The Best RV Propane Gauges You Can Find Online

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An RV propane tank

If you’re new to RVing, you may wonder how to tell how much propane is in your tank. You don’t want to run out if you’re boondocking in New Mexico or winter camping in Michigan.

One gadget you’ll want to add to your gear is an RV propane gauge. These gauges aren’t expensive, and they can save you many headaches when you’re camping. Let’s learn more!

What Is An RV Propane Gauge?

When you rely on propane, whether to power your refrigerator, cook on the stove, or run the furnace, it’s critical to monitor the tank levels. You don’t want to run out of propane when it’s below freezing at night.

It’s also quite inconvenient to be without propane while cooking dinner. An RV propane gauge is a device you can attach to your propane tank to easily keep an eye on how much propane you have.

What Are the Benefits of Using An RV Propane Gauge?

RV propane gauges are easy to read. Usually, they’re color-coded and show red when they’re out of gas, yellow for low gas, and green for plenty of gas. The dial will slowly move from green to yellow to red by your propane level.

The benefit of using an RV propane gauge is knowing when you’re low on propane before you run out. When the dial gets to yellow, you probably want to fill it up if you don’t have a second tank. You don’t want to wait until the reading is red and you’re completely out.

Are RV Propane Gauges Accurate?

RV propane gauges aren’t 100% accurate. In fact, some aren’t very accurate at all. This is why it’s crucial to have a quality gauge.

You don’t want a propane gauge that reads green when you’re going to bed in January in Ohio when you’re very close to running out of propane.

However, varying temperatures can affect the readings. On cold days, the pressure drops and shows less fuel than what’s in the tank. Warmer days usually provide more accurate readings.

But for the most part, whenever your gauge is close to yellow, you’ll want to have a second tank on-hand to switch over or head to a propane filling station.

How Do You Read An RV Propane Gauge?

Reading an RV propane gauge is straightforward. The three colors make it effortless to see how much propane remains in the tank. The green area is much broader than the yellow and red.

As long as the dial is green, you’re good on your propane level. As it starts to dip into the yellow, it’s time to refill or grab another tank. Since these gauges aren’t 100% accurate, you don’t want to wait much longer before refilling.

Things to Consider When Buying An RV Propane Gauge

RVers need propane. One of the cheapest upgrades you can make to your rig is to buy a propane gauge. It will save you the headache of wondering if you’ll make it through the night or if your dry camping experience will end abruptly.

When purchasing an RV propane gauge, consider the material, compatibility, ease of use, warranty, and unique features.


The best RV propane tanks are brass. This material is durable and resists corrosion.

When camping in the elements, it’s always best to spend money on higher-quality materials.


Ensure the RV propane gauge has a rating for your tank. For example, a 40lb tank will require a more heavy-duty propane gauge.

On the other hand, 20lb tank users can get a standard RV propane gauge. In addition, you’ll want a universal fitting to connect to all types of gas tanks and regulators.

An RV propane tank

Ease of Use

RV propane gauges are easy to read. Even with a glance, you’ll identify your tank level because of the bright colors.

But you also want a gauge that’s convenient to install. It shouldn’t require special tools or longer than a minute or two to attach to your tank.


It might seem trivial to choose an RV propane gauge by the warranty, but things on RVs break often.

Quality tank gauges will have at least a 1-year warranty. Some will even provide a lifetime warranty. This is also a vital indicator of the quality of the material. Note what the warranty coverage is as well.

Keep in Mind: How do you use your new rig so that you don’t void the RV warranty? Avoid voiding your warranty with these Important Tips


Some RV propane gauges will have extra features that make them even safer or more durable than other options.

For example, you might find a model that has a dust cap, which will give further protection to the gauge if it’s going to go on the outside of the RV. Excess flow and thermal protection are safety features that protect you from leaks and fire.

Best RV Propane Gauges You Can Find Online

There are dozens of options for RV propane gauges. Here are five offering the best materials and features compatible with almost any propane tank.

1. DOZYANT Propane Tank Gauge

With over 16,000 ratings on Amazon, the DOZYANT propane tank gauge is a top seller.

It’s compatible with all QCC1 type 1 connections and made for tanks from 5-40 lbs. It’s also brass and comes with a dust cover. With an affordable price, it’s an excellent option.

2. GASPRO Propane Tank Gauge

Like DOZYANT, this GASPRO propane tank gauge works with all QCC1 type 1 connections and is for tanks from 5-40 lbs.

This model also glows in the dark for easy reading when the sun goes down. In addition, it comes with a 1-year, 100% money-back guarantee and lifetime customer service.

GASPRO Propane Tank Gauge Level Indicator, Accurate Propane Gauge for Propane Tanks, Cylinder, RV Camper, Propane Heater, Fire Pit, Gas Grill and more, Tool-Free Installation, Solid Brass
  • 【Universal】 It works with a QCC1 / type1 connection and 5-40lb propane tanks
  • 【Easy to read】The gauge with Color-coded dial for allowing you to see at a glance when your propane level is low....

3. GasSaf Propane Tank Gauge

If you have two propane tanks, this 2-pack from GasSaf is an ideal option. It’s a low price for two but not cheaply made.

The high-quality brass prevents corrosion, and the leak detection feature will limit the flow for your safety. Also compatible with all QCC1 type 1 connections, this gauge is for tanks 20-40 lbs.

GasSaf Propane Tank Gas Gauge Leak Detector - Universal for QCC1 Type1 Propane Tank Gas Pressure Meter(2-PCS)
  • 1.Compatible with all appliances with a QCC1 / Type1 connection 20 lb to 40 lb propane tanks
  • 2.Monitors fuel level without removing the tank. color coded dial for allowing you to see at a glance when your propane...

4. Camco Propane Tank Gauge

This Camco RV propane tank gauge sets itself apart from the others because it has readings for cold days versus warm days.

But it’s also brass, has a leak detection feature, and is compatible with all QCC1 type 1 connections. It’s one of the more expensive options.

Keep in Mind: You’ll eventually need to recertify your propane tanks, or you can’t refill them. Here’s How To Recertify Your RV Propane Tanks

Camco RV Propane Gauge and Leak Detector | Features Type 1 Connection for RVing, Boating, Gas Grills and More (59023), Black
  • Type 1 connection for gas grills, RVs and boats
  • Fits a DOT propane cylinder manufactured after 1995 that have the ACME/OPD connection

5. SHINESTAR Propane Tank Gauge

Another top seller on Amazon is this SHINESTAR propane tank gauge. At an affordable price, it provides compatibility with all QCC1 type 1 connections and is for propane tanks 5-40 lbs.

Like the Camco option, it also has readings for cold and warm days. It’s brass and has a leak-detection feature.

SHINESTAR Universal Propane Tank Gauge for 5-20 Pound LP Tanks | Gas Level Indicator for Grill, Heater, RV Camper, QCC1/Type 1 Connection
  • Convenient Gas Level Indicator - Effortlessly monitor the gas level in your propane tank without the need for...
  • Universal Compatibility - Suitable for 5-20 lb propane cylinders with male thread. Perfect for camping, barbecuing,...

Upgrade Your RV Propane Gauge This Camping Season

When cooking dinner on the stove, the last thing you want is to run out of propane. When boondocking, you can’t afford your propane to run out, or all your food will spoil in your 2-way fridge.

By purchasing an RV propane gauge, you’re freeing yourself of worry and stress. This gadget isn’t costly but can significantly impact your camping experience.

Do you have an RV propane gauge on your tank?

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