Where to Get Your Propane Refilled on the Road

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Filling a 30 lb propane tank at a local propane supplier

Running out of propane while traveling can be a nightmare. Not only could it cause you to shiver through the night, but it also could cause your food to spoil.

To avoid such a disastrous event, you must first arm yourself with some knowledge. Doing so can help you know where to run when you empty your tanks.

Today, we’ll share some of the best places to try when refilling your propane.

Let’s get going!

What Is Propane?

Propane is a colorless and odorless gas that is extremely flammable. It’s a byproduct of the processing of natural gas and refining crude oil. Consumers like it because it’s a clean-burning fuel for various applications.

It is most commonly used as a fuel source for furnaces, boilers, and space heaters. It’s incredibly efficient at generating heat when burned. Whether in a tiny RV or a massive luxury mansion, propane can help you stay cozy. 

However, while on the road in our RVs, we’ve also used it for cooking, heating water, and refrigeration. Like a child and their security blanket, we take propane everywhere during our adventures.

Taking a hot shower and eating a delicious meal wouldn’t have been nearly as possible without it.

Should You Exchange or Refill Propane Tanks?

While propane exchange programs are convenient and widely available, they’re not always the best deal. You’re typically paying a premium price per gallon for the convenience. In addition to paying a heftier cost, you risk not getting a full tank during the exchange. 

Refilling your propane is typically the most cost-effective option. If you’re using propane regularly, this will be your best bet. Those with smaller tanks can haul them to the supplier to get them filled. You only pay for what goes into your tank.

Rae is turning propane on since the other tank on our RV is empty

How Do You Know When to Refill Your Propane?

There are several ways for you to know when to refill your propane. You can weigh the tank, use an ultrasonic tank gauge like the one below, or try a few DIY tricks.

However, the most obvious sign that you need to refill your propane is when the propane appliances aren’t functioning. This is typically your furnace and only seems to happen in the middle of the night.

Those with multiple propane tanks in their RV can use a popular method to avoid running completely out. To use this method, you only open one tank at a time. When the tank is empty, you close it and open the full tank.

You can restore propane and crawl back into bed. However, make sure to refill the empty tank as soon as possible to not end up with two empty tanks. 

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Where to Get Your Propane Refilled on the Road

Finding a place to refill your propane on the road can be tricky, especially in less populated areas. However, you can find numerous sites nationwide to top off your tanks. Here are some great places to consider for refilling a propane tank.


With approximately 600 locations, Costco is one option for refilling your propane. Unfortunately, not all of their stores offer the service, and you must be a member to purchase propane. As a result, we strongly recommend that you call the location before hauling your empty tanks to them.

However, like many other things, refilling your propane at Costco can help you save money. Like other fuel types, Costco passes its bulk savings onto its customers. Prices vary considerably across the country, but Costco is often one of the cheapest.

Gas Stations

During our travels, we’ve found gas stations with propane refill stations everywhere. Unfortunately, there was no rhyme or reason behind which stations had them and which didn’t. Occasionally, we would top off our propane tanks if we pulled into a gas station that offered the service.

Instead of crossing your fingers to find a gas station with propane refill services, you can use the AllStays app. It lets you view the map and filter results to locations offering propane services.

The only disadvantage is that it relies on user-submitted data. It will only appear if someone has labeled or put the place into the database.

filling a 30lb propane tank at a gas station

Local Hardware Stores

Another consistent spot we’ve found to refill our propane while on the road has been at local hardware stores like Ace Hardware and True Value. These smaller operations often have refill stations available. Again, you should verify that they offer refill services, not just exchange programs.

However, we encourage you to confirm the pricing. Some of our RVing friends visited a local hardware store to refill their tanks. One tank was empty, and the other was approximately half full.

This location charged a flat rate based on the tank size, assuming the tank was empty. As a result, our friends paid for two full tanks instead of one and a half.

Pro Tip: Save money on RV parts and supplies by shopping at these stores!


Propane refill stations are common in some campgrounds. You’ll likely find them at RV parks and resorts, not state parks. One benefit of these locations is that they can be easy to navigate in an RV. You won’t have to worry nearly as much about finding a parking space or getting in and out of a tiny parking lot.

Additionally, remember you typically don’t have to stay at the campground to get your propane refilled there. There have been numerous times when we’ve been boondocking and running low on propane.

We took an empty tank to a nearby campground with a refill station, and they were more than happy to fill it up.

Keep in Mind: So how does an RV propane system work? Let’s take a look!

Residential Propane Suppliers

The final place on our list to get your propane refilled while on the road is at a residential propane supplier. Popular suppliers include AmeriGas, Ferrellgas, and Suburban Propane. However, before hauling your tanks to their office, you’ll want to call them.

Some of these locations are small, family-run operations that serve the local community. Depending on their process, they may require you to bring your empty tanks by a particular time. In addition, they may request you to come back to pick them up at the end of the day. However, these can provide excellent pricing and customer service.

Prices of propane fills at a local propane supplier

Keep Your Propane Tanks Full While Traveling

Trust us, you want to avoid running out of propane. We’ve been there and done that. However, you can prevent the nightmare by visiting the locations we’ve shared with you today. Just make sure you ask the right questions and confirm that you’re not getting ripped off like our friends did.

Where do you get your propane tanks refilled?

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  1. You should have mentioned Tractor Supply as it is a national chain, priced right, and you can find a store by looking on the web.

  2. Tractor Supply always has fair pricing for the area they are located in and you only pay for the gallons you receive, not the “full tank” price according to your tank size. Make sure to view their parking lots ahead of time to be sure that you can navigate it with you rig.

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