5 Best Reviewed Bubble and Bluetooth RV Levels

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A small bubble held up in front of a fifth wheel parked in a campsite in the woods with it's lights on.

Having an unlevel RV can not only make it difficult to enjoy your adventures, but it can also cause damage. Even if you have an auto-level system on your RV, they can fail, and it doesn’t hurt to double-check its accuracy every so often. 

Grabbing the cheapest level from your local hardware store may be better than nothing, but today we’re sharing some of the best RV levels available.

Let’s look and see which one you might consider adding to your shopping cart.

Types of RV Levels

Depending on how much you want to spend, you have a couple of options to consider while looking for the best RV levels. The typical bubble level will likely be a more budget-friendly option, but the premium-priced BlueTooth option might be worth the convenience.

If you want a straightforward approach to checking the levelness of your RV, a bubble level will do the trick. If you don’t want to carry a bubble level with you, you can purchase ones that attach directly to the sides of your RV. 

You may need to jump out of your tow vehicle or have another set of eyes while parking, but these can be handy. However, if you don’t mind carrying a bubble level with you, placing it on your bumper or the RV floor can help you ensure you get your rig as level as possible.

A small red bubble level with two directional leveling on a light wooden surface.

A more expensive and technological approach involves using BlueTooth technology. This typically involves mounting a device in your RV that will communicate with your phone or another device. You may find it more convenient because instead of getting out of your truck while parking, you can simply open an app and maneuver the RV to find an ideal spot.

Why Is It So Important to Have Your RV Level?

The levelness of your RV is not something you should take lightly. It’s more important than you might realize. Let’s take a look at why you should be as precise as possible when parking your RV. 

Tips and tricks for leveling and stabilizing your RV.


You might think if the levelness of your RV is off by an inch or two, you won’t notice. However, the longer your RV is, the more likely you will recognize it. 

Being unlevel can make it difficult to walk around, lay in bed, or open and close doors and cabinets. You might overlook the discomfort for a quick overnight stop, but you’ll want to make you level it for each camping trip.

Refrigerator Safety

Most RV refrigerators need gravity to help with the ammonia liquid entering the condenser fins and evaporator coils. This helps make sure the cooling process occurs efficiently and avoids premature wear and tear. However, being more than a few degrees unlevel can be unsafe for you and your RV fridge.

When unlevel, the system will have trouble cooling, which can cause the components to heat up. This process not only risks damaging your expensive RV refrigerator but also ruining any food inside.

Proper Slide and Door Operation

The critical components that allow your slides and doors to function correctly require your RV to be level. The supports that help guide your slides out often need a balanced pressure to avoid binding or malfunctions.

Additionally, you may even notice that your doors will have trouble opening and closing. This can occur even being slightly out of alignment. The frame may not sit right, and it can cause doors to stick, or you have to slam them to close.

A man helps his wife down the steps to exit their RV.

Is It Hard to Level an RV?

Leveling your RV is a skill that you’ll likely improve the more you practice. Luckily, this means you’ve now got an excuse to take your RV out for some adventures. You can get other tools like blocks and other accessories that can make leveling your RV incredibly easy.

Pro Tip: Leveling blocks help account for uneven ground and are customizable to the height you need under each tire. Check out a side-by-side comparison of Camco and Lynx levelers.

However, having an RV with an auto-leveling system means you can often push a button and let your RV do all the hard work. Keep in mind that even if you have an auto-level system, you should still park as level as possible before initiating it. 

5 Best RV Levels Reviewed

When you need to set up your rig, you don’t want just any RV level — you want the best. Let’s take a look at five of the best RV levels available.

1. LevelMatePRO

LogicBlue Technology LevelMatePRO+ Wireless RV Leveling System, Bluetooth Leveler for Campers, Must-Have Accessory for Travel Trailers, Effortless Setup for Phones with App, Apple Watch Compatible
  • FUSS-FREE LEVELING: LevelMatePRO+ is an essential RV accessory that saves you time for leveling. It provides real-time...
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Simply mount this device in your vehicle with the included screws. LevelMatePRO app compatible with iOS...

About: The LevelMatePRO is a premium BlueTooth leveler. You typically see these for around $180, but you may find them worth the investment, especially if you struggle to get your RV level.

No longer will you have to get out of your vehicle to check and see if you did a good job. You’ll have all the information you need in the palm of your hand.

How It Works: The LevelmatePRO requires that you mount hardware inside your RV. This is relatively simple, and you can do it in minutes. You can then calibrate the device to help it learn what level looks like for your RV. From then on, you can open up the app on your phone or Apple Watch when you arrive at your campsite.

The app will tell you the current state of your RV. It will even inform you how many inches off you are, which can help you know how many leveling blocks you need to add to the low side of your RV. This system eliminates the time-consuming guessing game that often occurs when you arrive to set up at a campsite.

Keep in Mind: Since this product is on the pricier side, we dedicated a entire article to the pros and cons of the LevelMatePRO so you can decide if it’s right for you.

2. BEST Vertical and Horizontal RV Level

TUFF Level Tool Shatterproof, Waterproof, Durable Cross Check T Level For RV Leveling, Motorhome, Camping - Trailer, Construction, Hobby - Spirit Bubble Level - 2-Way Leveler Accessories - USA
  • ► DURABLE ◄ Shatterproof, waterproof, unbreakable design made to withstand harsh environments.
  • ► VERSATILE ◄ Great for leveling RVs, campers, trailer tongues or hitches, large tools, tripods, cameras, pictures,...

About: If you want a budget-friendly option, it doesn’t get much better than this. The Tuff Cross Check Bubble Level typically costs less than $10, and many RVers love it. This durable and versatile tool can easily mount to almost every RV. It’s also shatterproof, waterproof, and unbreakable, which means it can likely handle whatever your RVing adventures throw at it.

How It Works: These bubble levels come with mounting screws or with adhesive to practically any surface. Put them in a convenient location to know when you’ve reached level while setting up your RV. 

Many people mount one to two corners of their RV or near the tongue jack of their travel trailer. Choosing where you mount these makes them an excellent option.

3. Wheel Masters Level Master

WHEELMASTER Wheel Masters 6700 Level Master
  • Dimensions: 11" x 2 3/4"
  • All-in-one RV level

About: If you like the idea of not having to get out of the driver’s seat while leveling, the Wheel Masters 6700 Level Master may be for you. This system works with all sorts of RVs and trailers and only takes minutes to install. If that’s not enough to love, the $30 or so price tag will have you loving it even more.

How It Works: Use a standard level to confirm your RV is level front to back and side to side. Next, mount the Level Master in a viewable location from the driver’s seat. Then make the proper adjustments so the Level Master reflects the levelness of your RV. 

You can then glance at the level from the driver’s seat while backing your RV into a spot and make any adjustments to find the best position. It’s a straightforward tool that can have a significant impact on your RVing experience.

A yellow leveling block underneath the front tires of an RV parked on rocky terrain.

4. Lev-o-Gage Level

Sun Company Lev-o-gage II - RV Levels (2-Pack) - Made in USA | Leveling System for RV, Camper, or Pop Up Trailer | High Visibility Ball Level (No Bubble)
  • Ideal Tilt Reading - Each gauge monitors tilt from -10 to 10 degrees. Brass ball rides in special damping fluid for...
  • Easy to Read Display - Brass ball indicators in bright Saturn yellow tube assembly provide higher visibility than...

About: The Lev-o-Gage reads the levelness of an RV up to -10 to +10 degrees. It’s tough and durable, perfect for the open road. You don’t have to worry about it coming off while traveling as it uses 3M VHB tape to keep them in place. 

You can place them in an easy-to-see location and know that they’ll be ready to help you level when you arrive at a campsite. At $25 for a pack of two, it’s hard to beat a product like this that does the job so well.

How It Works: The Lev-o-Gage levelers use brass ball indicators in a yellow tube so you can easily see them. This helps you avoid guessing whether you’re off or not. You’ll quickly and accurately know how you need to adjust your RV with this tool. Plus, you can mount them in the most convenient location for you.

5. Camco Retro Style Bubble Levels

Camco Retro RV Level, 2 Pack - Provides Front-to-Back or Side-to-Side Leveling of your RV - Can be Screw-Mounted or Mounted with the Provided Double-Sided Foam Tape - Includes (2) Levels (25520),White
  • An Essential RV Leveling Tool: Allows for front-to-back and side-to-side RV leveling
  • Measurements: 2. 60-inches (L) x 1. 58-inches (W) x . 56-inches (H)

About: Camco is no stranger when it comes to RV accessories. The Camco Retro Style Bubble Levels are just one of the many quality products made by Camco.

These budget-friendly levelers come in the shape of campers, and you can easily mount them on any flat surface on your RV with adhesive or screws. You’ll typically find these for less than $10. Plus, they’re UV stabilized, so you won’t have to worry about the sun damaging them over time.

How It Works: The Camco Retro RV levels mount to your rig. These levelers will likely require an additional set of eyes or for you to get out of your vehicle, but they work well. Position your RV until the bubble sits in the center of the retro-style RV, and then get ready to enjoy your next adventure.

Using the Best Level for the Best Experience

Leveling your RV is incredibly important. With so many tools and aids available, you don’t have to worry. If you struggle with getting your RV level and comfortable, give one of these best RV levels a try and see if it helps. 

We can’t understate how much easier leveling your RV becomes the more you do it. So get out there and enjoy your RV and practice it as often as you can. What tips do you have for leveling your RV? 

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  1. With any of the leveling systems cited in the article, it should be noted, you MUST level and confirm levelness, BEFORE installing the leveling indicators or systems.

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