Are Ram Trucks Reliable for RV Towing?

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The front headlight and brush guard on a Ram truck

You need a tough and reliable truck if you’re regularly towing. You don’t want to find yourself stranded on the side of the road with a fully-loaded trailer behind you. While Ford and Chevy once dominated the market regarding trucks, Ram trucks have joined their ranks in recent years.

While they’re tough and capable, are Ram trucks reliable? Let’s take a look!

Are Ram Trucks Reliable for RV Towing?

Ram trucks are one of the most capable and best-performing trucks for towing. Even the base models provide a solid foundation for hauling heavy loads. Whether you want to regularly tow a boat or camper on the weekends or another trailer, Ram trucks can help you get the job done.

JD Power credits Ram’s ability to be one of the most reliable trucks for towing by increasing the flow rate of the engine’s fuel system and turbocharger boost. They’ve even upgraded the rear frame, rear-axle cross-member, hitching provisions, and the wiring connections for trailers. These upgrades help them perform better and be more reliable while towing.

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Ram Truck Towing and Payload Capacities

Ram Trucks offer a trio of tucks in their lineup. All are tremendous for towing, but let’s learn more to see which truck might be right for you.

Ram 1500

The Ram 1500 Revel Black Edition
Ram 1500 Rebel Black Edition | Photo courtesy of Stellantis

The Ram 1500 comes in three trim levels: Limited, Limited Longhorn Edition, and Rebel. The standard 5.7L Hemi V8 engine provides an impressive 12,750 lbs of max towing capacity and 2300 lbs of payload capacity.

This truck and the next-generation technology it comes with can handle large travel trailers and tremendous performance and drivability. With safety and security features, you’ll have confidence that you, your loved ones, and whatever you’re towing are safe while traveling the roads.

Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 Power Wagon
Ram 2500 Power Wagon | Photo courtesy of Stellantis

It’s nearly impossible to overlook the middle child, the Ram 2500, and its six trim levels in the Ram truck lineup. It’s more than just a slight step up from the entry-level trucks; it’s quite a large step forward.

With 20,000 lbs of towing capacity and a maximum payload capacity of 3,160 lbs, it’s a towing beast. You’ll easily handle even the largest travel trailers and many fifth wheels. However, the largest fifth wheels and toy haulers likely require an additional step up in the Ram truck lineup.

These workhorses come with a 360-degree trailer camera, a trailer hitch light, and a digital rearview mirror that integrates with rear trailer-mounted cameras. The rear air suspension levels the truck under heavy loads and lowers the rear to connect a trailer. With a rugged design and capabilities, this truck knows how to work and play.

Ram 3500

2022 RAM 2500 Laramie Cummins & Keystone Cougar

The Ram 3500 makes a strong impression, not just for its tough and rugged look but also for its capabilities. It has a mind-blowing 37,090 lbs towing and 7,680 lbs payload capacities. You can easily handle the largest RVs or trailers and still have room to spare. A massive RV or toy hauler isn’t much competition for these beasts.

While the outside of this truck is easy on the eyes, the inside will also have your heart pumping. The latest technology is at your fingertips, and the enhanced safety and security features offer confidence that you’re safe while traveling down the road. You’ll feel like you’re piloting a luxury jet as you fly down the highway in your truck.

Did You Know? Dodge no longer makes Ram trucks, so who does?

Other Ram Truck Features

Ram continues to press the limits when it comes to the features and capabilities of their trucks. They’re work trucks with the feeling of comfort and luxury.

The RamBox Cargo Management System gives you space to store tools and other equipment to make life easier. You’ll also find a 115V power outlet inside the driver side box that can help you charge various electronics. Whether you’re at the worksite or on an epic adventure, you can charge your electronics and stay connected.
Check out the features of the RamBox Cargo Management System.

These trucks also feature fold-flat load floors with under-seat storage, spacious in-floor bins, and a charging station in the center console. 

The Most Common Problems Reported with Ram Trucks

While Ram trucks are reliable and well-built, they’re not perfect. Some frequent issues owners might see include engine defects, transmission jerks, suspension issues, and even the dreaded death wobble. 

If you’ve never experienced the death wobble, it’s typically caused by the steering column loosening over time, and a bump in the road can cause the truck to shake violently. While many manufacturers will fix this under warranty, it can be a rather scary event and has even caused accidents. 

While they’re not perfect, Ram stands behind its trucks. New diesel vehicles have a five-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty, roadside assistance, and 60,000 miles for gas models. Ram Trucks are made to last, and you can buy them with confidence.

What Kind of RV Can You Tow with a Ram Truck?

While all Ram trucks are tough and capable, some are tougher and more capable than others. The 1500 is excellent for towing small to medium-sized travel trailers. If you’re hoping to tow larger travel trailers and smaller fifth wheels, you’ll want to step up to the 2500. However, the 3500 is perfectly capable of towing even the largest RVs.

The most critical factor in pairing a truck with an RV is to know your towing numbers. These aren’t random numbers a manufacturer assigns to a truck. Staying within these ratings creates the safest towing conditions. It will also prevent void warranties, accelerated wear and tear on your truck, and issues from an accident.

Ram Truck Reliability: Diesel vs. Gas

If you’re trying to decide between a diesel or gas engine, reliability is an important quality to consider. Diesel engines tend to experience fewer issues but cost more when they need service. Gas engines are substantially lighter than diesel engines and provide more payload capacity.

Friends in the back of a Ram truck bed off-roading in Florida

When you look at Ram’s warranties with their trucks, gas engines only get a 60,000-mile warranty. However, Ram gives its diesel trucks an additional 40,000 miles of warranty coverage because their diesel models tend to experience fewer issues later in life. But a diesel truck typically lasts longer than its gas counterparts.

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Is a Ram Truck a Good Choice? 

Ram Trucks are an excellent option, especially if you plan to tow regularly. They’re not just reliable and capable; they’re also luxurious. Whether you’re buying a truck to tow on weekend adventures or as a tool for everyday work, Ram Trucks are a great choice. You’ll love the power and performance you get from them and how they’re built to last.

Which Ram Truck would you choose from their lineup?

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  1. My 2000 Ram 2500 diesel has been a winner. Just starting to get broken in at 235,000 miles. Towed two different travel trailers over the years and it never left me stranded.
    We ordered new. My only disappointment is it’s AT.. I wanted 6 speed manual. Mama wanted AT.
    As the saying goes, happy wife, happy life.

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