RV Storage Ideas for the Kitchen

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RV kitchen storage ideas

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Well, it finally happened.

After full-time RV living for ten months, I was fed up with how unorganized our kitchen was! Our pantry and cupboards were a downright mess.

When you literally cringe every time you open the pantry, you know it’s time for some RV organization accessories.

Like any internet-addicted millennial, I turned to Pinterest for RV storage ideas and RV organization hacks.

While I do enjoy a good cleaning and reorganization session, I also enjoy quick and easy solutions.

Here’s what I did to efficiently (and cheaply!) organize my RV cupboards and pantry.

Unorganized pantry before
Our awful mess of a pantry

First, I wanted to protect the bottom of our shelves from additional wear and tear so I purchased grip shelf liners.

Smart Design Bonded Grip Shelf Liner - 12 Inch x 10 Feet - Non Adhesive, Strong Grip Bottom, Easy Clean Kitchen Drawer, Cabinet, Cupboard Dresser Protector Cover, Non Slip Rubber Mat - Fleur Gris
  • SHELF LINERS - With amazing color and design, add style to freshen up your shelves, drawers, and closets
  • FEATURES - Protects Shelves, Drawers, and Flat Surfaces from everyday wear and tear. Wipes Clean - Grips on Contact -...

I chose a cute white and gray pattern that matched the colors in our kitchen. I always meant to put some in before we moved into the RV but never got around to it. I’m so glad I finally did because they brighten up the darker cabinets and hold things in place, which is pretty important when your house moves.

Second, our pantry shelves are pretty tall so I knew we needed to maximize that with some expandable shelves.

Seville Classics Iron Slat Expandable Kitchen Counter and Cabinet Shelf, Platinum
  • Dimensions: 15.75" to 30" W x 9.4" D x 5.7" H
  • Adjustable from 15.75" to 30" wide

I was so sick of our food piling up on top of each other in the pantry and these shelves were the perfect addition. Now everything has a place!

The third RV organization hack I decided to try was switching my flour and sugar to airtight food storage containers.

I’ve heard these are great for preventing unwelcome rodents and insects into your RV but the real reason I decided to switch was because of humidity. We’re exploring parts of the United States that have really high humidity levels and I noticed that was making my sugar hard. These containers definitely solved that for me!

The fourth (and probably my favorite) RV organization accessory purchase was the lazy Susan turntable!

OXO Good Grips Lazy Susan Turntable, 16-Inch
  • Soft, non-slip lip for easy turning
  • Larger base prevents interference with surrounding items and walls

Honestly, I have no idea why but I hated lazy susans before. My family never even owned one so I have no idea where this bias came from, but I’m glad I got over it. This little gadget is so awesome and completely fixed my problem of hunting down the flavor of Crystal Light I want.

Airtight containers and a lazy susan
Airtight containers on the left and the lazy Susan on the right

The fifth RV organization accessory I purchased was a 2-tier corner plate organizer.

Seville Classics 2-Tier Corner Shelf Counter and Cabinet Organizer, Platinum
  • Dimensions: 10.23" W x 10" D x 8.58" H
  • 2 Ventilated Tiers

This thing is awesome! It prevents the plates from sliding around while towing the RV and gives me more shelf space for our coffee mugs (and yes, we are addicted to buying coffee mugs).

I know the top shelf doesn’t look much better but I did get rid of some water bottles we’ve never used and organized the order of things.

It’s actually important to have your shelves full because it prevents slipping and sliding while moving. I call it the “cram it full method” and it totally works.

Cupboard before and after
Before and after with shelf lining and dish tier

The last RV storage idea I found (and quickly became obsessed with) was an expandable spice shelf.

mDesign Plastic Adjustable, Expandable Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry, Shelf Organizer/Spice Rack with 3 Tiered Levels of Storage for Spice Bottles, Jars, Seasonings, Baking Supplies - White
  • 3 TIERS: The compact, tiered design provides plenty of storage space; Use it to store herbs, spices, curries, seeds,...
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR SPACE: Create more space in cluttered kitchen cabinets, shelves and pantries with this highly functional...

It allows me to see all of my spices and vitamins since it is tiered. Because it is expandable it fits perfectly across the entire cupboard, allowing me to use all of the space.

I also picked up some expandable tension rods to go across the cupboard so our spices and vitamins don’t fall while we’re traveling.

Expandable spice rack
Fits perfectly!

Well, what do you think of the before and after?!

I’m completely in love with all of these RV organization hacks and think our cupboards and pantry look 1000x better than before.

Now I can’t stop looking around our fifth wheel wondering what other RV storage ideas I can use…

What are some of your favorite RV storage organization tips and tricks?

Pantry Before and After
So much better!

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  1. Wife is going to love the expandable kitchen shelf. She was commenting on what to do with our overhead corner space. I think this and the other metal shelf will work great. Surprise, surprise! lol

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