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One of the worries I had about the RV lifestyle was getting bored driving.

Weird right?

We would be traveling all over the US, seeing the beautiful countryside and I was worried about being bored.

Well, I have been on enough road trips to know that it is not all grand vistas and ocean views. Large parts of the country are never-ending desert or vast corn field after corn field.

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Good music is synonymous with a great road trip. We knew that we needed to have amazing tunes to make this lifestyle epic.

Satellite radio has made that a possibility for us without taking up our data or forcing us to take the time to create perfect playlists before we hit the road.

We started with a Sirius XM free trial for our truck since it had a built-in XM radio. You can get a free trial too if you have an inactive Sirius XM radio in your car or truck by clicking the link below and then “Try Sirius XM”.

We loved it so much we upgraded to a full membership that includes access to Sirius XM Online and the Sirius XM app also. We use the Sirius XM app on our Apple TV to play music in and outside our RV over our built-in speakers.

Using the link below we were able to save another $60 and get the first 6 months for only $30.

Another bonus of Sirius XM radio are the non-music channels.

We move on Sundays so are not always set-up and ready to go for Seahawks games. Sirius XM has a channel for almost every major sport and even team specific channels. I can listen to Seahawk radio whether I’m in Los Angeles or Florida and still feel like I’m in Seattle.

Want to listen to the latest news? You can pick your poison with a channel for Fox News, CNN, and NPR.

You can even get you laugh on with stations that play stand-up comedy only!

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Objection: We have free radio over the air!

Justification: It took two days of driving when we picked up our truck from a dealer in Montana and driving it back to Los Angeles to realize that “scanning” the radio for a station that wasn’t static every few hours was not going to cut it.

Our reception issue got even worse when we replaced our normal antenna with a stubby antenna so it wasn’t in the way for all of Rae’s new state sign pictures. Sirius XM allows us to get crystal clear radio anywhere (except under bridges). No need to change the station or get stuck listening to a station playing mariachi because it is the only one available.

Objection: I have Spotify / Pandora / Apple Music / Sound Cloud /etc. I don’t need Sirius XM radio.
Justification: Those all require data connections. What if you have no service? Shocker, large parts of the country are still without fast cell service. Sure, you can save music locally to your device when you have service or free wifi but then you lose flexibility.

One of the greatest parts of driving around the country is listening to music that fits your surroundings. We listened to Jazz as we explored New Orleans, Country down the back-roads of Texas, Blues through Mississippi, and Electronic Dance Music as we drove to Miami Beach. Your trip becomes even more enjoyable when you start to immerse yourself in your surroundings than just looking in.

Objection: What about my CDs?
Justification: What are those?

Objection: It is too expensive!
Justification: This is really a personal preference. I look at any entertainment cost at a cost/time valuation. It’s easy to calculate, just need an estimate of the time you will be entertained and the cost. Here is an example:

$15 / 3 hour movie in theaters = $5/hour
$2 / 3 hour movie from Red Box = $0.67/hour
$15 / 20 hours listening in Truck a month = $0.75/hour

Your numbers may be different based on the amount you use it and it might not be cost effective for you. The amount of entertainment it brings me for the monthly cost is worth it for me. As you can see it’s on the level with Red Box (which is a great deal)!

Photo by Mohammad Metri

There are almost no downsides to Sirius XM radio in your car or truck. The immersion you get matching your music to your surroundings brings any road trip to the next level. It has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of driving around the country.

Are you looking for other recommendations on staying entertained while on the road? Check out Audible to read your favorite books while on the road or while really doing anything. You can also use Podcasts to get the latest news, hear spooky ghost stories, or get motivated if music or reading isn’t your thing.

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