Tips for Using an RV Microwave Convection Oven and Which One Is Best

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Camping food doesn’t have to be bland or repetitive. One of the quickest and easiest ways to cook a variety of meals is to use your RV microwave convection oven.

But are you getting the most use out of this useful appliance? Plenty of RVers are hesitant to use the convection setting on their microwave. We sure were! Because of that, we’re going to give you some tips to use this handy appliance and share which one is best.

What is an RV Microwave Convection Oven? 

You may think you just have a regular microwave in your RV. But look closely, because if you have a convection oven, there are some extra cooking tactics that you can do in your RV.

Microwaves and convection ovens both include turntables and mirrored walls to circulate heat to cook food quickly. But they are different in what you can do and what the results will be. Microwaves are great for heating liquids and defrosting foods, but convection ovens can do so much more!

How Do Convection Ovens Work? 

A convection oven uses an additional fan to circulate hot air around the food, so it cooks evenly and even can brown the food, which doesn’t happen with a regular microwave.

Convection is excellent for browning, crisping, grilling, roasting, and baking foods. Yes, you can even make legit baked goods or a (small) turkey in your RV convection oven!

Tips for Using RV Microwave Convection Ovens

Reduce Cooking Times and Temperatures

Food tends to cook faster in a convection oven, so be sure to reduce cooking times and temperatures off regular recipes and watch your food to make sure you don’t overcook! The air circulating is more efficient than a standard microwave or even an oven.

This is especially true for baked goods. A good rule of thumb is to reduce the cooking temperature by 25 degrees and check it 10 minutes sooner than the recipe calls for.

A chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sitting on an RV counter with baking mitts in the background. This cake was cooked in an RV microwave convection oven

Use Bakeware with Lower Sides

If you use bakeware with lower sides, this allows the convection oven’s fans to circulate the air more effectively, allowing the food to cook quicker and more evenly. It also cuts down on the cooking time.

Always Use the Racks that Came With the Unit 

Unlike with a regular microwave, you must use the rack that comes with the unit. Keeping the food off the bottom of the oven allows the air to circulate correctly.

Treat it Like a Regular Oven

Most people are intimidated to try an RV microwave convection oven because they’re aren’t sure if there are any special rules to follow. When you’re using the convection setting, just treat it like a regular oven.

That means you can use oven-safe glass, cookie sheets, cake pans, aluminum, etc. Don’t use products that contain paper or wood.

Ginger snap cookies sitting on a white plate with a black and white napkin underneath. These cookies were cooked in an RV microwave convection oven.

Best RV Microwave Convection Oven

RecPro RV Convection Oven

This RV-friendly convection microwave oven is 1.1 cubic feet and has eighteen convenient pre-set cooking options. There are eight settings for the microwave and ten settings for the convection oven.

Additionally, a child safety lock allows you peace of mind if you have little ones. This feature ensures you or the kids won’t get accidentally burned when cooking.

With a speedy cook option and touchpad timers, it is convenient to use and attractive for your RV. Installation dimensions for upgrading your RV are 22.44″W x 15.14″H x 19.25″D. 

What People Are Saying

Reviews on Amazon mention a nice attractive look and plenty of room to cook a 12” pizza. Another common comment from users is that it is “easy to program”. 

Reviewers like that it is easy to install, even for people that aren’t handy. It comes with instructions for this process, but be sure that you can lift at least 40 lbs if you plan on taking on this project yourself.

Pro Tip: If you want more options for RV microwave and convection ovens, check out 11 more options when it comes to the Best RV Microwaves and Convection Ovens!

Get Cookin’ With Your Microwave Convection Oven

When you’re living on the move in your RV or trailer, you want to be able to cook all the foods you enjoy from home. Having a convection microwave oven in your RV takes up the same space as a regular microwave. Still, you have so many cooking options, including baking, roasting, and browning food efficiently and quickly!

Now that you’re ready to use your RV microwave convection oven, it’s time to go grocery shopping! Read our guide on How To Save Money On Food When RVing

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