Who Will Do RV Warranty Work?

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Uh oh. Your RV is broken! Now what?! Who will do your RV warranty work? Well, there are a few different options for getting RV warranty repair work done.

RV Dealerships

Most RV dealerships have a service center attached. They are the first people you should look at when considering who will do your RV warranty work. Depending on the dealership, they may either be the fastest at getting your warranty work done or the slowest.

Purchasing RV Dealer

Line of RVs at an RV dealership

The first choice would be the dealer where you purchased the RV, travel trailer, or 5th wheel. They have a relationship with you and should want to keep you happy.

Their service center and customer service personnel should provide a more streamlined experience as they are familiar with you and your specific RV and have a relationship with the manufacturer.

However, what if you aren’t close to your dealership either originally or due to a problem while on the road?

RV Dealerships Carrying Your Brand

Other dealers that sell your RV brand near where you are located can also do the warranty repair work, as they are reimbursed for warranty work from the manufacturer.

Some dealerships will lie and say they won’t work on units unless you bought from them. Most manufacturers require dealerships that carry their brand to complete warranty work.

However, you may not be at the front of the priority line. Prepare to push and talk directly with the manufacturer if you need to.

RV Dealerships Who Don’t Sell Your Brand

Sometimes dealerships that don’t sell your brand can do the work, but this is rarer. If you have an issue that is common across brands (such as electrical or plumbing), perhaps the dealership closest to where you are can help you. For instance, Lazy Days in Tampa, FL will do warranty work on any brand of travel trailer or RV.

Before allowing a non-brand dealership or service center to do work, make sure you can get it taken care of and that the work will be covered by your manufacturer. You don’t want to have pay out of pocket for the repair. 

Authorized RV Service Centers

Waiting to get warranty work done at the Grand Design Service Center, an authorized repair center.

If you are struggling to find somewhere to help with repairs, authorized service centers are another option, especially if you are not near a dealership.

If you call your manufacturer, they will have a list of service centers that they trust to do warranty work. These can be dealerships or independent repair shops.

Before getting work done, make sure that both the repair shop and the manufacturer are going to stand behind the warranty repair and the cost.

Independent RV Repair Shops

Route 66 Auto & RV Repair sign of an independent RV repair shop

Independent RV repair shops are all over the country, and some will also handle warranty work. Due to the different procedures with the manufacturers, this can be a laborious task for the repair shop, so they may only accept extended warranties.

Depending on what needs to be repaired and where you are located, an independent shop may be easier to find and can get you back using your repaired RV!

In conclusion, be sure to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions of your RV warranty and extended warranty. Hopefully, you won’t have a major repair, but there are many options to get your RV back on the road!

If you are not mechanical like us, you might consider checking out if an extended RV warranty is right for you.

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