How Much Can a Dodge Ram 3500 Pull?

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2021 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Limited Crew Cab Dually

A Dodge Ram 3500 can pull a boat, a trailer, a camper, several ATVs, several jet skis, a horse trailer, a tractor, a forklift, or an RV! 

And that’s only a partial list to answer the question, “How much can a Dodge Ram 3500 pull?”

Let’s get into the Ram 3500 towing capacity numbers.

2021 Ram Heavy Duty Cummins 6.7-liter I-6 badge

Towing Capacity and Payload Capacity

If a Ram 3500 is properly equipped, they have amazing towing capacities. As a general rule, the newer the truck, the higher the towing capacity but it’s not always the case so pay attention to the numbers. Let’s get into some specifics with the latest Ram trucks.

Dodge RAM towing capacity chart

2022 Ram 3500 Towing Capacity

The 2022 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty lineup with the Cummins turbo diesel engine has a towing capacity of 37,090 pounds with a maximum payload capacity of 7,680 pounds.

The 2022 Ram 3500 also features new advanced towing technology to make your job easier. The trailer 360-degree surround-view cameras allow for an overhead view around your trailer to make backing it up a breeze. The digital rearview mirror provides a live view of the road behind your trailer from a camera attached to the rear bumper.

Along with the integrated towing hardware, another must-have option is the rear air suspension option. In addition to a smoother ride, it includes a bed lowering mode to make hooking up to a trailer easier.

2021 Ram 3500 Towing Capacity

The 2021 Ram Heavy Duty lineup with the Cummins turbo diesel engine when properly equipped has a towing capacity of 37,100 pounds (gooseneck towing), making the Ram 3500 the strongest truck in the one-ton class. And with a payload capacity of 6,570, this Dodge is a stuff-carrying monster! 

Other Specs of the Dodge Ram 3500 High-Output Turbo Diesel

The Dodge Ram 3500 with the high-output Cummins turbo diesel 6.7-liter I6 engine has 1,075 ft-lb of torque, another best-in-class rating, and 420 gas horsepower.

Higher peak boost limits and higher volume fuel system components create the added torque output. The Ram 3500 also can be equipped with a new integrated towing hardware design that enables the truck to pull up to 37,100 pounds. 

Can the Dodge Ram 3500 Pull a Travel Trailer? 

Yes, it can pull a travel trailer

The average dry weight of a 30-foot travel trailer is 5,800 pounds. Dry weight means the weight of a factory-fresh trailer with all holding tanks empty and before it’s packed with the traveler’s belongings. You can find that information in the owner’s manual.  

So, in truth, the Dodge Ram 3500 turbo diesel is capable of pulling more than one travel trailer with its towing capacity!

Can a Dodge Ram 3500 Pull a Fifth Wheel? 

Yes, it can pull a fifth-wheel! (Are you sensing a pattern here?) 

A fifth wheel’s average weight is 15,000 pounds, meaning the Dodge Ram 3500 towing capacity can allow it to pull two fifth-wheels (or a bigger model)!

The bottom line is that with its large towing capacity the heavy duty Dodge Ram 3500 turbo diesel makes a great fifth-wheel hauler!

2021 Ram 3500 Heavy Duty Limited Crew Cab Dually

Can a Dodge Ram 3500 Carry a Truck Camper? 

The average weight of a truck camper is just under 3,000 pounds with heavier options getting closer to 5,000 pounds. The Ram 3500 has a payload capacity of 6,570, so it would have no trouble carrying a truck camper.

How Much is a Dually? 

Retail prices of the 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 dually start at $54,810. Ram truck pickups have been around since 2013, though, so you can likely find a decent used model for a reasonable price. You could find it used in the high $30ks or low $40ks, depending on the year, mileage, and condition. 

Is the Dodge Ram 3500 Good For Towing? 

At the time of the writing of this post, the 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 with the 6.7-liter High-Output Cummins Turbo Diesel I6 engine is one of the most powerful pickup trucks in the world. 

So yes – Ram trucks are more than suitable for towing! These heavy duty trucks can tow 37,090 pounds of whatever you’ve got! You certainly won’t be disappointed if you want something that can haul pretty much anything.  


When we ask, “How much can a Dodge Ram 3500 pull?” we’d better be ready for the answer. 

Currently, the most powerful truck in the world, the 2022 Dodge Ram 3500 turbo diesel can pull more than two (almost three!) helicopters, school busses, or semi-trailers. 

This Dodge Ram 3500 can pull a fighter jet, a subway car, a fighter spacecraft, or a cargo carrier. 

Although this truck seems too good to be true, it does have limitations. A Dodge Ram 3500 can’t pull a fire truck or a greyhound bus, after all. 


  1. If I were 30K+ lb towing, i wouldn’t not be doing it with a conventional DRW pickup truck. Other than a handful of RVs, most weight under 18k full. DRV, Luxe maybe up to 22k. With those more realistic numbers for most RVers, either Ford, Chevy, or RAM is more than capable.

    Now in comparison to towing, the debate can be had that a wide track front axle found on the F450 pickup truck or RAM 4500 cab/chasis would be better for turning, stronger frame, and for the larger brakes those vehicles come with.

    Biggest difference between RAM, Ford, or Chevy will be personal preference. For instance, which seat feeels better to me. Or do I want the RAM bc the engine is tuned to sound a little louder and sound like a truck? Or do I want a Ford bc it’s engine is quieter and less road noise in the cab. Or do I buy. A truck with a Max Tow package which comes with factory airbags?

    All used trucks today have a high resale value and DRWs are hard to find in some areas of America. In California, many 2-3 yr old trucks with 50K+ miles sell as much as a new one.

    I like RAM, along with Ford and Chevy. Here though it seems you have written this article as if it’s more of an ad paid by RAM. All three have there strengths and quirks. Best Cummins engine was the late ‘90s. Best Duramax engine was around 2004-2007. Ford’s best was the 7.3l around 2000 and now the 6.7l for the past four years.

    If it comes down to the numbers and what the specs read for max tow, then don’t buy any vehicle that will max it’s towing capability.

  2. Hi Jayson:
    The RAM may have the edge on towing capacity but the number that we typically get close to exceding pulling big 5th wheels is payload capacity. I think the Ford F350 may have the edge there with all the aluminum used.

  3. There hasn’t been a “DODGE” truck made in over a DECADE! Learn the basics before you add any more incorrect information to the already clueless public.

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