Is the AAA RV Insurance Any Good?

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An RV waiting to be towed, which is covered by aaa rv insurance

Insurance is always something everybody complains about until they need to use it.

However, having the right RV insurance policy can help you avoid a financial disaster when things don’t go to plan. There are many RV insurance providers, but is AAA RV insurance any good?

Today, we’re diving into the fine print of AAA RV insurance to see if you can trust it with your rig. Let’s get started!

What is AAA RV Insurance?

AAA RV insurance is an insurance policy specifically for RVs. It allows you to travel in your Rv without worrying about putting you and your bank account in danger of a financial disaster.

These policies are for motorhomes, travel trailers, and various campers. Benefits vary depending on the policy, but they can include lodging, transportation, personal effects, and much more.

You want to ensure you walk through the coverage regarding your specific insurance policy. AAA has licensed professionals that can help you craft a plan that works with your needs and budget.

Is AAA RV Insurance Available Everywhere?

Unfortunately, AAA RV insurance is not available everywhere. It’s only available in Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Puerto Rico, Nebraska, North Carolina, North Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

If you’re a resident of these states, you should consider looking further into AAA RV insurance. However, if you’re not, you’ll likely want to continue seeking another trusted brand for your RV insurance.

Benefits of AAA RV Insurance

If you select AAA RV insurance, there are several benefits you can enjoy as a policyholder. Coverages may vary based on your plan or situation, so read the fine print and chat with your insurance agent to confirm any potential exceptions before hitting the road.


If you break down, your AAA RV insurance will cover towing up to 100 miles. Unless you’re on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, this will likely be sufficient.

However, one crucial factor to consider is it’s one tow up to 100 miles for Plus RV members or one to 200 miles, plus any remaining qualified tows up to 100 miles each for their  Premier RV members.

The times you’ll need a tow are typically never convenient. However, with the generous 100+ mile towing option, you’ll often find a safe place to tow your vehicle. This could be a campground, repair shop, or storage facility.

An RV being towed, which is covered by aaa rv insurance

Flat Tire Service

A flat tire can be an incredibly frustrating experience. AAA RV insurance includes flat tire service, which can help ease some of the stress.

Depending on where you experience a flat tire and the partnerships AAA has in the area, it could take time for help to arrive. However, if you’re physically unable or not prepared to change a tire, a trained professional will come to your rescue as soon as possible.

Keep in Mind: RV insurance can come with a hefty price tag. Before you purchase an RV, you need to know How Much RV Insurance will cost you!

Close up of a flat tire which will be fixed through aaa rv insurance

Fuel Delivery

Running out of fuel can be an irritating and embarrassing mistake. However, with AAA RV insurance, they can deliver fuel for free to help get you to the nearest gas station. This is a benefit of this RV insurance you’ll be glad to have, but you’ll hope you never have to use it.

Double Extrication Service

Sometimes things can go south very quickly, and your vehicle or trailer can end up in a ditch or snow. The only way to get out of these situations is to use a winch.

Luckily, AAA RV insurance comes with a double extrication service. This coverage will send a truck with a winch to you, but only if the truck can stay on a hard surface road.

In addition, if you need a second truck, they’ll send a second truck with a winch for up to one hour at no additional charge.

Vehicle Locksmith Service

Mistakes happen, and even though vehicle manufacturers put safety precautions in place, it’s not uncommon for drivers to lock their keys in their cars.

If this happens to you, your AAA RV insurance policy will include up to $100 for Plus RV members and up to $150 if you’re on the Premier RV policy.

A vehicle locksmith working to unlock an RV through aaa rv insurance

One-Day Free Car Rental

Signing up for the Premier RV policy gets you a complimentary one-day car rental when your car breaks down, and it’s not the result of a collision.

This can help ensure you have time to formulate a plan for getting back on the road or somewhere safe. With AAA RV insurance, you won’t have to feel like you’re without any options.

Car Travel Interruption

The AAA RV insurance car travel interruption benefit is a massive perk for RVers. This comes in handy when travelers are 100+ miles from home and experience an accident, breakdown, or a stolen vehicle.

They’ll reimburse $1,000 for Plus RV and $1,500 for Premier RV members. These funds can go toward expenses related to meals, lodging, rental cars, and transportation home or your destination within 72 hours of the interruption.

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Negatives of AAA RV Insurance

While AAA RV insurance may sound like a fantastic insurance policy, the coverage has some negatives. You’ll want to consider these when selecting your RV insurance policy.

Not Available Everywhere

One of the most significant negatives is that this incredible RV insurance policy isn’t available everywhere.

It’s only available in a handful of states, so many RVers can’t take advantage of it. We’d love to see them expand and offer more coverage, especially to a few more RV-friendly states.

Limited Number of Roadside Service Calls Per Year

No matter which policy or tier you’re on, AAA RV insurance limits policyholders to four roadside service calls per year. While this may sound like plenty, you never know what the road will throw at you.

If traveling has taught us anything, it’s that it’s unpredictable. Other roadside service providers offer similar coverages but do not limit policyholders on the number of roadside service calls they can make in a year.

More Expensive Than Other Options

AAA RV insurance is an add-on to an already existing auto insurance policy. Their plans are typically around $140 for the RV Plus and $210 for the Premier RV. However, policy pricing varies considerably based on several factors and could be more or less where you live. 

Unfortunately, when you factor in the cost of the auto insurance, you will likely pay a premium price for this RV insurance policy. You may get a better deal by shopping around.

Just ensure you compare them and confirm all your coverages and possible benefits.

A woman looking at her RV while a man calls his aaa rv insurance

Is the AAA RV Insurance Worth It?

Like it or not, you will need an insurance policy. However, you don’t want to pay more than necessary for your coverage.

This RV insurance is an option worth considering if it’s available in your state. If you’re already a AAA auto insurance policyholder, using them for your RV’s insurance may be straightforward.

Take your time and ask many questions. You want to ensure you understand everything that your unique policy covers.

Is AAA RV insurance available in your area?

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  1. We live in Washington State and have AAA RV insurance. It isn’t a stand alone policy, but we have AAA on our vehicles too. It’s hard to know if any extra policy is worth it until you need it.

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