Everything You Need to Know About the New Thousand Trails Adventure Membership

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Thousand Trails released a brand new membership on January 28th, 2021! After speaking with our Thousand Trails contact, we were told this new Adventure membership was created based on their members’ feedback. We love our Thousand Trails membership, so we’re glad to see them continue to create new memberships with more perks!

So, what is the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership? Let’s review everything we know about.

Thousand Trails Adventure Membership Creation

The Thousand Trails Adventure Membership replaces what used to be called the Odyssey Membership. Don’t worry if you currently have the Odyssey, though! Your program will still be honored; you will just now have a grandfathered membership.

The intention around the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership was to create a membership that catered to the requests of current users. Hence, the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership was born!

What Does the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership Include?

The Adventure Membership offers the most perks out of the four memberships available. What is new from this membership is that you now get four additional non-high use weeks at $29 per week. If you’re at your max nightly stay at one park, you can pay $29 to stay an additional week! On top of that, with this option, you also get two additional high use weeks of $99 per week.

An exciting perk about the Adventure Membership is that you get two holiday reservations on file. Meaning, you can have two holidays booked at the same time. Previous programs used to let you have only one holiday on file. For example, you can now have Memorial Day, and July 4th booked at the same time.

With our current Elite Basic plan, we can’t do that. If we had Memorial Day booked, we would have to wait until the holiday weekend is over before booking a park for July 4th. While this might seem like a small perk, it’s one we’re most excited about! We can tell this is definitely one of the items they listened to their member feedback to integrate.

The last perk we’re excited about for the Adventure Membership is that you have the option to join the new reciprocal program, Trails Collection Plus. This program was also announced today and comes with its own awesome perks. Read our other post about this upgrade to learn all about it.

A document showing the Thousand Trails Adventure membership perks
A document showing the Thousand Trails Adventure membership perks

Additional Perks

A few additional perks offered in the Adventure Membership include the ability to will the membership to certain family members. You also get eight “Courtesy Cards,” which means you can give 21 days of camping to family members for only $125 per year, and you’re able to issue four Camping Passes (access to all Thousand Trails locations) for only $215 per year.

With this membership, you will also get two free years to the RPI Resort Connections, the RPI Reciprocal Program’s highest level. RPI is another RV club that you can access with certain upgraded Thousand Trails memberships due to a reciprocal agreement. It allows you to book a member campground for between $5 – $10 for up to 7 – 14 nights in a row, twice a year, per campground. We use it in places where Thousand Trails has no campgrounds to reduce our total camping cost.

A document showing the Thousand Trails Adventure membership perks

What Does the Thousand Trails Adventure Membership Upgrade Cost?

We were told that the cost would depend on your current membership level since each member is different. What I did find what if you entered your information at the bottom of this screen, you can select your membership type, and it will tell you what your upgrade fee would be.

If you are interested in getting the best price on a new Thousand Trails membership, we’d highly recommend reaching out to Jim and Brady Reneau. They are Thousand Trails membership specialists and can get the best deals and specials on any new Thousand Trails membership.

E-mail: brandy_reneau@equitylifestyle.com

Phone: (770) 622-4188

Please let them know Getaway Couple sent you, we do get a small referral fee!

Final Thoughts

Overall, we’re excited about the new perks offered with this program. With the ability to book additional weeks, book two holidays at once, and have exclusive access to Trails Collection Plus, you will be able to stay in TT parks longer, lowering your average nightly rate significantly.

If this is your first introduction to Thousand Trails, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. You can read our full Guide to Thousand Trails here. If you’re a current member, let us know what you think of the program in the comments!

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  1. We are in our early 60’s and at this $15K price tag to upgrade from our VIP package the numbers simply do not work- not even mentioning the annual dues and the $615 trails collection bill annually. Nope…we can stay at a LOT of Encore and Trails Collection and other RV resorts for the next 10-15 years at far less paying rack rates off the street. With our membership package we even get a cup of coffee and free local paper every day we are at a 1000 trails campground. Granted we do not have the amount of campgrounds to stay at but between our lifetime Passport America, our Lifetime Escapees, our Military Service Fam camps and or military discounts we are way ahead by not plunking down this kind of huge $$$ Again to 1000 Trails. This is our story…maybe yours is different. crunch the #’s please!!!

  2. Thanks so much you two! Really enjoy your adventures, tips, and just plain spunk to do this RV full time living lifestyle from such a young age! Cannot wait to get on the road and meet you all in person – 🙂

  3. Hi Rae, In your article you wrote: “What I did find what if you entered your information at the bottom of this screen, you can select your membership type, and it will tell you what your upgrade fee would be.”

    I don’t see where I enter my information and select my “membership type” at the bottom of the screen.

    Can you please be more specific?

    Thank you!
    -Gee Dee

  4. Thanks for the explanation. I was quoted nearly $10k to upgrade from Elite Connections to the “new” Adventure program. First, my membership has some really nice Legacy features that I don’t want to lose. Second, I don’t want cabins or a vacation club (I already own an RV). So, there is nothing in the Adventure program that is exciting, which the exception of the Trails Collection Plus. Paying $10k to get an extra week at Encore is not worth the money. Again, YMMV, and this may work if you are not happy with your existing plan (or if you really want those cabins and the $500 vacation vouchers)!

  5. Before you buy into Thousand Trails take a very close look at how they maintain their parks. We have damaged our new RV by trying find sites in Lake of the Springs and Florence. The roads are not maintained. There are few sewer sites. There are frequent power outages or not power in both of these locations. Perhaps TT is better in your area. Don’t waste your money. You will get better facilities in the state or county parks in Oregon and Washington.

  6. (1) We are full timers who were T.T. members for 2 years running – and loved it. We love T.T. and they have many, many (though not quite each and every one) great parks well worth visiting.

    (2) However – they need to DEFINITELY improve their web site. In the 2 Membership comparison screen shots you show above we can barely read them, so I went directly onto the T.T. site to see more readable versions. But could not find them anywhere. The only thing they do on their site is promote the basic camping pass OR the new Adventure pass. What I really need to see are comparison grids of ALL their program offerings. Again – not visible at all. Very disappointed.

    (3) Don’t know why they make such a big deal about cabin rentals as a benefit when virtually everyone who signs up for T.T. travels in their own RV. As such – why would they need a cabin? And especially these days of C-19 virus – why would anyone opt to stay in a public cabin or hotel room? Being able to avoid those is a huge reason to own and travel in an RV.

  7. Thanks for explaining the options for everyone but if your a current member, TT has lost it’s mind on upgrade pricing.Thousand Trails has completely missed the mark with this upgrade. I am a current member who paid good money for my membership. The upgrade would give me some good perks but they wanted an additional $12,000. If you chose to finance it with them, it is 17% interest rate for 72 months. That’s insanity!

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