5 Regrets of an RV Road Trip

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An RV road trip is an idyllic way to spend a vacation. But things don’t always go as planned. When things go wrong, it can make or break your vacation. Today we’ll look at five regrets of an RV road trip. Let’s get started!

Taking an RV Road Trip is a Great Way to Travel While Social Distancing

When you hit the road in an RV, it can be incredibly easy to travel and still maintain a safe distance from others.

You’ll have almost everything you need for day-to-day living and minimize the amount of time you spend around others.

You may need to stop to refuel or stock up on supplies, but those are often the only times you’d need to be near others.

Many people looking to travel during the pandemic turned to the RV lifestyle to make it happen, especially as officials lifted travel restrictions across the country.

Whether you’re looking to travel across your state or the entire country, an RV road trip is a great option for a family vacation.

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RV Road Trips Can Be Fun, But…

While traveling across the country in an RV can be exciting, it may be exciting for all the wrong reasons.

Things will break, accidents happen, and road closures can detour you.

If your fellow travelers don’t handle stress well, it can get tense quickly.

RVing requires travelers to embrace spontaneity and change. 

Pro Tip: Make your road trip easy and fun with these 10 Easy Hacks to Make Your Road Trip Epic.

5 Regrets of an RV Road Trip

Let’s take a look at five regrets you may encounter during an RV road trip. These might help you prepare for your next adventure.

1. Lots of Time in a Very Small Space

Spending lots of time in a tiny space can get frustrating quickly. You’re constantly bumping into something or possibly even hitting your head on cabinets.

The more people in that tiny space, the more opportunity for frustrations to grow.

At first, you may feel like you’re constantly on top of someone or have little to no privacy.

If everyone on your trip feels stressed by a small space, it’s going to be a long trip.

While that RV may have seemed spacious before the trip, it can quickly shrink the more time you spend in it.

Woman reading in a small space in her RV on a road trip.

2. Travel Days Can Be Stressful

Once you hit the road, there are so many factors that are out of your hands. W

eather conditions, road closures, or even a mechanical failure can cause delays.

A short travel day can quickly turn into an all-day adventure when things don’t go as planned.

Not having a plan for restroom breaks and meals can cause you and your fellow travelers to get cranky during travel days.

Unless you can work your magic, one rough travel day can lead to consecutive stressful travel days.

Pro Tip: Use an RV travel planning app like RV Life Trip Wizard that will plan an RV safe driving route and help estimate fuel costs.

3. Gas Prices: OMG!

You may have noticed that gas prices are ticking upward lately. When you’re RVing, you’ve got a big gas tank on board.

Some large RVs have 100+ gallon tanks and run off diesel. While you may balk at a $50-$60 fill-up, an RV fill-up can easily cost $500 or more.

The benefit of an RV road trip is that you can plan your travels to locations where gas prices are more manageable.

However, many popular RV travel destinations have heftier fuel prices. The pain at the pump is inevitable when you’re on an RV road trip.

Pro Tip: If you use diesel, get the Open Roads TSD Fuel Card to save up to $0.50 per gallon!

Woman paying with phone for gasoline while on an RV road trip.

4. Finding Campgrounds Can Be Difficult, Especially Nowadays

In recent years RVing has become incredibly popular.

While campgrounds would typically fill up on weekends or holidays, some campgrounds are even filling up during the week now.

The larger the RV, the fewer spots are available at many campgrounds.

One of the biggest regrets you can have during an RV road trip is racing the setting sun to find a campsite.

You don’t want to try to park an RV in the dark, especially if you’re new to RVing.

5. It’s More Difficult to Navigate an RV Than a Car

You don’t have to worry about low clearances, narrow roads, or other road restrictions when traveling in a car.

Safely navigating an RV requires planning and constant attention to road signs and others traveling around you.

Another difficulty with navigating an RV is that you can’t pull into just any parking lot to take a break.

You don’t want to pull into a parking lot and not have an exit plan.

This can cause not only a tremendous amount of stress but damage to your RV or someone else’s property.

Pro Tip: Don’t get stuck sitting in awkward silence on your road trip. Instead, use The Perfect Road Trip Music Service to keep you cruising and grooving.

Close-up image of friends checking map on smartphone when planning an RV road trip

Benefits of RV Road Trips

While it may sound like we’re trying to talk you out of an RV road trip, there are a few things you’ll love about your trip.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of choosing an RV road trip for your next vacation.

You Have Your Own Bed and Bathroom Everywhere You Go

When you choose an RV for your road trip, you no longer have to worry about where you’ll sleep or use the restroom.

You take your bed and bathroom with you wherever you go.

You no longer have to settle for a subpar hotel bed or truck stop bathroom.

You’ll have the flexibility to climb into your RV and use your RV’s bathroom. 

Little boy in RV bed with guitar

No Worries About Booking Hotels or Sleeping in Public Places

Because you tow your bedroom with you wherever you go, you won’t have to worry about booking a sketchy hotel or sleeping in public places.

You can book a campground or find a great boondocking spot to pull over for the night.

You’ll have all of the conveniences of home but in your RV.

Plus, you’ll always know who was sleeping in those sheets last.

Smiling young man driving the car with woman holding a road map. Young couple on road trip.

RVs Are a Great Way to Travel Safely

Traveling in an RV can be incredibly safe. You can be self-sufficient when needed. If you’re worried about being close to others, an RV can help minimize your interactions.

An RV road trip also means you can pull over in a safe location and get some rest when you’re tired.

This helps reduce the risk of drowsy driving.

If you’re involved in an accident, RVs are large vehicles and often made of metal.

While you’re likely to cause damage to whatever you hit, your RV will absorb much of the impact and keep you and your fellow travelers safe.

Woman on an RV road trip enjoying sunset.

Is an RV Road Trip Worth It? 

We’re firm believers that an RV road trip is something that everyone should experience at least once in their life.

While it may require more planning and patience, the benefits and freedom an RV provides far outweighs any stresses. Have you ever taken an RV road trip?

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