What to Know Before You Visit the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry

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View of Rock of Age Granite Quarry
Source: Rock of Ages

If you have acrophobia, then you might want to sit this landmark out. However, if you can stand the knots in your stomach as you peer into a hole surrounded by hundreds of feet of sheer granite, you’ll love visiting the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Vermont.

This breathtaking sight is massive and beautiful. Let’s learn more about this unique tourist destination!

Where Is the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry?

Sitting in Graniteville, Vermont, the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry is the world’s largest deep-hole dimension granite quarry, nearly 600 feet deep.

Graniteville is east of Interstate 89, running north-south through Vermont and southwest of Highway 302. Interstate 91, another interstate running north-south through Vermont, is about 40 minutes east of Graniteville.

Burlington, Vermont, is less than an hour’s drive northwest of the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry, and the famous outdoor recreational area of Stowe is about a 40-minute drive north.

The state’s capital, Montpelier, is a short 20-minute drive along Highway 63 and Interstate 89.

About Graniteville, Vermont

The only reason Graniteville, Vermont, makes the list of Wikipedia towns is because it’s home to the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry. There isn’t much else here.

It’s less than two square miles and has less than 800 residents. Four small unincorporated villages make up the town of Barre, including East Barre, Websterville, Graniteville, and South Barre.

Rocky Ridge Raceway is a popular local go-kart track, and there are a couple of playgrounds and local parks.

However, the scenery of the Green Mountains is stunning. You might not go to Graniteville to do much else, but you’ll enjoy resting in the beauty of nature.

What Is the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry?

The Rock of Ages Granite Quarry dates to 1885 and employs over 200 people. Now the E. L. Smith Quarry, people mine Devonian Barre Granite here. It’s Barre Granite because of the proximity to the town of Barre.

This fine granite is a mixture of quartz, feldspar, and mica. Because of its fine grain, texture, and superior weather resistance, Barre Granite is sought-after worldwide. The United States Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC, includes this granite. 

Is the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry Still Operating?

Yes! The Rock of Ages Granite Quarry is still very crucial. The Barre Granite mined here is in high demand.

Visitors to the Rock of Ages factory can watch quarriers cut the granite from the quarry wall.

View of Rock of Age Granite Quarry
Source: Rock of Ages

What to Know Before You Visit the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry

If you’d like to visit this beautiful location in the Vermont mountains, you’re in for a treat.

The sheer immensity of the quarry is breathtaking, and the surrounding natural views are inspiring. Plus, where else can you play a game of bowling on a granite bowling lane?

Know The Hours of Operation and Cost

The 40-minute guided tours operate rain or shine. There are no tours on Sunday. Monday-Friday tours depart at 10:15 am, 11:15 am, 1:15 pm, and 2:15 pm.

Saturday tours leave at 10:15 am and 11:15 am only. The self-guided factory tour is free, but a guided tour of the quarry will cost $7.00 per adult, $6.50 per senior (62+), and $4.00 per child (6-13). Children five and under are free.

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View of Rock of Age Granite Quarry

Start at the Visitors Center

At the Visitors Center, you can reserve your guided tour, watch a video about the quarrying and manufacturing processes, meander along the exhibits with historic photos, and shop for natural stone gifts in the gift shop.

This 5,000-square-foot building is a beautiful introduction to the history and progress of the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry. It’s open Monday-Friday from 10:00 am-4:00 pm and on Saturdays from 10:00 am-12:30 pm.

You Can Take a Guided Quarry Tour

When you book a guided tour, arrive early, so you don’t miss the van ride. A van leaves the Visitors Center and drives guests to the site of the granite quarry.

Along the way, you’ll see piles of granite blocks. For almost 140 years, quarry workers have dumped pieces of granite with fractures or cracks in grout piles. The term grout piles come from the Scottish word for scrap since many Scots worked in the quarry in the late-1800s.

Granite blocks from Rock of Age Granite Quarry

You Can Go on a Self-Guided Factory Tour

Just like the quarry, the factory is massive at 160,000 square feet. People cut, polish, and engrave enormous blocks of granite for gravestones.

While you might not see much happening at the quarry, the factory is a hive of activity. In fact, most of the United States granite headstones come from this factory. Before leaving, grab free souvenir granite from the granite scrap bin.

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Play a Game At the Outdoor Granite Bowling Lane

You won’t see granite bowling lanes in your local bowling alley, but you can enjoy family fun at the Rock of Ages bowling lane. In the 1950s, the owners of the granite bowling lane developed it as a prototype for use in commercial lanes, but the concept never caught on.

They restored it for family fun on-site, and the bowling lane has rubber balls so guests can play a free game.

Close up of bowling bowls at Rock of Age Granite Quarry

Bring Your Spending Money and Camera

You can’t visit the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry without your camera. The turquoise waters of the quarry hide hundreds of feet, sinking deep into the earth.

The towering walls surrounding the giant hole will take your breath away. At the Visitors Center, the gift shop has beautiful natural stone gifts you can purchase as souvenirs.

A Fun Stop You Won’t Take for Granite 

Pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a fun few hours at the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry in Graniteville, Vermont.

The beautiful natural scenery, the craftsmanship of the artisans, and the immensity of the quarry will inspire you. It’s an enjoyable, cheap way to learn about the history and the art of stonework!

When will you visit the Rock of Ages Granite Quarry?

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