The Best RV Covers Buying Guide

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When it comes to buying an RV cover you want to make sure you’re getting the best for your money. I don’t know if you’ve been to the Grand Canyon recently but erosion by the elements can be harsh. Getting a good cover will help protect against those elements and will help your RV last longer with fewer repairs. So, when shopping for the best RV covers, you want to make sure it protects against wind, rain, sun, and snow and will last without tearing.

This rusty RV did not use an RV cover to protect it from the elements.

What You Should Consider Before You Buy

When shopping for the best RV covers there are a couple of things you should really consider, one being the size. You are going to want a cover that will fit tight. The looser the cover the more opportunity for wind to thrash it around and rip faster. The other thing to decide is the material it’s made from. The different types are:

  • Polypropylene: This is a strong material that is breathable, but not waterproof just water-resistant.
  • Polyester: This material provides great UV protection
  • Solution-dyed acrylic: this material is dyed to be great against UV rays and is also waterproof.
  • Polyethylene: This material is very strong and is great at resisting tears and is waterproof.

The last thing you will want to consider is the features of the cover. Some have easy access flaps to get to your door while some have air vents. So, when deciding which best fits your needs, you have to weigh in where you will be storing the RV and what elements it will mostly come in contact with.

Pro Tip: Covering your RV during storage is great, but you’ll want to be sure to keep the mice at bay as well. Be sure to read How To Keep Mice Out Of Your RV For Good next.

Best RV Covers by RV Type

Travel Trailer RV Cover 

When looking for a travel trailer cover the best one is Dikasun Travel Trailer RV Cover. This cover is designed to provide a snug fit up to a 33’ trailer. The material is 4-ply non-woven fabric on the top to prevent any chance of tearing and single-ply on the sides. This cover is UV resistant, rain resistant, windproof, and snow resistant. There are easy to access heavy-duty zippers to get to doors and straps to tighten down to fit. 

Fifth Wheel RV Cover

If you are looking for the best RV cover for a 5th wheel, RVMasking Heavy Duty 6 Layers 5th Wheel Cover is the best. This is designed to fit up to a 40’ trailer. The material is a 6-layer waterproof material for the top and a 3-layer for the sides. This cover is UV resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, and resistant to mildew. This cover also has air vents and straps to make the fit snug to prevent wind damage.

Class C RV Cover

SavvyCraft Upgraded Class C RV Cover, Breathable Waterproof Tear-Resistant Class C Motorhome Cover Fits 34ft-36ft Long Class C RV
  • [Upgraded Heavy Duty Class C RV Cover]: Made with durable Polyester with PU coating for better tear-resistance than...
  • [Indoor & Outdoor All Weather Protection]: UV treated fabric protects your RV from UV damage, rain, snow, dirt, nicks...

For a Class C RV, the best RV cover is SavvyCraft Class C RV Cover. They have many options in sizes ranging from 20’ all the way to 36’. This cover has a thick 4-layer top with a single layer siding. It protects against UV, rain, snow, wind, and dirt. This cover has vents to prevent moisture and heavy-duty zippers to allow access to the doors. It also has straps to tighten down for wind protection. The bottom is also elastic to help provide a custom fit for your RV.

Class A RV Cover

ADCO 34826 Designer Series Gray/White 34' 1" - 37' DuPont Tyvek Class A Motorhome Cover
  • Slip seam strapping system cinches at the top and bottom for a perfectly snug fit and prevents cover from wind damage;...
  • Water resistant but breathable; Tyvek RV top panel reflects sunlight, keeping RV cooler; designer polypropylene sides

When shopping for the best Class A RV cover you have to go with the ADCO AquaShed Class A Cover. There are many different size options ranging from 25’ to 43’. The whole cover is a triple layer with polypropylene sides. It best serves in moderate climates with high moisture. The cover protects against UV rays and is water-resistant. It has easy access to zippers and straps to tighten the cover for better wind protection.

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  1. When we bought our Winnebago class A with full body paint we were told not to cover it because the cover could damage the paint.

  2. We use a cover that is de for our model RV trailer when we put in storage for the winter. We have it winterized by the local business that does any inspections, etc. The man that owns this company has become a friend and is very reliable for his work and prices. He is a true gem.

  3. We currently do not use a cover during the camping season here in Michigan. During the winter months we store it inside out of the elements.

  4. I definitely use a cover for our RV. One appropriate for the four seasons here in Michigan. We keep the trailer covered between trips if they are more than 2 weeks apart and during the entire off season for us. I store it on our property so I able to keep an eye on it and do a periodic check to ensure no mice have gotten in.

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