What to Do About Your Fading RV Decals

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A pink rv with custom painted decals to replace the old faded decals.

Maintenance is an important part of RV ownership. Some maintenance items are imperative to the operation of your unit, while others are purely cosmetic. One of those features includes RV decal restoration. 

While faded decals won’t affect the functionality of your rig, they can reduce its resale value. Today we will discuss how you can restore those faded decals and when you might want to replace them altogether. 

What Makes RV Decals Fade?

RV decals fade primarily due to sun exposure. UV rays beating down on them can eventually cause them to lose their vibrancy. 

The sun can also bleach or remove the color from many materials, including the vinyl used on RVs. 

How to Restore Fading RV Decals

If you feel like your RV decals need restoration, you can do a few things to fix them. Here are a few products we think you should consider trying. 


Rejuvenate Pre-Saturated Restorer Wipes Penetrating Formula Restores Shines and Protects Faded, Oxidized, Sun-Damaged Outdoor Surfaces
  • Restore and protect indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Each box has five individually packaged 4 in. x 4 in. saturated microfiber wipes and covers up to 100 square feet total

Rejuvenate restores your faded decals quickly and easily. The individually wrapped wipes have a tried and true formula that you simply rub on. Each box covers up to 100 sq ft of surface. 

It is not greasy and restores and protects your decals from future damage. This solution protects for years to come. Consider this budget-friendly option to restore lightly damaged decals.  

Max’s RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer

McKee's 37 Marine & RV MKRV-550-1 Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer, 16 oz.
  • Restores Vinyl Decals
  • Protects New Decals From Fading

Max’s RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer works great when your decals get that unsightly chalky look. Simply wipe the solution on with a cloth to get that new shiny look back. 

After the product has restored your decals, it will continue to protect them from future fading. Each bottle has 16oz of the formula. 

3M Cleaner and Wax

3M Marine One Step Cleaner and Liquid Wax 09010E, 32 oz
  • Removes light to medium oxidation
  • Cleans and polishes to restore shine and color

3M, a well-known and trusted brand, has given us quality products for many years. This product will help restore their RV’s faded decals. The 3M cleaner and wax work great on both RVs and boats. 

This liquid formula works by cleaning and polishing your RV to restore shine and color to your decals. Each bottle contains 1 liter of product. 

Paint Over Them

YATTICH Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Spray Gun, with 5 Copper Nozzles & 3 Patterns, Easy to Clean, for Furniture, Fence, Car, Bicycle, Chair etc. YT-191
  • 【3 Spray Patterns & 5 Nozzle Sizes】Paint sprayer can be adjusted to 3 different spray patterns: horizontal, vertical...
  • 【Perfect Design For User Experience】Detachable, making it easier to use and clean; the paint output can be controled...

RV decal restoration could also mean just painting directly over them. Painting your decals gives your RV a fresh look without entirely replacing them. The trick to getting a great clean look is in the prep work. 

Be sure to wash your RV well before starting the painting process. Have painter’s tape on hand, and use paint that will stand up to outdoor elements. One of the great benefits of painting your details is choosing your colors based on your personality. Take a look at this reference video if you want to paint your RV.

How to Get a Replacement RV Decal

Sometimes RV decal restoration just doesn’t cut it. Some decals may have faded beyond repair. Decals can also crack, becoming brittle from the harsh sun. In this case, you likely want to replace the decals completely. Here is how you can find replacement decals for your RV. 

Call the Manufacturer

You should first call the manufacturer if you decide you want to replace your RV’s decals. They can tell you if they have your specific decal in stock and ship them directly to you or to your local dealer for application. 

If they don’t have any available, they can give you specifics such as color codes. This is helpful should you choose to have new ones custom-made. 

Get It Custom Made

Whether your manufacturer could not provide you with a replacement or if you would rather go a different route, you can always get them custom-made. When having new decals made, you can either replicate your previous decals, including the color or use this as your chance to change things up and get creative. 

How to Prevent Your RV Decals from Fading

Because the sun is the primary reason for faded decals, your best prevention method reduces time in direct sunlight. You can’t altogether avoid the sun, but you can take measures to protect your RV when not in use. 

First, you can store it in a covered place. An RV port provides significant protection from the sun and other weather elements. If a port is not an option, you can use an RV cover or position it so that other exterior buildings block direct sunlight. 

Having a good-looking RV can make you feel a bit proud. Keeping those decals looking vibrant can help your rig’s value. What are some of the best RV decal restoration methods you’ve found?

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