5 Best RV Stove and Ovens with Large Cooktops

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Breakfast food cooking on a gas RV stove

One of the best parts of camping is the food! Cooking on your RV stove can be as easy as using your cooktop at home. We’re about to stir up the pot by revealing the five best RV stoves and ovens with large cooktops that will keep you fed and happy on the road. We’ll discuss the benefits of an RV stove and oven and which are the most reliable. Shall we? 

About RV Stove and Ovens

RV stoves and ovens are similar to a standard residential range you’d have in your house. But RV versions are typically smaller and lighter weight because they need to fit into the RV’s tiny space and the rig’s cargo weight capacity. 

Some RVs don’t come equipped with a stove or oven but may have the ability to add one. If you add one to your RV, we recommend professionally installing it unless you’re familiar with installing appliances.

The Benefits of an RV Stove and Oven with Large Cooktop

Having an RV stove and oven with a large cooktop means you can cook like you would at home. You have a lot more flexibility and capacity than a traditional one or two-burner RV cookstove. For example, when you have a three-burner stove, you can have three pots going at a time to cook a large meal for family or friends. 

A large cooktop provides versatility in the RV lifestyle. Most campers want to cook at their campsite rather than spending the money to eat out. Having the capacity to cook any size meal in your RV affords you the flexibility to eat your favorite recipes while traveling.

Pro Tip: Another great way to cook in your RV is with a microwave convection oven.

Are RV Stoves Gas or Electric?

RV stoves can be either gas or electric, but most run off propane. With a gas stove, you can cook when running on 12V power. An electric option, such as an induction cooktop, will require you to be hooked up to shore power.

Many RV stoves have both propane and electric hookups so you can power them based on your situation. If you’re at an RV park with hookups, you can use electricity, and if you’re boondocking, you can use propane. 

Can You Put a Residential Stove and Oven in an RV?

A couple of critical things would need to happen to put a residential stove and oven in an RV. First, the unit must have a propane conversion kit you can use on your RV. Second, the stove and oven must fit into your RV kitchen

Most residential options are too big for a small space. However, we’ve seen residential units in Skoolie conversions and large RVs. If you’re considering putting a residential stove and oven in your RV, we strongly recommend doing your research and talking to a professional first. Whatever you do, safety should be your priority.

Pro Tip: Safety should always come first, learn if it’s dangerous to drive with your RV fridge on.

5 Best RV Stove and Ovens with Large Cooktops

Check out five of the best RV stove and ovens with large cooktops. These options range from 17in to 21in high to come in flush with your RV countertop. And all but four of the cooktops have three burners.

#1. RecPro 21” Tall RV Gas Stove

About: The RecPro RV Stove is 17.25 in deep by 21.5 in wide by 21 in high. Its stovetop has three gas burners with lit temperature controls that run off 12V. The oven is approximately 51 liters. There’s an optional range hood with a fan and lighting.  

Price: $599.95 ($679.95 with range hood)

#2. Dometic/Atwood RV-1735 Range

About: Dometic/Atwood’s RV-1735 Range is 17.75 in deep by 20.25 in wide by 18 in high. Its oven door does stick out slightly past the cutout. The gas stove has three burners, and the oven has a broiler setting. 

Price: $599.99

#3. Furrion F1S17L02A-SS 17″ Gas Range

Furrion F1S17L02A-SS 17" 2-in-1 Gas Range Oven (Stainless Steel) with 3-Burner Cooktop for RV
  • 2-In-1: Cook, bake, fry, and grill in your RV kitchen, while on the road, with this combined cooktop range and oven....
  • Large Capacity & Sleek Design: Boasting one of the largest capacities in the industry, with an inner volume of 1.24 cu....

About: The Furrion F1S17L02A-SS dimensions are 21.5 by 21.6 by 17 in. The stainless steel gas stove has three burners, and the oven is 1.24 cubic feet with a glass door. The oven has a broiler pan with an insert to catch grease. 

Price: $656.68

#4. Furrion F1S21L02A-BL 21″ Gas Range

Furrion F1S21L02A-BL, 21", Black Silver
  • 2-In-1: Cook, bake, fry, and grill in your RV kitchen, while on the road, with this combined cooktop range and oven....
  • Large Capacity & Sleek Design: Boasting one of the largest capacities in the industry, with an inner volume of 1.79 cu....

About: The Furrion F1S21LO2A-BL is bigger than Furrion’s 17 in gas range. Its dimensions are ‎21.5 by 21.6 by 21 in. The gas three-burner stove and oven are black stainless steel. And the oven door is glass with LED-lit knobs.

Price: $659.95

Buying Guide: If you want to upgrade your microwave while you’re at it, check out the best RV microwaves and convection ovens here!

#5. Thetford XR17200 17″ Oven Cooktop 


About: Thetford’s XR17200 RV oven with a cooktop is 17.75 by 20.25 by 17 in. The two-burner gas stove has a cast iron cooktop grate that’s flush to the counter. The range is black with a stainless steel oven door handle.

Price: $569.95

Is an RV Stove and Oven Worth It?

We can’t imagine traveling without a stove and oven. Having the ability to cook all our favorite recipes while RVing is a no-brainer. So, yes, an RV stove and oven are worth it. 

Of course, kitchen tools like Instant Pots and outdoor cooking grills are also great tools. But we like to have a stove and oven inside the RV for large meals, rainy days, and daily preferences. 

What do you think? Do you prefer to have an RV stove and oven, or can you live without one? We always love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below. 

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