The Best Bug Nets to Keep the Bugs Out for Good

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Are you tired of pesky insects? A bug net is perfect for being active or sleeping outside without worrying about insects.

Rather than relying on bug spray or chemicals, a net can protect you from mosquitos and other insects. 

Keep reading to learn about bug nets and how they work. We’ll cover the seven best options to protect you from bites and potential disease carriers. 

Let’s get buzzin’! 

What Is a Bug Net? 

A bug net is a mesh fabric, typically polyester, with tiny holes to keep bugs from penetrating it.

It’s an excellent way to protect your skin from bug bites, specifically mosquitos. They create a protective, physical barrier outdoors or when sleeping in a particularly bug-ridden location.

They’re also an excellent alternative to using bug spray or essential oils. 

Do Bug Nets Work? 

Mosquito nets are a proven way to keep their diseases from spreading to humans. The nets are crucial in areas with a high rate of mosquito-borne viruses and parasites.

Acting as a physical barrier, they keep mosquitoes and other bugs away from skin contact. In addition, the CDC reports that treating a bug net with insecticide reduces the number of mosquitos in the area.

So not only does a net protect the person it’s covering, but it can also help prevent disease, such as malaria, from an entire community. 

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How Much Does a Bug Net Cost? 

The cost of a bug net depends on where you’re purchasing it and what type it is.

Malaria nets cost about $2 on average around the world. The nets we recommend in our list cost between $8 to $55.

However, they vary in size and purpose. 

A bug on a hand before being blocked by a bug net

What to Look for When Shopping for a Bug Net 

The shape and size are essential features when shopping for a bug net.

First, determine how you will use the net. Is it for sleeping? Or is it to wear over your head during hiking, fishing, or other outdoor activities?

Next, measure what the net needs to fit over. For example, if you’re attaching it to a bed, measure the frame it will connect to and the height it should extend above you while sleeping.

The last thing you want is to feel claustrophobic because of the net. 

In addition, you’ll want to look for a bug net that seals off to enclose whatever parts of your body you’re protecting. Ensure a mosquito can’t sneak through the seam or opening.

We also recommend looking for a breathable net, especially if you’ll use it in hot climates. 

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The Best Bug Nets to Keep the Bugs Out for Good

Now that you know what to look for in a bug net, let’s look at the best options.

We’ll cover the best and second-best overall net, the best for protecting your face, sleeping, hanging above a bed, a one-person net, and a compact option for travel.

Best Overall: Ultra Large Mosquito Net with Bag

MEKKAPRO Ultra Large Mosquito Net with Carry Bag, Bug Netting with 2 Openings | Mosquito Netting for Bed, Patio, Camping, Outdoor & Travel | Mosquito Net for Bed with Carrying Pouch & Hanging Kit
  • Keep out mosquitoes, noseeum, black flies, wasps, bugs and other pesky insects with MEKKAPRO's Natural Mosquito Net....
  • Scientifically proven optimal hexagon mesh design. Made for maximum breathability yet impenetrable by pesky mosquitoes,...

The Ultra Large Mosquito Net is hexagonal and can hang from a tree or other structure.

It’s perfect for a queen or king-size bed indoors or a hammock outdoors. The mesh net has maximum breathability, and mosquitos and other insects cannot penetrate it.

It also has two openings for the entrance and includes a hanging kit with seven hooks, screws, plugs, extra string, and a carrying pouch. 

Runner Up: Premium Mosquito Net for Camping

Premium Mosquito Net for Double Bed, crib, hammock or camping by Alpine Grand, Full hanging kit with extra-long strings and 8 hooks, Free Carry Bag
  • Perfect Protection Against Insects & Mosquitoes for a restful night’s sleep. You can rest easy knowing the extra fine...
  • Sets Up Quickly with Our Easy Hanging Kit. The 8-point hanging system does not require special skills. Includes 6 stakes...

The Premium Mosquito Net for Camping is rectangular and has an eight-point hanging system.

It has six stakes for securing the net to the ground, eight hooks and plugs, and extra-long nylon string. It also has a backpack storage bag that is lightweight and machine washable.

The net will cover almost any size bed as its dimensions are 79 by 79 by 59 inches.

In addition, its extra-fine mesh fabric has 225 holes per two inches to provide maximum air circulation while keeping out bugs.

Best for Protecting Your Face: Premium Mosquito Head Net

EVEN NATURALS Premium Mosquito Head Net | Ultra Large & Long, Extra Fine Holes, Mesh | Insect Netting, Soft Durable Fly Screen | Carry Bag
  • SOFT AND DURABLE: Extra fine – 620 holes/inch2
  • SIMPLY THE BEST MOSQUITO HEAD NET: This Mosquito net is bigger than other nets. It has the finest mesh, the only head...

The Premium Mosquito Head Net is extra-fine, soft, and durable, with 620 holes per two inches.

It will protect your head, face, and neck against mosquitos, gnats, and no-see-ums. You can see well out of the net, providing airflow.

It’s a one-size-fits-all with dimensions of 25 inches on the top, 26 inches high, and 39 inches on the bottom. It’s also machine-washable.

We recommend wearing a hat under it to keep the net off your face. 

A mesh bug net tent

Best for Sleeping: Pop-Up Mosquito Net Tent 

Wicked Cool MosquitOasis Pop-Up Mosquito Net Tent for Summer Camps and Camping
  • Nice Polyester and Fine Mosquito Netting
  • Designed in the USA, made in China

The Pop-Up Mosquito Net Tent is perfect for sleeping, especially when camping.

It’s 100% enclosed and has a zipper like a tent, so you won’t worry about bugs sneaking in while you’re asleep.

The bug net is straightforward to set up, as it pops up in seconds, and it’s convenient to fold up and put in its carrying bag.

In addition, it can attach to standard camping cots. Its material is polyester and fine mosquito netting.

Best for Hanging Above a Bed: Mosquito Net for Single to King-Sized Beds

Mosquito Net for Single to King-Sized Beds – Fully-Enclosed Bed Canopy for Travel or Decoration – Free Bag, Hanging Kit & Adhesive Ceiling Hooks for Easy Setup
  • FULLY-ENCLOSED TRAVEL NET! A unique mosquito netting that is enclosed on all sides. Our unique elastic bottom fits...
  • EXTRA LARGE! Our XL net size (35 x 7.6 feet) is suitable for single to king-sized beds. The elastic loop on top prevent...

The Mosquito Net for single to king-size beds is a fully-enclosed travel net. It has two openings and hangs up.

You can hang it above your bed, or if you’re camping, you could hang it on a tree or other structure.

The elastic bottom fits snugly around a bed or mattress, and the elastic loop on top prevents accidental tearing when you pull the net down.

It comes with a hanging kit, adhesive ceiling hooks, and a carrying bag. The net is durable polyester with 256-hole mesh material. 

Best for One Person: SANSBUG 1-Person Pop-up Bed Net

SansBug 1-Person Pop-up Bed Net (All-Mesh, Poly Floor)
  • Pops open instantly into shape - simply slide off the elastic strap and toss up into the air away from you. No assembly...
  • All-mesh allows breeze from a ceiling fan; Noiseless poly floor (no crinkly noise like the heavier tarp floor); Zippered...

The SANSBUG 1-Person Pop-up Bed Net is fully enclosed and with one zippered opening.

It pops instantly into shape by sliding off the elastic strap. When open, it’s 86 inches long, 39 inches wide, and 35 inches high.

Fold the net into a flat disc to insert it into its carrying case for transport and storage.

You can use it indoors or outdoors, but we recommend using a cot or groundsheet under it if you’re in a tent. 

Best for Compact Travel: Mosquito Net Tent Mesh

Mosquito Net Tent Mesh for Camping Traveling Mosquito Net (Sunrise Orange+Dove Grey-210cm x 100cm)
  • [Fits Carry-on Luggage & Kid-friendly Weight] The folded size is 45cm x 14.5cm x 9cm and the package weighs only 1.52kg....
  • [One-Person Easy Set & No Brain Closing] Many mosquito nets on the market are difficult to fold back and require an...

The Mosquito Net Tent Mesh is ideal for traveling and camping. It fits in a small bag that can go into carry-on luggage and is lightweight at only 3.35 pounds.

Its simple setup is similar to a pop-up tent, including poles and a stake. The net has a waterproof coating on the top and bottom so that you can set it on wet ground without concern.

The 400D UPF50+ oxford cloth fabric with mesh has 290 holes per square inch to keep all bugs out.

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A bug net out on a campsite
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Stay Bite-Free With a Bug Net 

A bug net can be a game-changer. It eliminates the need for bug spray and protects your skin from bites and bugs that carry disease. It’s ideal for outdoor camping or sleeping in mosquito-infested climates. 

Which bug net will work for your needs? The products on our list are high quality and get excellent reviews. 

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