How to Find a Good RV Wash Near You

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An RV being washed at an RV wash near me

After taking your RV on an adventure or two, it’s bound to be a little dirty. Keeping your rig clean will help it look new and last longer. If you’re wondering, “Where can I find an RV wash near me?” You’re not alone! It’s one of the primary reasons many RVers avoid bathing their rig. 

Today, we’ll help you learn how to find a good RV wash near you so you can finally give your RV the spa day it deserves. Let’s get started!

What Is an RV Wash?

An RV wash is like a car wash, but it can handle an RV’s height and width. You’ll drive or tow your RV into a bay. These are typically the same washes semis, and other large rigs use to keep their big rigs clean. You can expect a team of workers to spray and clean your entire RV in minutes.

A man cleaning at RV at an RV wash near me

Can You Wash An RV at a Truck Stop?

You’ll often see truck stops with washes more than capable of fitting substantial RVs. Many of these locations are welcoming to any large vehicle, including RVs. If you need to clean your RV, it’s best to ask ahead of time. However, most truck stop washes will gladly accept you as a paying customer.

If you go this route, you want to tell them not to use the scrub brushes on your rig. They typically use these brushes on every rig that comes through the bays. Dirt and debris on the brushes could cause scratches and damage to the protective coatings on your rig. Ask them to use the power spray and soap mixtures to clean your RV.

Your RV Wash Options

Washing an RV can be a labor-intensive project. Depending on your travel style, you may have difficulty finding a spot to do it yourself. Many campgrounds and RV parks prohibit rinsing vehicles at campsites. However, there are several options that you can use to keep your RV clean.

Truck Stops

This is one of the best options. It’s straightforward and cost-effective. You can pull into these locations and get in line with the other big rigs. When you’re next in line, they’ll send a worker to let you know what services they have to clean your rig.

Prices vary by location, but they usually charge by the length of your RV. If you have a large RV, you can expect to pay between $50 and $75. They may offer you a discount to clean the tow vehicle simultaneously.

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A truck stop, one of the best options for finding an RV wash near you

Mobile RV Wash Companies 

Mobile RV wash companies are not the cheapest option, but they can provide the best results. They are beneficial when you can’t find an RV wash near you. These are often companies that you can schedule to come wherever you’ve parked your RV. They can often clean awnings, the plastic on your vent, air conditioning covers, and your roof.

Depending on the size of your rig, these services can cost several hundred dollars. However, they provide a much better and more consistent. They often want to ensure you’re 100% satisfied since they’re putting their reputation on the line for every RV they clean.

If you’re staying in a campground, you’ll want to get permission before hiring a mobile RV wash company. Many campgrounds and RV parks prohibit cleaning vehicles in campsites because of the water usage and because camps are often very close together. They don’t want you to have unhappy neighbors with a soaking wet campsite. 

RV Dealerships

Many RV dealerships have on-site RV wash facilities. They want to ensure that RVers buy a sparkling clean rig. You may find an RV dealer near you with a service center willing to clean your RV. As a bonus, you can also have them do repairs or maintenance services.

How Do I Find an RV Wash Near Me? 

There are several ways that you can find an RV cleaning service near you. Access to the internet will provide you with ample information and help ensure you’re hiring a reputable company. Let’s look at how you can find an RV wash near you.

Ask The Campground

Camp hosts and workers at a campground may have relationships with local RV wash services. They may require you to use a specific service provider or have an idea of who they’ve seen others use in the past. Stop by the camp host’s site or the campground’s office to inquire.


Google knows everything, including how to find RV washes. Simply typing in “RV wash near me” on Google will help you locate the names and contact information for any services in the area. This is an excellent option as you can read reviews from others and avoid any with a reputation for not getting the job done right.

An RV being cleaned at an RV wash near the owner


RV washes are one of many businesses that Yelp can help you find. The business listings in Yelp’s database often include many reviews and pictures from other users. You can quickly narrow down your options by sorting through reviews. 

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Online Directories

Blue Beacon is one of the most popular options RVers use for RV washes. You can use their online directory. They even have apps in Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. Download these apps to your smartphone, and you can easily find a Blue Beacon near you to help keep your RV clean.

How Much Does It Cost to Wash an RV? 

The length of an RV and the type of services are significant factors in determining the cost to clean an RV. You can generally expect to pay approximately $5 per foot. However, if you want someone to rinse, wax, and do some interior detailing to your RV, prices can climb to $45 per foot. Running your RV through a truck wash like Blue Beacon will likely cost you $50 to $75.

A man cleaning his RV after finding an RV wash near him

How Often Should You Wash Your RV?

How often you wash your RV depends on where you’re using it. If you spend more time traveling down gravel or dirt roads, you may want to wash it several times a month. Most RVers who wish their RV to look new will wash their RV once a month or every other month.

If you’re only using your RV a few times each year, you may get by cleaning it at the beginning and end of each camping season. However, you’ll want to ensure you use a protective wax for your paint and decals. This will help them to stay like new for years.

Keep Your Rig Clean With an RV Wash 

If you want to keep your RV pristine, you’ll want to clean it regularly. It doesn’t matter whether you do it yourself or pay someone else to do it. You want to keep the dirt and debris off your RV. Detritus, like dead insects, can eat away at the protective layers on your RV and cause tremendous damage over time. Ensure you are regularly washing your RV!

How often do you clean your RV?

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