Truck Bed Accessories That Make RV Life Easier

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When the camping season arrives every year, RVers hit the stores and online shops to find the best accessories to decorate their campsites and other camping accessories to make the lifestyle easier and more enjoyable.

From whimsical dish towels to outdoor flags to awning lanterns, accessories can make or break the experience. But it’s not just camping accessories that you should be loading into your Amazon cart. Truck bed accessories can also impact your overall experience.

Do you want to protect your gear, keep it organized, and have it easily accessible? Then let’s take a look at 10 truck bed accessories that will make RV life easier and more enjoyable. Let’s dive in!

How Do Truck Bed Accessories Make the Truck?

Just like accessories can make the outfit, vehicle accessories can make the truck.

You can make your drive more enjoyable, more convenient, and easier just by adding a few accessories. For RVers, this is especially true.

A cargo net will keep gear from sliding all over the truck bed, and a sliding cargo tray will make accessing storage tubs in the rear of the truck bed much easier. Additionally, a bed liner will protect your truck bed for years to come. 

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10 Truck Bed Accessories That Make RV Life Easier

Below are 10 of the best accessories you can add to your truck bed to make RVing easier.

Some will help with hauling gear, while others will help protect your truck so it lasts for years.

1. Tonneau Cover

You need some kind of bed cover. A Tonneau cover is one of the most popular options. Made with marine-grade vinyl and aircraft-grade aluminum frames, a Tonneau cover is durable and easy to install. 

Not only does it protect your truck bed, but it also hides all of your camping gear, from a generator to an air compressor to a Blackstone. You don’t want anyone coming along and taking something from the back of your truck.

Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-fold Truck Bed Tonneau Cover Compatible with 2019-2024 Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra 1500 (NOT FIT 19-24 Classic) | 6'7" (79") Bed | TG-BC3C1054, Black
  • FITMENT - Compatible with 2019-2024 Chevy Silverado / GMC Sierra 1500 New Body Style | 6'7" (79") Bed | Not compatible...
  • DESIGN - US patented. Cover is dual-coated and made out of heavy duty 24oz. marine-grade vinyl, with aircraft-grade...

2. Storage Box

These SwingCase storage boxes will be great additions to your truck bed. You can even install these while still having a Tonneau cover. They’re water-resistant, sturdy, durable, compact, and convenient. 

The cool feature of these SwingCase storage boxes is that they swing out nearly 180 degrees toward you, providing easy access. Holding up to 75 pounds of cargo, they also have a key-lockable lid.

UnderCover SwingCase Truck Bed Storage Box | SC104D | Fits 2019 - 2023 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Drivers Side, Black
  • Fits 2019 - 2024 Chevy/GMC Silverado/Sierra 1500 Drivers Side (Will not fit with Carbon Pro Bed or MultiPro Tailgate)
  • TRUCK BED COVER COMPATIBLE | The UnderCover SwingCase maintains a 3-inch clearance from the truck bed & works with...

3. Cargo Net

If you’re pulling a camper and using the truck bed to haul all your outdoor gear, you’ll want to add a cargo net to your truck bed accessories.

Carabiners provide easy installation, and the tight mesh netting and strong knotted joints create a secure space. You won’t have to worry about a canoe oar flying out of the back of your truck.

TireTek Cargo Net for Pickup Truck Bed - 4' x 6' Stretches to 8' x 12' - Heavy Duty Small 4”x4” Latex Bungee Net Mesh w/ 12 Metal Carabiners - Truck Bed Accessories for Dodge RAM, Ford, Chevy, Toyota
  • HEAVY DUTY SUPERIOR DURABILITY – Extra thick 5 mm LATEX CORE bungee webbing, 4'x6' bungee cargo net stretches to...
  • IDEAL FOR SMALL & LARGE CARGO ITEMS – Designed with tight 4” x 4” mesh netting, the truck bed net keeps small...

4. Portable Fuel Tank

For RVers who take long cross-country journeys or boondock often, one of the best truck bed accessories you can buy is a portable fuel tank. This particular tank is for diesel fuel, but you can also find tanks for gasoline. 

Whether filling up your truck’s tank or the generator, having extra fuel on hand gives peace of mind.

Close up of portable fuel tanks
AM-TANK 58 Gallon Capacity Portable Durable Lightweight Diesel Fuel Tank with 12 Volt Pump, 2 Inch Filling Plug, Handles and Covering Lid, Black/Grey
  • AM-TANK 58 Portable 58-gallon tanks manufactured in high density linear roto-molded polyethylene for the safe and...
  • Tanks are equipped with: 2 inch filling plug equipped with three-effects (pressure/de-pressure/overturning) air vent...

5. Truck Bed Liner

When you purchase a truck – new or used – one of the first accessories you should add is a truck bed liner.

A liner will protect the truck, keeping the truck bed from getting scratched up and dented. Plus, you can slide storage containers and camping gear in and out of the truck bed much easier with a liner in place.

Keep in Mind: Installing a sliding cargo tray is easier than you think. This Is How Easy It Is to Install a MORryde Sliding Cargo Tray

Husky Liners — Heavy Duty Bed Mat | Fits 2015 - 2024 Ford F-150, Includes 22-24 Lightning Crew/SuperCrew (67.1 Bed) Black | 16008
  • CUSTOM FITMENT — 2015 - 2024 Ford F-150, Includes 22-24 Lightning Crew/SuperCrew (67.1 Bed)
  • TWO-WAY PROTECTION — Its rubberized DuraGrip HD construction absorbs impact, and gives your knees a break when working...

6. Ratchet Tie Down Straps

Like the cargo net, ratchet tie-down straps are important when hauling your gear. The extra stitching provides added strength to firmly tie down bicycles, ATVs, and other equipment.

Numerous lengths make it easy to mix and match so your camping gear and outdoor toys are safely confined to your truck bed.

AUGO Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty 4 Pack -15 FT - 2200 LB Break Strength – Ratchet Tie Down Straps with Safety Lock S Hooks - Cargo Straps for Moving, Appliances, Motorcycle – Soft Loop Tie Down Straps
  • TIE DOWN ANYTHING WITH CONFIDENCE | Pack of [4] 15 Ft Ratchet Strap Tie Downs Provides Durable, Dependable Security for...
  • FORMIDABLE 2,200 POUND BREAK STRENGTH | Straps Feature High-Quality Material & Extra Stitching for Indestructible...

7. Truck Bed Storage Cargo Organizer

If you’d like a cheaper option of truck bed accessories than the SwingCase storage boxes, this cargo organizer will also serve you well.

You can run out and grab groceries after setting up the campsite or keep your tools in one easily accessible location. Waterproof and washable, it will be easy to maintain this storage organizer.

Red Hound Auto FullSize Truck Bed Storage Cargo Organizer Fits Ford Chevrolet GMC Dodge Ram Toyota Nissan Universal 55 Inch to 69 inch Wide Beds Secure Protect Groceries and More
  • Important Note: Not compatible with 2019+ Silverado/Sierra, not compatible with Nissan Titan. Versatile storage...
  • Keep your cargo neatly organized and accessible, within easy reach at the end of the truck bed where it's needed the...

8. Sliding Cargo Tray

Although this item is pricey, a sliding cargo tray can make your camping experience so much more enjoyable. This tray enables you to easily reach storage containers, tool boxes, or camping chairs that sit next to the truck cab. 

You don’t have to climb into the truck bed or crawl over grills, tables, tubs, or other items. It’s expensive, but for serious travelers, it’s worth it.

9. Truck Bed Bike Rack

RVers are always looking for ways to haul their bikes. A truck bed bike rack is one option that doesn’t require an additional hitch. A bike rack such as this extends to fit the width of the truck bed and can hold up to four bikes. 

If you don’t need the truck bed to haul other large items, having a bike rack that fits in the truck bed makes transporting bikes simple and easy.

Keep in Mind: Looking for more truck bed bike rack options? Then you need to see these Reviewer Approved Truck Bed Bike Racks

Heininger Automotive 2025 Advantage SportsRack BedRack,Black
  • Haul up to four bikes in your truck bed without removing any wheels
  • Assembles quickly, with no tools required, and lockable cable included

10. Truck Bed Tie Down Anchors

These Bull Ring retractable truck bed tie-downs are rated for 1,000 pounds and come with a lifetime warranty.

They’re easily installed and fit flush with the rail cap. Then they pop up when in use. If you’re going to add a set of ratchet tie-down straps or a cargo net, you’ll want to also grab these tie-down anchors.

Bull Ring Retractable Truck Bed Tie Down Anchors for Ford F150 2015-24, Super Duty 2017-24, Raptor 2017-24 – Flush Fit, Easy Install, (2 Pack)
  • Made to Fit: Designed specifically for Ford truck owners, truck bed anchors fit factory bed rail stake pockets on Ford...
  • Easy Installation: Installs in just 30 seconds, no drilling, no special tools, and no modifications required. Flush fit...

Enhance Your Camping Experience With These Truck Bed Accessories

When you head out for a weekend camping trip, you’ll probably look for great accessories to make your campsite feel like home. Maybe you have a camping gnome, bucket light, or a patio mat with a funny camping quote.

But don’t forget the truck bed accessories to make your experience more convenient and enjoyable. From storage solutions to hauling accessories, these 10 items will help you stay organized and keep your truck and belongings protected.

Which item do you need to pick up as soon as possible?

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  1. You forgot one very important truck bed accessory – what I call my “truck stick.” Basically a broom or mop handle, with a hook on the end to grab those items that slide up to the front of the bed so you don’t have to climb up into the bed to retrieve them. I use an extendable aluminum one with a plastic threaded end that you can use with different options.

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