The Best Pop Up Camper Rentals in the US

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Do you want to go on a camping adventure but don’t own a camper or a heavy-duty truck to tow one? If so, a pop up camper rental might be the answer! These campers are lightweight and easy to tow with just about any vehicle. If you’re looking for a unique way to camp comfortably, this article is for you! 

We’ve found the best pop up camper rentals across the country. One of these may be your next family adventure. Let’s get started!

Pop Up Camper Rental Pros

There are several reasons we think you should consider using a pop up camper rental. First, many people buy campers and rarely use them. According to the RV Industry Association, the average RV owner uses their trailer 20 days a year.

This means your camper may sit unused for 345 or more days! When you look at the cost of trailers, that’s a lot of money to pay each year for something to sit unused. By renting, you’ll only pay for a camper when you need to use it.

Another benefit is that you won’t be responsible for maintaining a camper. The owner of the pop up camper will be on the hook for maintaining tires, seals, and the complex systems that can result in expensive repairs. All you’ll have to worry about is having a good time!

Purchasing an RV is a significant investment, and camping isn’t something everyone enjoys. You can test the waters by renting an RV without burdening yourself financially with a massive investment.

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Pop Up Camper Rental Cons

While there are many benefits to pop up camper rentals, you also need to consider the cons. One con is that many camper rentals have hidden fees. Cleaning, generator, and even mileage fees can add up quickly and cause you to think twice. The online rental service charges fees, but others are from the camper’s owner. You must read through the specifics for each listing to get an idea of what your adventure will cost.

Another con to consider is that you may not be able to take the rental where you want, or it might not be available when you want it. Some rental listings will limit use to paved roads or established campgrounds. This can make it challenging to try boondocking or camping in the wilderness where there’s more privacy.

What’s the Average Cost to Rent a Pop Up Camper?

Pricing for a pop-up camper rental varies geographically and for each unit. It’s similar to renting a car because luxury rental vehicles cost more than compact cars. You will generally pay somewhere in the ballpark of $100 per night to rent a pop up camper. However, the cost can vary tremendously based on the specific pop up camper and fees.

You can’t forget that you’ll need a place to park the camper while using it. Even if the camper owner delivers it to your campsite, they’re not footing the bill. You’ll need to reserve a campsite and pay any fees associated with the site during your stay.

Why Rent Through Outdoorsy?

Outdoorsy is one of the premier peer-to-peer camper rental platforms. They have a large selection of RVs across the country. You can find RVs of practically every type, size, and condition. This can make it easy to find the right pop up camper rental for you and your adventures, which can be helpful if you’re considering purchasing in the future.

Outdoorsy is one of the most trusted rental companies in the business. When there’s an issue, they are quick to resolve it. You can rent an RV through them with confidence that you’ll get what you paid for and won’t end up with a clunker.

The Best Pop Up Camper Rentals in the US

If you’re looking for the best pop up camper rentals, we’ve found them. You can enjoy almost endless adventures in some of these pop up campers. Let’s see which ones you might want to call home for your next trip!

1. 2018 Patriot X1 GT – Thompsons Station, TN

A 2018 Patriot X1 GT pop up camper rental
Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $165/night

Pet Friendly: No

Sleeps: 5 guests

Greg’s 2018 Patriot X1 GT is an off-road beast. Don’t let the size deceive you, as this pop up camper rental folds out and has plenty of room. The 270-degree wrap-around awning allows you to enjoy the views and sounds of the wilderness. Greg has taken his trailer through Arizona, Colorado, Utah, and many other locations on his adventures. Whether you’re planning to stay in a campground or do some boondocking, you can camp comfortably in this rig.

2. 2014 Forest River Rockwood Premier – Provo, UT

Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $75/night

Pet Friendly: No

Sleeps: 4 guests

If you’re looking for a classic camping experience and want to explore the incredible national parks in Utah, this pop up camper rental is for you! The camper weighs only 1900 lbs, which means it’s easy to tow with most vehicles. Setting up this rig only takes a few minutes, so you’ll be kicking your feet up and relaxing before you know it.

Inside the rig, you’ll find a queen and full bed. There is a mini-fridge, microwave, and three-burner stove for meals. The owners provide everything you could need for your trip, except your food and bedding. If you don’t want to bring bedding, they can offer it for an additional fee.

3. 2021 Forest River Rockwood High Wall – Wolfeboro, NH

2021 Forest River Rockwood High Wall pop up camper rental.
Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $130/night

Pet Friendly: No

Sleeps: 7 guests

Christopher’s 2021 Forest River Rockwood is brand new and is the largest pop up camper on the market. You won’t have to worry about bumping into or sleeping on top of your fellow campers as there’s plenty of space for everyone. The sizeable u-shaped table is excellent for meals and playing games when the weather doesn’t cooperate. Christopher includes fresh linens, camping chairs, and a Blackstone griddle for use with the rental.

4. 2019 A-Liner LXE – Littleton, CO

Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $120/night

Pet Friendly: No

Sleeps: 2 guests

Laurie and Bruce’s 2019 A-Liner LXE has an off-road package that allows you to camp in some hard-to-reach campsites. This pop up camper rental is perfect for exploring surrounding national forests to avoid camping reservations with off-grid camping. The solar panel will help keep the battery and your devices charged. 

Laurie and Bruce love camping and the outdoors, and it shows. They know just what you’ll need for an epic trip. Their all-inclusive package provides all the supplies you’ll need for two people to have a remarkable and relaxing trip.

5. 2011 Coleman Evolution – Salt Lake City, UT

A 2011 Coleman Evolution pop up camper rental.
Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $65/night

Pet Friendly: No

Sleeps: 5 guests

This 2011 Coleman Evolution belongs to Tyler, Season, Sei, Sen, and their dog Hong. Their pop up camper comes with a solid frame, easy-frank roof, and rugged tires that will help you take it nearly anywhere. You’ll have plenty of sleeping space between the queen-size, double-size, and dinette table that can convert into a twin-size bed.

The advantage of a pop up camper is the ease of being able to prepare meals. In this Coleman Evolution, you’ll have a 3-way Dometic fridge to keep your food fresh and a 2-burner stove. Not waiting for the fire to get hot makes it easier to enjoy your meals.

6. 2020 Black Series Dominator – Las Vegas, NV

Price: $125/night

Pet Friendly: Yes

Sleeps: 4 guests

Say hello to Antonio’s 2020 Black Series Dominator. If you’ve ever seen one of these pop up campers, you know they’re high-quality and an overlanding dream. The Dominator comes with everything you need for overlanding adventures around Las Vegas. Antonio even includes a Dometic dual fridge/freezer, a Jackery power station, and a propane fire pit and grill. You’ll have everything you need for an epic trip if you’re new to off-grid camping!

The queen-size bed and massive conversion lounge provide plenty of space. The owner also includes a 10×10 pop-up tent to provide shade while enjoying the outdoors if you need more space.

7. 2020 Viking Express Series 9.0TD – Arcadia, OK

Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $75/night

Pet Friendly: Yes

Sleeps: 2 guests

Jared’s 2020 Viking Express Series 9.0TD is a teardrop camper you should consider for your next trip. The air conditioner and gas heater help ensure the interior stays comfortable no matter what.

Jared includes linens, two camping chairs, an outdoor table, paper towels, toilet paper, and the necessary cleaning supplies to keep the rig clean. This is an excellent pop up camper rental for an individual or couple looking for a weekend of solitude.

8. 2021 Opus Camper – McKinney, TX

A 2021 Opus Camper pop up camper rental
Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $129/night

Pet Friendly: Yes

Sleeps: 5 guests

TJ and Melissa’s 2021 Opus Camper is incredible. They’re experienced travelers and RVers who have adventured in Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Zion, Rocky Mountain, and Bryce Canyon. They know what you need to have a fabulous time traveling in stunning locations. You’ll have an incredible time in their OPUS OP4!

It comes with an air conditioner, 4-burner grill, a refrigerator, and two queen-size beds. TJ and Melissa know families love to make memories in simple ways, like watching a movie. They include a projector screen and DVD player to watch your favorite movies under the stars. You can add solar panels or the 3800W generator to help run the AC unit, heater, electrical outlets, and lights.

9. 2020 Opus OP4 – Jamul, CA

A 2020 Opus OP4 pop up camper rental.
Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $100/night

Pet Friendly: Yes

Sleeps: 6 guests

We want to introduce you to Ed and his 2020 OPUS OP4. Ed describes his pop up camper rental as a tough luxury; it’s built to withstand just about any condition but has everything you need to be comfortable during your adventures. You’ll sleep like a baby after a day of adventuring on the 4-inch memory foam mattress toppers.

The Lock and Roll articulating hitch makes it easy to navigate uneven terrain. The fully-independent suspension system with a massive 12 inches of clearance allows it to clear rocks and ruts without causing damage. You can have it set up in less than 10 minutes no matter where you take this rig!

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10. 1997 Fleetwood – Rosemount, MN

Source: Outdoorsy

Price: $94/night

Pet Friendly: No

Sleeps: 8 guests

When you look at David and Erika’s 1997 Fleetwood, you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s more than 25 years old. They made all the necessary roof repairs and propane upgrades and installed new flooring and paint. This rig was their home away from home while visiting family and traveling the country. Now, David and Erika want to share their rig with you and other adventurers who enjoy a bit of luxury while camping.

Inside this 1997 Fleetwood pop up camper rental, you’ll find a king-size bed, a double-size bed, and two convertible beds. There’s enough room for even the most prominent family! The 3-way refrigerator and built-in ice chest will help keep your food fresh and drinks cold.

David and Erika include card games, an outdoor mat, and equipment to keep you safe and prepared during your adventures. They’ve thought through everything needed to keep you safe and comfortable and maintain the rig in excellent condition.

Get a Pop Up Camper Rental for Your Next Trip

A pop up camper rental can be a fantastic opportunity for you to explore and make memories with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a comfortable place to rest and relax at the end of a day of adventuring, these are great options. There are many pop up camper options around the country. So if one of the ones we’ve suggested doesn’t cut it for you, hop on over to Outdoorsy and find one that does!

Have you ever rented a camper through Outdoorsy?

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