Is The Good Sam Extended Service Plan A Bargain?

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What Is A Good Sam Extended Service Plan?

The Good Sam Extended Service Plan is different than an extended warranty. It provides coverage for mechanical breakdowns while traveling in your RV or another vehicle. It’s meant to help protect from the high costs that are often incurred with an unexpected breakdown or repair, above and beyond any manufacturer’s warranty that you may have. If you didn’t know Good Sam is a camping club. Membership entitles you to a variety of discounts, guides, and assistance.

Is Routine Maintenance Covered?

A Good Sam Extended Service Plan does not cover routine maintenance. You need to regularly schedule maintenance to receive the maximum benefit from the extended service plan. If you don’t, certain things may not be covered or at least not fully covered.

Good Sam does have recommended maintenance partners that you can get a discount for using. They also provide free maintenance inspections so that you don’t overlook any necessary maintenance.

A man in a red hoodie stands in front of his RV with the hood up comfortable in knowing he is covered by the Good Sam Extended Warranty.

Is Towing Included?

The Good Sam Extended Warranty Plan does not cover towing. Good Sam does provide for towing under its separate Roadside Assistance Plan. It also assists with things like tire repairs, battery issues, emergency fuel, lost keys, and the like.

Is There A Deductible?

Yes, there is a deductible under the Good Sam Extended Warranty Plan, which is considered an insurance policy. 

There are a few different policies available, and it also differs for motorhomes vs. campers or travel trailers. Motorhome deductibles range from $100 to $500 per incident, while camper/travel trailer deductibles range from $100 to $300 per incident.

Is An Inspection Required?

Good Sam does not require an inspection before purchasing coverage. Don’t think that you can buy a service plan after the fact, though. One, that’s not cool or ethical. Two, Good Sam can require an inspection to determine if the repair should be covered if there are any doubts.

What If My New RV Is Still Under Warranty?

If your new RV is still under warranty, you may even want a Good Sam Extended Service Plan to cover lapses in the coverage. Often, warranties don’t cover everything or don’t cover everything for the same amount of time. Some parts may be covered under a manufacturer’s warranty for one year. Others could be covered for up to three years.

When the manufacturer’s warranty fails to cover something or runs out, Good Sam is a great option to pick up the slack.

If you keep up on your maintenance and lock in the Good Sam plan early on in your RV ownership, you can also keep your rates down.

What Happens If I Change My Mind?

If you change your mind and cancel the Good Sam Extended Service Plan within the first 30 days, they will refund your money in full, less any claims that have been paid out or approved. After 30 days, Good Sam will refund a pro-rata amount based on the number of months left on the coverage plan, minus a $50.00 processing fee. 

How Much Does Good Sam’s ESP Cost?

As with any insurance or warranty plan, there is not a quick and easy average price. Several variables go into pricing a Good Sam Extended Service Plan (or any other insurance or warranty plan). This includes the make, model, mileage, and age of your vehicle, as well as what you are looking for from the program.

Additionally, there are different coverage levels that take into account variables. Things such as the length of coverage you are looking for, the deductible, and the way your payment for the plan is structured (i.e., monthly, quarterly, or annually).

The only way to get an accurate price on the Good Sam Extended Service Plan for your vehicle is to use Good Sam’s free online quote tool.

Is The Good Sam ESP Transferable?

Yes, if you sell your RV, the plan transfers along to the new owner at no cost to you, adding to the sale value.

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