10 Useful RV Products Under $10

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You’ve just purchased your first RV and are looking to pick up products to make your travel safe and enjoyable. You’re probably going to find out that you’ll need some expensive items like anti-sway bars or a weight-distribution hitch for a travel trailer.

However, don’t fret! There are other useful RV products under $10. Let’s take a look at a few of these cheaper items.

These are the top 10 helpful, inexpensive RV accessories purchased by RVers that we’ve recommended from Amazon.

These RV Products Are Less Than $10, But You’ll Use Them All the Time

Sometimes you have to spend a big chunk of change to purchase items needed for RV travel. Thankfully, not all products are expensive. In fact, here are 10 items you can pick up at Walmart or order from Amazon that are less than $10.

1. Sewer Hose Seal

Camco 4" x 3" Sewer Hose Seal | Connects Directly on RV Sewer Hose for an Odor Proof Connection to Dump Station | Black (39313)
  • Connects directly on RV Sewer Hose for an odor proof connection to dump station
  • Works with the grey water seal

Grab one of these sewer hose seals to minimize the odor when you dump your black tank. This seal attaches to the sewer hose and connects to the dump station. Made by Camco, this product will help make those early morning trips to empty your tanks a bit less stinky.

2. Electric Tongue Jack Cover

Electric Tongue Jack Cover, BougeRV 600D Universal Trailer RV Electric Tongue Jack Protective Cover (Size 14″H x 5″W x 10″D)…
  • Quality: The 600D polyester fabric offers high tear strength. Constructed from 600D waterproof Oxford fabric, the...
  • Feature: An adjustable drawstring with a barrel cord lock on both sides ensures the jack cover holds securely in place....

One of the best ways to protect your electric tongue jack on your travel trailer is by keeping it covered. This waterproof cover resists fading, is made of durable material, and has a double drawstring design.

Although it’s always a good idea to measure before purchasing, this electric tongue jack cover offers a universal fit. Protect your tongue jack from weathering and sun damage by grabbing a cover the next time you’re at your favorite camping store.

3. RV Refrigerator Bar

Camco 28" Double RV Refrigerator Bar, Holds Food and Drinks in Place During Travel, Prevents Messy Spills, Spring Loaded and Extends Between 16" and 28" - White (44073)
  • Keep order in the RV refrigerator and cupboards during travel.Fit Type: Universal Fit
  • Spring loaded bars keep items in place

Keep your refrigerator items and cupboard items safe during transport by grabbing a few of these bars. Spring-loaded for easy install, these bars extend from 16 inches to 28 inches to fit most spaces.

The double bar design provides added stability and protection. No one wants to open their refrigerator door after a long travel day to have a jar of pickles fall out and spill all over the floor.

Pro Tip: Use these storage ideas to organize your RV kitchen for the last time.

4. RV Water Pressure Regulator

Camco Brass Camper / RV Water Pressure Regulator – Protects RV Kitchen Small Appliances, Plumbing & Hoses – Reduces RV Water Pressure to Safe & Consistent 40-50 PSI – Drinking Water Safe (40055)
  • PROTECTS RV/MARINE PLUMBING: Keep your RV/marine plumbing safe with this brass Camco water pressure regulator. Safeguard...
  • AUTOMATIC PIPE BURST PROTECTION: Ensure your pipes are safe using the built-in PSI Guard, preset at 40-50 PSI for...

Another item by Camco, this RV water pressure regulator is essential for protecting your pipes. This product reduces the water pressure going from the city water pedestal at a campground to your RV.

Most RVs are rated for a certain psi, but sometimes the psi coming from the pedestal is greater than what your pipes can handle, which can cause your pipes to burst. A water pressure regulator should be one of the first items you purchase for any RV to prevent damage.

5. RV Gray Tank Deodorizer

Camco TST Camper / RV Grey Water Odor Control - Features Septic Safe Biodegradable Formula - Removes Grease Build-Up in Black Water Tank, Sink & Shower Drains - Fresh Lemon Scent, 32-oz Bottle (40252)
  • RV Waste Water Holding Tank Treatment: Removes grease buildup in your grey water tank, sink and shower drain lines
  • Grey Water Holding Tank Deodorizer: Eliminates foul odors

Odors can come from any of your drains. Grab a bottle of gray tank deodorizer to eliminate these odors and reduce grease build-up. The fresh lemon scent adds a clean smell and feel to your RV, and you only have to use four ounces per 40-gallon tank, so one bottle will last a good while.

6. RV Sewer Wrench

Camco RhinoFLEX 6-in-1 RV Sewer Wrench | Compatible with 3-Inch and 4-Inch Male or Female Sewer Clean-out Plugs, Slotted or Flush Sewer Plugs, and All Camco 4-in-1 Adapters (39755)
  • Universal 6-in-1 Tool: Allows you to easily loosen and remove any RV dump station cap; Can also be used for residential...
  • Compatibility: Works with 3-inch and 4-inch male or female sewer cleanout plugs, slotted or flush sewer plugs, and all...

Have you ever pulled up to a site to find that you can’t open the sewer plug to hook up your sewer hose? This RV sewer wrench is a six-in-one tool that helps you loosen almost any plug.

You can open male, female, or slotted plugs with this wrench. Make setting up and connecting your sewer hose easier by picking up one of these tools for under $10.

Pro Tip: We have 20 RV sewer accessories that just might get you pumped about avoiding smells and accidents.

7. RV Dogbone Adapter: 30-Amp to 15-Amp

Camco Camper / RV Dogbone Electrical Adapter - Features 15-Amp Male (NEMA 5-15P) & 30-Amp Female (NEMA TT-30R) - Rated for 125 Volts/1875 Watts & Crafted w/Copper 10/3-Gauge Wires (55165)
  • CONVERTS ELECTRICAL CONNECTION TYPE: Easily hookup your 30-amp RV to a campground's power pedestal or an at-home 15-amp...
  • HIGH CONDUCTIVITY: Rated for 125 volts/1875 watts, the RV power adapter features 100% copper 10/3-gauge wires for...

The PowerGrip handle of this dogbone adapter makes connecting and disconnecting your electrical cord easier. You can also count on the safety of this adapter because of its flame-retardant coating and heat-resistant PVC sleeve. Easily convert your power from 30 amps to 15 amps for a safe overnight stay.

8. RV Sewer Hose Rinse Valve

Camco RV Sewer Hose Rinse Cap | Features a Convenient Shut-Off Valve for Water Flow Control, Firmly Locks onto the RV Sewer Hose Bayonet Fitting, and Rinses RV Sewer Hose Before Storage (39533)
  • Thoroughly rinses your RV sewer hose before storage
  • Firmly locks onto the RV sewer hose bayonet fitting and connects to a garden hose

You can’t have enough products to help with emptying your tanks. This sewer hose rinse valve connects your sewer hose to a garden hose. After you dump your gray and black tanks, you’ll want to rinse out the sewer hose before storing it. Make that job easier by using this valve. The powerful spray helps clean the sewer hose and get rid of any lingering odors.

9. RV Blow Out Plug for Winterizing

Camco RV Brass Blow Out Plug | Helps Clear Your RV's Water Lines During Winterization and Dewinterization (36153)
  • Helps clear the water lines in your RV during winterization and dewinterization
  • Built with brass

This RV blow out plug helps with the winterizing process. Leftover water in your water lines can dilute the antifreeze and make it less effective.

Drain your water lines first before attaching the plug to your city water inlet. Then you can go through the winterizing process of blowing out your water lines. Camco offers four different styles of blow out plugs, all for under $10.

Keep in Mind: If you need a bit more help with the winterizing process, we’ve found 5 of the best winterizing kits to help you get the job done.

10. RV T Level 

The cheapest item on the list is this RV T Level. Screw mounted to your RV or mounted using adhesive, this T Level will assist with the leveling process both side-to-side and front-to-back. And at only 1.625 inches by 2.25 inches, it won’t take up much space.

Travel trailer parked in a friends level backyard with camp chairs and lights out front.

Save Time and Money with These RV Products

All of these items will save you both time and money. Quickly set up your RV with the T Level, dogbone adapter, and sewer wrench. Help maintain and protect your RV with the blow out plug, water pressure regulator, and electric tongue jack cover. And make your RV travel more enjoyable with the gray tank deodorizer, sewer hose rinse valve, refrigerator bar, and sewer hose seal.

If you go to Walmart and pick up all of these items or add all of these items to your Amazon cart, you’ll spend less than $100. Which of these items just made it onto your shopping list? Do you have any additional cheap buys to share?

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