What Are the Best 12V Lights for Your RV?

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Your RV experience gets better with 12V lights. You can keep the lights on whether you’re on battery power or hooked up to electricity. That’s why we wanted to recommend the most efficient 12V lights on the market. Keep reading to learn more and find out which are the best for your RV. 

What Are 12V Lights for Your RV? 

Twelve-volt lights are low-voltage and can run directly on your deep cycle RV battery. So as long as your battery stays charged, you’ll have light. They also draw less power than regular bulbs. For even greater energy efficiency, try LED 12V lights. 

What Are the Different Types of 12V Lights? 

There are several different types of 12V lights. Here are brief descriptions of each to give you an idea of which you may prefer.


Incandescent light bulbs are “regular light bulbs” that have been around for years. They use quite a bit of energy and don’t last very long. They’re highly inefficient as about 90 percent of the energy they use goes to heat rather than light. There are much more efficient and long-lasting light bulbs out there now. 

Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) 

CFL has been around for years and is an energy-efficient replacement for incandescent light bulbs. They come in a variety of wattages, colors, and sizes.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) 

LED bulbs are the lowest wattage light source. An LED light uses 75% less energy than an incandescent light bulb and lasts 50,000 hours–50 times longer than incandescent and 10 times longer than CFLs. 


A halogen light bulb is similar to an incandescent bulb. The technology is related, but the halogen bulb has a small amount of halogen gas inside. As a result, it lasts longer and is brighter than incandescent.

What Is the Best Type of 12V Light for Your RV? 

We recommend LED 12V lights. They’re safe, eco-friendly, and draw little power while providing bright lighting. There are also two options for brightness–typically called soft white and daylight/bright. Most people opt for soft white inside their homes and bright on the exterior.

As mentioned previously, LEDs are more efficient and last longer. They’re also typically brighter than other types of lights, so you’ll have better lighting both inside and outside your RV. 

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Our 12V RV Light Recommendations 

You can find LED 12V lights in most box stores and hardware stores, but Amazon is an easy place to search. We recommend the following five 12V lights for an RV.

GRB Super Bright 12V Ceiling Dome RV Light 

The Super Bright 12V RV Ceiling Dome Light is a direct replacement for 912, 921, and 922 halogen bulbs.

One bulb has 38 individual LED chipsets for better light emission. It measures a 3.8W power draw producing 600 lumens, which is equivalent to a 40W halogen bulb. 

Kohree 12V LED RV Ceiling Dome Light 

Kohree 12V Led 640LM RV Ceiling Double Dome Light RV Interior Lighting for Trailer Camper with ON/OFF Switch, Natural White 4000-4500K, 48X5050SMD
  • 💡HIGH QUALITY & RELIABLE PERFORMANCE: The Kohree RV lights interior is made of superior quality heat-resistant...
  • 💡EASY INSTALLATION: The Kohree camper ceiling light has 2 two wires without polarity and comes with nuts and screws...

The Kohree 12V LED RV Ceiling Dome Light has a life expectancy of more than 60,000 hours. It comes with two wires without polarity as well as nuts and screws for mounting.

The Kohree has a built-in three-way switch so that you can use one or both sides of the light. It draws 6W of power.

Leisure LED Double Dome RV Ceiling Light

Leisure LED 5 Pack RV LED Ceiling Double Dome Light Fixture ON/Off Switch Interior Lighting for Car/RV/Trailer/Camper/Boat DC 11-18V Natural White 4000-4500K 48X2835SMD (Natural White 4000-4500K, 5)
  • 5 Pack Leisure LED Double Dome Light Fixture 550 Lumens 48 2835SMD leds 11-18V Super Bright. Dimensions: 11 1/4"L x 5"W...
  • High Quality Material and Reliable Performance : this CE and RoHs approved double dome light has a life expectancy of...

The Leisure LED Double Dome RV Ceiling Light is heat-resistant and anti-corrosive. It has a life expectancy of more than 60,000 hours and draws 6-watts of power.

With a built-in three-way switch, you can turn on one side or both independently. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Acegoo Recessed Ceiling LED Panel

acegoo RV Boat Recessed Ceiling Light 4 Pack Super Slim LED Panel Light DC 12V 3W Full Aluminum Downlights, Cool White (Silver)
  • Super Slim - Ultra thin, thickness 0.52", lightweight and compact body fits narrow places. Shock and vibration resistant
  • Full Aluminum - Made out of full aluminum, keeps radiating heat away from LED chip board so as to increase the lifespan...

The Acegoo Recessed RV Ceiling LED Panel is ultra-slim at only 0.52in thick. It’s entirely aluminum, which helps increase the lifespan and keeps radiant heat away from the LED chipboard.

The 3W light has a recessed mount with spring clips. 

Kohree LED RV Exterior Porch Light 

Kohree 320Lumen LED RV Porch Light Exterior Utility Light 12v Lighting Fixture, Replacement Lighting for RVs, Trailers, Campers, 5th Wheels. White Base, Clear and Amber Lenses Included
  • Wide Operating voltage: DC 11-18V,LED technology designed to withstand fluctuat working voltage and not still make it...
  • Interior and Exterior Compatible with 12 Volts DC recreational vehicles: Easy Installation - electric polarity red...

The Kohree LED RV Exterior Porch Light has 320 lumens and lasts for more than 50,000 hours. It’s waterproof, durable, and easy to install with hardware included.

For use outdoors, it has an all-weather molded plastic housing that’s sealed with resin to prevent water from entering. It also has an amber lens cover to reduce bugs.

How Many Watts Does a 12V Camper Light Use? 

As you can see from the 12V lights we listed, you’ll typically find bulbs from 3W to 6W. They all use LED lights, which significantly reduces the power draw. A regular bulb may use between 20-40W. You can use an RV battery monitor to see how much your current bulbs use.

An assortment of lights along a wall.

Can You Put Regular Light Fixtures on an RV? 

You can put regular light fixtures in an RV. But you need to make sure that you check the fixture’s voltage. Most regular light fixtures work on 120v and will not work in an RV without heavy modification.

Why Choosing the Right RV Light Is So Important 

Whether you RV on the weekends or full-time, the proper lighting is essential. RV lights are likely used just as much as your refrigerator, so being as energy efficient as possible is optimal. A 12V light can achieve power savings and a well-lit RV all at once, so it’s worth understanding how it works and choosing a suitable light!

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