4 Reasons You Should Consider Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailers

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lightweight travel trailer on a scale with a feather on the otherside. The feather is showing as heavier.

The task of towing a large, heavy travel trailer to your destination may seem quite daunting to most people. Add that to the necessity of purchasing a heavy-duty truck to tow the trailer, and most people discard the idea of camping as something they could never do. Thankfully, there are other options on the market today. Here are four reasons you should consider an ultra lightweight travel trailer:

Easy to tow and maneuver

Most people are not comfortable pulling a large travel trailer down the road, particularly when it comes to stopping for gas and food or backing into your campsite.

These trailers also require large trucks with powerful engines to do the towing. This is reason enough for many people to consider purchasing a lightweight camper.

The ultra-lightweight travel trailers are smaller and much easier to maneuver. Many of these are in the 12 to 14 feet range and weigh around 1,200 pounds.

These can easily be towed with a medium-duty truck or SUV, and some can even be towed with a 4-cylinder engine. Stopping for gas or backing into your campsite is a breeze due to the shorter length. You will be comfortable pulling one of these in no time!

Rich in Features

You may think that because these travel trailers are smaller and lightweight, they don’t include many features. However, that is not the case! Most of the lightweight floorplans on the market today include nearly all of the features of a larger travel trailer, and, in some cases, some new and innovative features!

Nearly all of the ultra-lightweight models include essential items like a bed, kitchen, furnace, and bathroom. But wait until you hear what some of the additional features include.

Many of these small campers now come standard with a refrigerator, roof-mounted A/C, television, and solar-heated shower. You can even find models with a bunkroom or a built-in pet kennel!

Gone are the days of the smaller travel trailers being so stripped-down that they are little more than a tent on wheels. Today’s ultra-lightweight travel trailers have just as many features as their larger counterparts. They are great for the solo camper or those traveling with friends and family.


While some people can spend upwards of 6-figures on a luxury RV, most people are looking to save money when it comes to buying a mini camper trailer.

This makes an ultra-lightweight travel trailer an excellent option for your budget. You can negotiate some of these trailers down to less than $10k, and many others are in the $12k-$15k range. This allows you to get on the road without breaking the bank.

ultra lightweight travel trailer parked on amazing campsite with lake and mountains in the background

Get the Best Camping Spot

The smaller size of these tiny trailers comes with some additional advantages. One of those advantages is being able to camp in spots that others cannot fit especially in national parks.

In many campgrounds, this allows you to get the best spots available. That may be on the peak of the mountaintop or backed in next to the stream in the valley.

Either way, with one of these tow behind campers you’ll be waking up to the best views in the park and getting the best experience out of your adventure.

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