Tried and Tested: Our Honest Review of RV SnapPads

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RV SnapPads in front of a truck camper ready to be installed

We traveled the country for four years with SnapPads on our fifth wheel. Unfortunately, we said goodbye to them when we sold our rig.

However, we didn’t hesitate for a second to put SnapPad Minis on our new-to-us truck camper!

It’s safe to say that we’ve tried and thoroughly tested them more than the average RVer.

So what do we think about RV SnapPads, and should you get them for your rig? Are they worth the hype and expense? 

Today, we’ll share our honest review of RV SnapPads and what we think of them.

What Are RV SnapPads?

RV SnapPads are like shoes for your RV. These durable pads protect the feet of your RV’s landing gear.

Because they’re permanent, you don’t have to worry about slipping them on and off of your rig. Once they’re in place, you can forget about them and let them do their job.

If you love recycled products, you’ll enjoy knowing that RV SnapPads make all their products from recycled tires. It’s better for the environment and creates a strong and durable pad.

RV SnapPads absorb abuse from the road, the ground, and whatever mother nature throws at them. 

Their drain holes ensure water won’t pool or build up and cause rust to form. They’ve also passed temperature tests ranging from -40 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit with flying colors.

If you and your RV experience temperatures outside these parameters, you’ve likely got more significant problems than worrying about the feet of your landing gear.

Thankfully, if you choose RV SnapPads for your RV, the two-year manufacturer’s warranty should give you some assurance. They’ll replace your pads for free if they fail due to a manufacturer’s defect. Follow the installation instructions and avoid misusing the product to keep your warranty intact. 

Who Owns RV SnapPad?

RV SnapPad was launched out of Gordon Wilson’s garage in 2015. Gordon and his three sons (Kent, Devon, and Barrett) came together to bring a concept into reality.

With no significant endorsements or partners in the industry, the family made it their mission to improve the experiences of RVers all over the world. 

While they initially offered one size and two packages on their bare-bones website, that’s no longer true. Word quickly traveled through the RV community, and they quickly adjusted their product based on user feedback and offered additional options. 

You can now find more than a dozen different shapes and sizes in more than 50 packages on the shelves of hundreds of RV dealerships and every major RV distributor in North America.

Despite its massive growth over the last several years, the company remains family-owned. They have stayed true to their family-run values that helped the Wilson family’s dream come true.

We’ve had the pleasure of meeting Gordon and his three sons, and we love their entire family. We couldn’t be happier to see the family’s success with their products and how they’ve evolved their brand.

How Do You Install RV SnapPads?

Installing RV SnapPads is a snap! All kidding aside, installing them is incredibly simple but will require an additional set of hands to make it easier.

Before starting, don’t use petroleum-based lubricants when installing your pads. These materials can negatively interact with the rubber and other components. If you need assistance, a small dab of dish soap on the lip of the pads will suffice.

To get started, you need to inspect your leveling feet. You want them clean, dry, and defect-free.

If they have severe damage or denting, replacing them before installing your pads is best. Remove any rocks, dirt, or debris from the feet when wiping them down.

With your jacks clean, lower the foot until it comes in contact with the pad. Line it up squarely and continue to apply pressure. You’ll hear a very distinct snapping sound when the pads slide into place.

Take the time to wash and remove any excess soap and leave the foot dry. Your pads are ready to use and will protect your rig’s feet during your future adventures. 

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RV SnapPads are permanent jack pads, meaning there is no more placing, retrieving, or storing plastic or wood blocks to level. They are a "snap" to install and stay on forever! We wouldn't have another RV without them.

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What We Love About Our RV SnapPads

If we’re giving an honest review for RV SnapPads, any camper we own will have RV SnapPads on it.

They’ve proven themselves to us over the years and never disappointed us. Here are a handful of things we love about our SnapPads.

Added Stability

After installing our RV SnapPads, we immediately noticed the increased stability inside our rig. They create a noticeably wider footprint, creating a firm connection with the ground.

Of all the things we love about them, the added stability is one of our favorites.

Consider adding these to your RV if you hate your rig’s constant shaking and movement. Will they remove 100% of the movement? No. However, it was easy for us to feel the difference they made in our massive rig and our truck camper.

A couple on electric bikes outside of their fifth wheel using RV SnapPads


Another thing we love about RV SnapPads is the convenience. Once we installed them on our fifth wheel, we could forget about them.

And we didn’t have to worry about grabbing plastic levelers every time to place under the landing gear on our truck camper. We could start the process immediately and unload our camper quickly.

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If you’ve ever seen the feet on older RVs, they begin to curl over time. This is the direct result of the wear placed on them during use.

The edges begin to curl, which reduces the surface area that contacts the ground. If you want to protect them from damage so they last as long as possible, RV SnapPads are a must.

Many campgrounds and RV parks require guests to place a barrier between their jacks and the pavement. This is because RVs, especially large motorhomes, can be incredibly heavy. 

The force placed on the jacks can cause an indention in the pavement. A campground or RV park will hold you liable for the repairs if it does. The repair bill will likely be more than a set of RV SnapPads would have cost you.

Customer Service

RV SnapPad offers an exceptional product and impressive customer service. If you accidentally order the wrong pads or have an issue, they’ll work with you to resolve it. 

As we said earlier, the company strives to improve the RVing experience, and we’ve heard glowing reviews from others for their interactions with customer service.


We’ve mentioned a few times that RV SnapPads are incredibly durable. How can we have confidence in their durability?

We were driving down the highway, and the jacks on our fifth wheel unexpectedly started to lower and come in contact with the ground. Had we not had them covering our feet, they would have sent a shower of sparks in the air behind us. 

We stopped once we noticed the issue and were shocked to discover that the pads took the brunt of the damage. There were no sparks, and the feet were relatively unscathed from any damage.

If they can withstand that, we’re confident they’ll handle almost anything you throw at them during normal use.

Pro Tip: Leveling your RV is a process! See how to properly level your RV.

our RV SnapPad worn almost all the way down after RV jacks lowered in the highway

Can You Remove RV SnapPads?

It is possible to remove the pads from your jacks. However, doing so voids the warranty. When we replaced the jacks on our RV, we figured we had nothing to lose, and it was worth a shot instead of getting a new set. 

We removed them from the old jacks and placed them on the new jacks without any issues. There was no warping, tearing, or bending, and they continued to do their job well.

However, even though it worked for us, you may be less lucky. When installing your pads, you should plan for them to stay on for the life of the jacks.

If you plan to take advantage of your warranty, keep them in place and don’t remove them.

How Do You Find the Right Sized RV SnapPad for Your Rig?

With so many options, you want to ensure you get the right size for your rig. Luckily, the fine people at RV SnapPad want you to get the right size too. That’s why they made the “Submit Your Rig” feature. 

This easy-to-use tool helps ensure you get the perfect fit for your RV. This can help save you from dealing with the difficulties or costs of returning them.

As we mentioned, they have some fantastic customer service. They’ll be happy to help you get the right fit for your rig the first time, so you don’t have to worry about any issues.

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RV SnapPads are permanent jack pads, meaning there is no more placing, retrieving, or storing plastic or wood blocks to level. They are a "snap" to install and stay on forever! We wouldn't have another RV without them.

Use the code “GETAWAY10” to save 10% off your order!

Do RV SnapPads Really Work?

While some RV products we’ve purchased disappointed us, RV SnapPads have never been one of them. They’ve done a fantastic job and held up over the tens of thousands of miles we covered with our rig.

We strongly recommend adding them to your rig no matter what type of RV you own. They really do work and will keep your landing gear in great shape!

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