How To Find RV Repair Tech Services Anywhere

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As with homeownership, our homes on wheels tend to require repairs and maintenance on occasion.  But with a sticks-and-bricks house, we usually contact a repair service locally, using them time and time again when new issues come up.  When we are traipsing across the country in our RVs, it is difficult to know where to look for help when the need arises.  Here are some suggestions for finding top-quality assistance on the road when you need RV repairs.

Factors To Consider When Searching For An RV Repair Company

Check the reviews

Look to Yelp and even the Better Business Bureau to read about others’ experiences with the repair shop/individual that you have found. This will help you avoid an RV repair place that will give you a headache.

Look into the capacity of the RV repair company

Do they have the space to handle the size of your rig?  Do they have the time?  Can you live in the rig on their lot while waiting for repairs?

Find out the experience of the RV mechanic

Ask for the number of years they’ve been in service, and check with local customers about their quality of work.

Choose a specialized RV repair company

If you need diesel engine repairs or work on a specific appliance in the RV, be sure to find someone who works on those specialties. Contact the manufacturer of the product and they will normally have a list of authorized warranty repair centers.

Do they offer mobile RV repair services?

If your rig is disabled and can’t be moved, you should definitely be looking for a mobile repairman.  Start there in your research.

Is the repair company insured?

Ask, especially if they are a new business, or you can’t find reviews or local testimonials on their work.

Ask about warranties

Always ask if they guarantee their work, and if so, how?

Join RV communities

Many Facebook groups and RV forums have thousands of experienced RVers who may have utilized the same service provider and can tell you about the quality of their work.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to them. This can speed up your warranty work by getting done right the first time.

Qualified and certified

If the service shop is certified in specialized work, they will normally post that in ads and online.  Ask if you are uncertain.

Tips To Get Your Repair Completed With Less Stress

Put together a road trip RV repair packet

Put all of your information on warranties, roadside assistance, and service programs in one folder.  Place it in an accessible location where you can get to it when necessary.

Understand your warranty and service plans

Before you hit the road, make yourself knowledgeable about your RVs’ warranties and service plans.  Then if something occurs while traveling, check those warranties first to make sure that your actions don’t void them.

Let your roadside assistance, warranty, and service plans work for you

You purchased that roadside assistance plan, so make good use of it when the time comes.

Have the mechanic come to you

If possible, ask if repairs can be made at your vehicle.  That will save you time and quite possibly, money.

Inquire at the campground

Campgrounds are usually a great resource for any RV needs, including the names of reputable repairmen and shops.

Learn to do things yourself

Utilize sources like YouTube and video classes on RV repairs to learn the skills needed to repair items in your RV.

Check online reviews

If you find a mechanic, check,, and to check their reviews from previous customers.

Is It Difficult To Get Service On Old RVs?

If you are depending upon dealerships for RV repairs, it might be a little difficult (but not impossible) to find someone knowledgeable about older RVs, especially those whose manufacturers are no longer in business.  

But because there are so many interchangeable parts and knowledge about them, most mechanics are pretty adept at working on all vehicles.  Appliances in the RV may be a bit more challenging, but repair shops can usually contact the individual manufacturers for assistance with particular issues.

We’ve found that most mobile RV techs also have a varied background of experience working on a wide variety of vehicles, so they are exceptionally good at identifying problems and fixing them on RVs of all ages.

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  1. Our refrigerator went out when we got to Boise, ID. The campground gave us a name to call. He said couldn’t get out for a week so he gave us another name, called and he came right out. He told us there was a recall on the part & could only find 1 in AZ. We had to leave the RV park before it arrived. We were able to park our trailer at our daughter’s for a night. He called and came out after work & installed it for us! If you ever need a tech in Boise give In and Out Mobile RV Repair.

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