RVParky Is No Longer Free To Use

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When searching for campsites, you can feel overwhelmed in a hurry. A simple Google search for campgrounds in a particular city will produce dozens of results. Sifting through and finding RV parks with full hook-ups or RV parks that are pet-friendly can be so time-consuming.

RVParky is a resource that travelers have used for years to help them find campgrounds and plan trips. Unfortunately, now you’ll have to pay to become a member.

But is it worth it? Let’s take a closer look at RVParky, and then you can decide if you want to add it to your repertoire of trip-planning tools. 

What Is RVParky?

RVParky is a resource for travelers to locate campgrounds. Built by an RVer, this directory has personal reviews, RV park information, and images to help other RVers make good decisions for their road trip planning.

How Do I Search For Campgrounds With RVParky?

First, you’ll need to create an account with RVParky. Then, you can use the website or download the app to search for campgrounds.

You can enter a city, state, or place to find locations near that particular area. For example, if you type in Panama City, FL, you’ll see dozens of little colored boxes appear on a map in the panhandle area.

Locations like Walmart, Cracker Barrel, and Camping World will also be included, along with campgrounds. However, you can narrow your search by applying filters.

If you prefer public parks like state or county parks, you can only select that option. There are also filters for KOAs, adult (55+) RV parks, military RV parks, and more.

In addition, you can search gas stations to find a big rig-friendly option at Love’s, Pilot, or Flying J.

If you don’t have a preference for the campground type, you can narrow your search by applying filters for amenities such as pet-friendly parks, parks with a pool or playground, or big rig access campgrounds.

If you only want campgrounds with full hookups, you can select that option to narrow the list to applicable RV parks.

Can I Plan Trips With RVParky?

You can also plan a trip with RVParky. Under the “Trip” tab, you can create a “New Trip” with a title, start date, and starting city. You can also input the average fuel cost if you want the fuel for your trip calculated.

From there, you can plan your route by adding stops. Use the search function to find campgrounds along your route, and apply filters to choose the best campgrounds for your needs and camping lifestyle.

Under your account, you can find all of your previous trips and future tips in one location in your dashboard. You can also find any reviews you’ve submitted which are critical to the success of RVParky.

RVers want the most up-to-date information, so after your stay, always return to RVParky to submit a review to help other travelers. 

How Much Is RVParky?

Although RVParky used to be free, now members must pay a monthly subscription of $4.99 or a yearly subscription of $19.99.

If you’re already a member, your access will be limited until you purchase a subscription. You’ll still be able to search for campgrounds and plan trips, but you’ll be limited to five stops per trip.

A screenshot of the increased cost for RVparky

Other Similar Apps To Help With RV Trip Planning

RVParky isn’t the only app that helps RVers with trip planning. Some resources are free to use with the option to upgrade, while others require a subscription. But almost all of them operate with similar functions.


The AllStays app is free to download on Apple devices, but you’ll likely want to upgrade to the Pro version if you find it useful.

This tool has over 37,000 campgrounds in the U.S. and Canada and includes dry camping locations on BLM land or in National Forests. 

It also provides information about steep grades and low clearances, which is essential for route planning.


Campendium is another free app with the option to upgrade to a Pro version. Like RVParky and AllStays, Campedium has a giant database of campgrounds, dump stations, and potable water fill-ups. 

This tool is also RV-generated with personal reviews. These reviews make deciding on a particular RV park or dispersed camping location easier since you can read feedback from multiple people who travel in various types of RVs.

Pro Tip: We have an article about how to use Campendium that you can check out for more information!

An RV park RVers found using RVparky

Togo RV

Togo RV is a collection of resources from mobile repair listings to campground listings to trip planning tools to recall alerts. With a Roadpass Pro membership through Togo RV, you have access to an RV-safe GPS, camping discounts, and route planning. 

The Roadpass Pro membership also gives you access to the Campendium premium features like cell coverage maps, public land map overlays, and trail maps. Togo RV is a one-stop shop for your trip planning and campground searching needs.

RV Life

RV Life is the rival of Togo RV. You probably won’t have a subscription to both, but choose the app you like best. It comes down to personal preference, but if you’re wondering, we prefer and use RV Life.

RV Life provides resources to search for campsites, plan trips, and follow RV-safe route directions. There are over 20,000 campground locations, over 400,000 reviews, and over 70,000 tips to make your travel planning easy.

Pro Tip: Make your life easier with these 17 RV Apps Every Camper Should Download!

RVParky Is Still A Good Resource, But You’ll Have To Pay For It Now

There aren’t many apps that are still free regarding quality RV trip planning. If you’re an avid traveler, the price is worth it to have access to tens of thousands of locations across the country.

It pays to read reviews, filter results to suit your lifestyle, and travel safely knowing you’re less likely to encounter steep mountain passes, low clearances, bridge weight limits, or propane-restricted tunnels.

RVParky may have been free in the past, but it has joined the ranks of other top resources as a subscription service you now have to pay for.

Will you start a monthly or yearly subscription to RVParky for your next road trip?

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