MSRP: around $48,000
Length: 17 feet 7 inches
GVWR: 3,040 pounds

Cold Weather Features: A 20M furnace will keep you warm during winter nights in this cold-weather RV.

The Lance 850 has an aluminum frame block-foam insulated structure and comes with an all-weather package. It also features ducted heat, which is unique for truck campers.

About: Designed for short and long-bed trucks, the Lance 850 has a one-piece fiberglass wet bath.

The large U-shaped dinette provides ample seating, and the kitchen has a double-bowl sink, three-way refrigerator, three-burner range, and a microwave. 

The bedroom of a Lance 850 Truck Camper, one of the best cold weather RV

Arctic Wolf 3550 Suite

MSRP: $76,000-$83,000
Length: 38 feet 5 inches
GVWR: 11,645 pounds

Cold Weather Features: The high efficiency 35,000 BTU furnace and high capacity 5,200 BTU electric fireplace will keep the warm air moving inside the trailer.

Underneath, you’ll find an armored underbelly tank enclosure and forced air heating to the holding tanks. Thermo-Control reflective safety-glass windows and upgraded 2-inch-thick laminated exterior walls with block-foam insulation will keep the cold air out.

About: With over 2,000 pounds of cargo carrying capacity, the Arctic Wolf 3550 Suite is a great option for full-timers.

It comes equipped with a king bed, kitchen island, theater seating, tri-fold sofa, free-standing dinette, and outdoor kitchen.

View of the inside living and kitchen area of a Arctic Wolf 3550 Suite, one of the best best cold weather RV

Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 32-5M

MSRP: $102,000-$115,000
Length: 36 feet 10 inches
GVWR: 13,491 pounds

Cold Weather Features: The thick-wall aluminum frame construction and high-density block-foam insulation will keep you warm and cozy during colder temperatures.

The Arctic Fox Grande Ronde 32-5M comes with four-season insulation, making it a great cold-weather RV. It has an R-18 ceiling rating, R-15 reflective foil insulation in the roof and slides, and heated holding tanks to protect your water lines.

About: This fifth wheel comes with a queen bed, washer and dryer hookups, a kitchen island, two reclining chairs, a tri-fold sofa, a free-standing dinette, and MORryde entry steps.

Three slide-outs create even more space inside, and a seat in the shower makes bathing easier. The cargo carrying capacity is an astounding 2,809 pounds.

Fox Mountain Lightweight 265RDS

MSRP: around $87,000
Length: 29 feet 10 inches
GVWR: 12,000 pounds

Cold Weather Features: Like the Arctic Fox Grande Ronde cold-weather RV, this fifth wheel has a thick-wall aluminum frame and high-density block-foam insulation.

It has four-season insulation with an R-18 ceiling, R-15 reflective foil insulation in the roof and slides, and heated holding tanks.

About: This Fox Mountain Lightweight 265RDS fifth wheel features a large U-shaped booth dinette in the rear that converts into additional sleeping space. It also has a tri-fold sofa to sleep more people.

The front bedroom has a queen-sized bed, a slide-out wardrobe, and two wardrobe nightstands.

A Fox Mountain lightweight 265RDS parked outside that is known for being one of the best cold weather RVs
Source: Northwood Manufacturing

Jayco Redhawk 26XD

MSRP: $145,000
Length: 28 feet 8 inches
GVWR: 14,500 pounds

Cold Weather Features: The bead-foam insulation of the Jayco Redhawk 26XD comes with an R-24 roof rating, R-9 floor rating, and R-5 wall rating.

The 30,000 BTU furnace and 26M electric fireplace will keep you warm inside. The 4,000-Watt generator will provide extra comfort during cold temperatures.

About: Built on a Ford E-450 chassis, this Class C has a 7.3 Liter V8 350 HP engine and a 7,500-pound hitch rating to tow almost any vehicle.

It features a slide-out in the living room with the sofa and dinette and a slide-out in the rear bedroom with the queen bed. The kitchen has an 8-cubit foot refrigerator, microwave, and three-burner stove.

Heartland Bighorn 3950FL

MSRP: $141,083
Length: 43 feet 10 inches
GVWR: 16,500 pounds

Cold Weather Features: The last cold-weather RV on our list will keep you warm with the 35,000 BTU furnace and two 30-pound propane tanks.

Additionally, your water lines will stay protected with the heated, enclosed underbelly and heated, insulated holding tanks and gate valves.

About: This front living fifth wheel provides plenty of entertaining space with three seating areas and a large entertainment center. The center kitchen features an island, a free-standing dinette, and a half bathroom.

The rear bedroom has a king bed and double vanity bathroom with a foldable teakwood seat in the shower.

Keep in Mind: If you want a fifth wheel and want a large area where people can gather, then you need to see these Front Living Fifth Wheels!

View of the kitchen in a Heartland Bighorn 3950FL, one of the best cold weather RVs
Source: Heartland RV

Are Cold Weather RVs Worth It?

The best cold-weather RVs tend to cost more because of the quality of insulation and added protection underneath the unit.

If you don’t need a cold-weather RV, you can save money by buying ones with similar floorplans.

But if you plan on camping in Michigan or Colorado during the winter, you better plan on purchasing a rig that will hold up under extreme weather.

RVs aren’t built like houses, but these are the best cold weather RVs you’ll find.

Whether you want a truck camper, travel trailer, fifth wheel, or Class C, you have your pick of quality RVs to keep the warm air flowing while it’s snowing outside.

Is a cold-weather RV in your future?

  1. Another great cold weather RV manufacturer is Outdoors RV, who make travel trailers and 5th wheel campers. We own a F28RKS 5th wheel which we love.

  2. Why does none have a vapor barrier? Mould built-up is highly possible without. Delamination is another problem.

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