Best Camping and RV Podcasts to Download Today

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How do you learn more about the RV lifestyle? Do you read books or blogs? Watch YouTube channels or RV makeover series? For many people, the answer to that question is camping podcasts. 

More and more campers learn about traveling and get inspired to travel more often because of camping podcasts. From the latest RV industry news and hacks for RV storage to the best beachfront campgrounds, you can learn just about anything these days. 

So let’s look at the best camping and RV podcasts you’ll want to add to your playlist. Let’s dive in!

Why Should I Listen to Podcasts?

Podcasts are easily accessible. You can listen to a podcast on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Whether on a run or driving to work, podcasts make great resources to learn something new, stay informed, and connect with your favorite podcasters.

It’s also free entertainment. There’s something for everyone out there. So whether you want to learn how to make passive income, how to reach your distant teenager, or the best places to visit in the winter, you’ll find a podcast about almost anything.

Podcasts can also help you develop listening skills. We pay attention. We use our imagination. Podcasts engage different parts of our brains as we actively listen.

You can feel inspired, motivated, or entertained whenever you tune in. And better yet, you can listen while on road trips.

What Can I Expect From a Camping Podcast?

Although you may find a long list of camping podcasts, each one will offer a unique perspective and have different audiences based on the content. Some camping podcasts are about how to carve out quality time with family. 

Other camping podcasts talk about how you can make money while you travel. Still, others share the best places to travel. Because each one is different and hosted by different personalities, you can find the few that best serve your needs.

A woman relaxing on her camping trip listening to a podcast

10 Best Camping Podcasts to Add to Your Playlist

Below are 10 of the best camping podcasts today. The hosts have created large audiences through humor, information, story-telling, and education. You’re bound to find at least one — if not more — that you’ll want to download.

1. The Dirtbag Diaries

Supported by Patagonia, “The Dirtbag Diaries” has been entertaining listeners since 2007. Fitz Cahall, the co-founder of the production company Duct Tape Then Beer, narrates these tales of backpackers, paddlers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor enthusiasts. He inspires listeners to go for it and seek their own adventure.

When new episodes post: You can listen to new episodes posted weekly.

2. The RV Podcast

Hosted by Mike and Jennifer Wendland, “The RV Podcast” is all about celebrating the RV lifestyle. These retired journalists have traveled North America for 12 years and have lots of tips and experiences to share with listeners.

You can learn about the challenges and joys of RVing and everything in between. You can also check out one of the 15 travel guidebooks they’ve written!

When new episodes post: Look for a new episode of “The RV Podcast” weekly.

3. Travel With Meaning

Travel With Meaning” is a storytelling community of travelers supporting and encouraging each other on the journey. You’ll hear stories from people who have traveled as a hobby, a lifestyle, and part of their job. 

One podcast might be an interview with an athlete, and the next might be an interview with a CEO. But no matter when you tune in, you’ll find inspiring guests sharing how travel has profoundly impacted their lives.

When new episodes post: This camping and travel podcast posts new episodes bi-weekly.

4. The Wayward Home

Kristin Hanes spends half her time traveling the United States in a camper van and the other half sailing the seas around Mexico. She teaches listeners how to work remotely and transition to the nomadic lifestyle. 

You can feel inspired to venture beyond the boundaries of “normal” to explore all this world has to offer. If you don’t know where to start, “The Wayward Home” is a great RV and travel podcast to add to your playlist.

When new episodes post: Look for a new episode every week.

Keep in Mind: Listen to your favorite tunes on the road the best Road Trip Music Service (Hint: It’s NOT Spotify)

5. RV Entrepreneur

If you want to know how to start making money while traveling, the RV entrepreneur podcast is for you.

Created by Heath Padgett and now hosted by Joshua Sheehan, Rose Willard, and Kimberly Crossland, this podcast encourages nomads and RVers to live the life they’ve dreamed of by building income on the road. Each week, the host interviews a digital nomad who has created a business that sustains their travel lifestyle.

When new episodes post: Tune in every Thursday for great content.

6. Rootless Living

Demian Ross brings a new podcast every Monday to inform and entertain listeners. As an extension of “Rootless Living Magazine,” the “Rootless Living podcast” is full of stories, helpful tips, and insights from RVers, world travelers, and sailors from all over the world.

During each episode, Demian chats with travelers to get their perspective on rootless living and how they’re embracing the nomadic lifestyle.

When new episodes post: Find a new episode every Monday.

7. Backpacker Radio

If you’re a hiker or backpacker looking for a more specific camping podcast geared towards your hobby, look no further than “Backpacker Radio.”

Backpacker Radio is all about thru-hiking and long-distance backpacking, from stories about hiking the Appalachian Trail to the Pacific Crest Trail. You’ll also learn about the latest gear and trends and receive advice while pursuing adventure on the trails.

When new episodes post: “Backpacker Radio” has new episodes weekly.

Travel Tips: Do you know the #1 key to surviving long road trips? It’s Audible!

8. The RV Atlas

Jeremy and Stephanie Puglisi started “The RV Atlas,” hoping to inspire other families to travel and make memories together.

These two parents wanted to spend more time with their kids, so they took up camping and traveling and haven’t looked back. If you want to hit the road, learn how RVing has transformed this family and can change your life, too.

When new episodes post: This RV and camping podcast has new weekly episodes.

9. Happy Camper Radio

The Happy Camper Radio” podcast was created to encourage and promote camping among families. Skip Huber wanted to create a podcast that encouraged families to get outside and enjoy nature together. 

Building and maintaining family unity is critical, especially when life gets complicated. From camping gear to tips and tricks, Huber helps new and seasoned campers.

When new episodes post: Look for new content weekly.

10. RV Miles

Hosted by Jason and Abby Epperson, the “RV Miles” podcast provides listeners with travel trips, destinations, news, and personal camping stories.

The Eppersons share their personal experiences with detailed reviews of campgrounds and attractions and provide the latest news from the RV industry. It’s entertaining and informative for RVers traveling the country with their families.

When new episodes post: Tune in weekly.

Where Can I Listen to RV Podcasts?

It doesn’t take much searching to find an RV or camping podcast. You can easily type in one of the podcasts mentioned above on Google to find out how to listen to that particular show. Spotify and iTunes are two of the most popular apps.

Many podcasters also have a YouTube channel where you can tune in if you prefer to watch rather than listen. You can also download podcast or bookstore apps to find more.

But no matter how or where you listen, catch up on the latest RV news, popular camping destinations, and trends in the industry. Be inspired by stories of adventure.

Be entertained through humor. So gather around the campfire and join hosts from all over the country as we all journey together in this travel lifestyle!

Which podcast will you download next?

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