How to Repair Your Foggy RV Window

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A foggy RV window

Although RV foggy windows aren’t dangerous like water damage or faulty electrical wiring, they’re still something you want to take care of to give yourself the clear view you want.

If you park in a dispersed campsite overlooking a canyon in Utah, what good is it if you can’t see it through your windows?

Today we’re going to dive into a DIY project for an RV foggy window repair. We’ll look at the causes of RV foggy windows, the steps for completing the repair, and the repair cost. Let’s go!

What Causes Foggy RV Windows?

Over time, the seals around your RV dual pane windows weaken and start to allow moisture in. Usually, these seals form a tight bond and prevent condensation from building.

However, when they are no longer tight, you’ll see moisture and fog starting to build up. You want to deal with this as soon as possible to prevent permanent etching on the windows, which would require total window replacement.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do to prevent foggy RV windows because this is a by-product of travel.

When your rig bounces up and down along the highway, so do your windows. Eventually, the seals get broken or weakened.

So keep an eye on the seals along your dual pane windows. Make sure they’re tightly bonded to prevent this moisture build-up. When you see the fogging begin, tackle the repair soon.

Close up of a foggy RV window

Can I Complete An RV Foggy Window Repair Myself?

An RV foggy window repair can be done on your own. You don’t have to hire a professional to clean or reinstall your windows. This DIY project shouldn’t take very long, and it’s a pretty cheap repair.

Check out the steps below to help you complete this project!

Steps For A DIY RV Foggy Window Repair

Cleaning your foggy RV dual pane windows is much cheaper than having them replaced. This is why you want to complete the repair when you see the hazing.

Below are easy steps to complete your DIY RV foggy window repair. 

Remove and Clean the Window

First, remove any curtains or valances from around the window. Unscrew the window trim. Then grab a ladder and putty knife. Go outside, cut away the window caulking, and remove the window from the side of the RV.

Next, you must remove the two panes from the frame and separate the glass pieces. Use a razor or box cutter to scrape any residue left between the window panes.

You made need to use acetone to eliminate any adhesive. Then clean the window panes with cleaner and wipe them entirely with a cloth.

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A couple fixing their foggy RV window

Reassemble and Reseal

Now it’s time to reassemble your RV window. Make sure your panes are dry before putting them back together. And then reassemble the window.

Use butyl tape if necessary to keep the window spacers in place. Make sure the window is completely sealed and dried before moving on.

Reinstall and Reseal

It will be helpful to have another set of hands for the reinstallation. Have another person stand on the ladder outside the RV and hold the window in place while you go inside and screw the window trim back in.

Then return to the outside and caulk around the exterior of the window. Stand back and admire your work!

A man working on fixing his foggy RV window

Where Can I Buy An RV Foggy Window Repair Kit?

There are also RV foggy window repair kits that you can buy for $259-369. The basic kit comes with all the tools and supplies you need to complete your repair; drill bits, sprayer hose, venting plugs, and more.

If you plan on doing all of your RV windows, this may be a good repair kit as it comes with enough supplies to repair up to 12 windows.

The advanced kit can repair up to 24 windows. This is probably unnecessary because you won’t want to haul this extra gear as you travel. So $259 for the basic repair kit is all you would need.

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How Much Does It Cost To Repair An RV Foggy Window?

If you complete an RV foggy window repair on your own without a kit, the cost will depend on what tools you have available. If you need to grab window cleaner, acetone, a caulking gun, or any of the other items you need, then that will affect the overall cost.

If you already have everything on hand, your RV foggy window repair could cost nothing.

Compare this to hiring an RV repair specialist who will charge anywhere from $100-400 to remove, clean, and reinstall your windows. If you require a total window replacement, expect to pay $200-1800, depending on the window size.

If this is your situation, the RV Fog Doctor is a company with excellent reviews.

One customer wrote, “We just wanted to express our sincerest appreciation. We brought in our 2005 Fleetwood Storm to have two windows repaired that had fogged over. My husband could hardly see out the window to see the side view mirrors. We were pleasantly surprised at the amazing job you and your staff did. The windows look better than brand new.”

Save Some Money And Complete Your Own RV Foggy Window Repair

Foggy windows are part of the RV lifestyle. Save money and gather the tools necessary to complete your RV foggy window repair whenever you see the white haze appearing.

But don’t delay! Fifty bucks to buy some materials is much better than hundreds of dollars to pay a professional for a window replacement.

Have you ever had to repair your foggy RV windows?

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