LevelMatePRO Leveling System Review

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An RV is parked on a grassy hill next to a stunning glacier lake set in the mountains. By using a levelmate pro they can ensure that their RV is level and secure.

An RV that isn’t sitting level isn’t merely uncomfortable — it can also be harmful. Leveling your RV protects the longevity of your vehicle’s slide mechanisms and allows refrigerators running on propane to run efficiently. Let’s examine how the LevelMatePRO can make leveling your RV easier than ever before.

LevelMatePRO Overview

LevelMatePRO LogicBlue Technology - Wireless RV Leveling System, Bluetooth Leveler for Campers, Must-have Accessory for Travel Trailers, Effortless Setup for Phones with App
  • FUSS-FREE LEVELING: LevelMatePRO is an essential RV accessory that saves you time for leveling. It provides real-time...
  • SIMPLE SETUP: Simply mount this device in your vehicle with the included screws. LevelMatePRO app compatible with iOS...

The LevelMatePRO helps you accurately level your RV. Mount the LevelMatePRO inside your RV, and you’ll get data via BlueTooth. 

You can monitor how level your parking spot is as you pull in, which is especially great for boondocking. The LevelMatePRO serves as the perfect partner to leveling blocks.

Why Would You Need a Leveling System?

Leveling your RV provides more comfort and protects the longevity of your vehicle. When your RV sits askew, things like propane appliances may not run as efficiently. Propane refrigerators, in particular, can struggle to keep things cool when the whole RV isn’t level. 

The LevelMatePRO also has an app that shows you how level your RV is sitting. You won’t even need to leave your vehicle. Be assured you’re parked levelly before you ever turn off the engine.

Our Favorite Features

The LevelMatePRO offers many features RVers love. Here are a few of our favorites.

Accurate to 0.1 Degrees

Even an inch can make a difference when you’re trying to get your RV level. The LevelMatePRO is accurate to 0.1 degrees. That’s an incredible degree of accuracy and precision.

Works with RVs, Trailers, and Fifth Wheels

The LevelMatePRO can meet the needs of a wide variety of travelers. Whether you travel in a fifth wheel, trailer, or other RV, this leveler can help you get a comfortable and secure spot.

Installation Is Simple 

The simple installation process requires very few tools. Just use a vertical surface inside your RV, such as a wall. Make sure the arrows on the label point at the ceiling. You’ll also want to be sure you get your vehicle perfectly level so you can set the initial calibration.

Evaluate Your Site Before You Park

Finding the most level spot for your boondocking site has never been easier. Maneuver your RV around your campsite to find the most efficient placement possible. You can scope out the landscape before settling down anywhere.


The LevelMatePRO requires batteries, which some users find inconvenient. Forgetting to turn it off after setting up camp can kill your battery. The PRO+ can charge via USB, but it’s more expensive.

Alternatives to the LevelMatePRO

The battery requirement and cost put some people off of this product. Here are a few alternatives that might suit some RVers better.

Camco EZ Level

Camco Camper / RV EZ Level - Features Illuminated Indicator Lights & Automatic Shut-Off Function when Not In-Use - Includes Pre-Installed On/Off Switch (25505), Black
  • PROVIDES FAST & EASY RV LEVELING: This RV leveling system allows you to level both axes simultaneously.
  • ILLUMINATED INDICATOR LIGHTS: Easy to read indicator lights provide the leveling status: green means level; red...

Camco’s EZ Level costs about $100 less than the LevelMatePRO. However, the EZ Level doesn’t work with an app and doesn’t mount like the LevelMate. Place the EZ Level in the middle of the RV and adjust the vehicle until all the unit’s lights turn green. It doesn’t provide more detailed information than those green lights and might be tough to use in things like fifth wheels. However, it can be a good budget option.

If you’re struggling to level your RV when setting up camp, the LevelMatePRO could be the solution. Would you consider the LevelMate for getting your RV level?

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