This Is Why You Should Test Your RV Emergency Exit Window

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Did you know your rig has an RV emergency exit window? It does. Every RV should have an emergency exit, and it’s important that you know how to use them.

This article is all about RV safety and emergency preparedness, something every RVer should know and plan for. Here’s how to get started with RV emergency preparedness. 

Do You Know How Your RV Emergency Exit Window Works? 

Do you know how your RV emergency exit window works? What about the location of your RV emergency exit window? 

It’s not surprising that many RVers have never even tested their RV emergency windows. Emergencies just aren’t at the top of your mind when you’re RVing, but preparedness is everything. Take this article to heart and make sure you test your emergency exits and alarms and have a plan for everyone who travels with you in the event of any kind of emergency.

Where Are RV Emergency Exit Windows? 

You’ll find RV emergency exit windows near the living and sleeping quarters of your RV. Some RVs may have more than one emergency exit window.

You’ll know that a window is an emergency exit window because it will have red “EXIT” lettering either on the window itself or on a sticker below it. You’ll also notice handles or a strange opening mechanism for your emergency exit windows. 

This is Why You Should Test Your Emergency Exit Windows

In this video by RVBlogger, Mike shares the importance of knowing how your RV emergency exit windows work. He admits he’d never even tested his window before reading an article about RV safety. If this is something that has slipped your mind, you’re not alone. 

In Mike and Susan’s RV, they realized they didn’t know how to open their emergency exit window. And when Mike tried to open it, it wouldn’t budge. The previous owners had never tried to open it, either.

Not learning how to open your RV emergency exit window could be a fatal mistake. Had Mike and Susan experienced an emergency like fire and couldn’t figure out how to open their emergency window, they may have been stuck. It turns out that since no one had ever opened their emergency window, packing clips from the manufacturer still sealed it shut. Don’t let this happen to you.

1. You Need to Know How It Works and If It Works Properly

Go test your RV emergency windows right after you read this article. You need to know how they work and if they even work properly at all. If your RV window is sealed or stuck from dirt, debris, or other sealants, you need to take the time to make sure they’re in proper working order. 

2. Your Emergency Exit Window Could Save Your Life … Unless You Don’t Know How to Open It

RV emergency windows exist to save your life if you aren’t able to get to the door. But if you don’t know how to open it, you’ll be trapped, which can be a fatal mistake. 

3. New RV Emergency Exit Windows May Be Sealed by Manufacturer

Just like in RVBlogger Mike and Susan’s rig, you might have RV exit windows that still bear the manufacturer seal. If you experience an emergency, you might not be able to think straight or comprehend why you can’t get the window open. 

4. RV Emergency Exit Windows May Be Designed to Fall Out

Some RV emergency exit windows open wide enough for a person to get out, and others fall out completely. Another reason you should make sure you know how your emergency exit windows operate is so you don’t break or lose a window when you open it all the way and it falls out. Know which type of window you have before the heat of the moment.

Do You Have an RV Emergency Plan? 

We should all know about the importance of having an emergency plan in a home. From tornado plans to fire plans and more, most families have a system for getting to safety quickly when an emergency happens.

But you should also have one in an RV. It might even be more important to have an RV emergency plan because you’re away from home and your support network most of the time. 

Pro Tip: In addition to having an emergency plan, learn how to create the best RV emergency kit.

What to Do After Testing Your RV Emergency Exit Window

We highly recommend testing your RV emergency exit window at your next opportunity. Here’s what to do after you understand how it works. 

Show Everyone Who Travels with You How it Works

If you travel with your family, significant other, or anyone else, make sure every one of appropriate age understands how your emergency exit window works. Let the kids test it out and be sure they understand how to open it. 

Come Up with an RV Emergency Plan

Once everyone knows how to open the emergency windows, it’s time to think about RV emergency plans. Plan for major emergencies and natural disasters like tornadoes, fires, and flooding. 

Regularly Test Your Exit Window, Smoke, CO, and LPG Alarms

If you’re not in the habit of regularly checking your RV’s built-in safety equipment, it’s time to start. Regularly test your emergency windows, looking out for damage. Test that they open easily. Check your alarm systems regularly, too, to ensure they work properly and have fully charged batteries. 

Consider Getting a Fireproof Safe for Storing Important Documents

If you’re a full-time RVer, it’s a good idea to consider adding a fireproof safe to your RV. This can protect important documents like social security cards, birth certificates, and more from theft and fire.

Pro Tip: We’ve put together a list of practical safety products to give you some added peace of mind on the road.

Always Be Prepared

We share this information with you because we know it can save a life. It’s not something anyone really talks about, so we want to open that dialogue. Emergency preparedness in an RV is just as important (if not more so) than emergency preparedness in a home. How prepared are you?

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