Why a Travel Trailer Rental Might Be Right For Your Next Road Trip

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A small SUV tows a travel trailer rental with yellow stripes down the highway.

Taking an RV vacation is a fantastic experience and something your family will never forget. If you don’t have the time, money, or energy for RV ownership, does this mean you have to miss out? Absolutely not! A travel trailer rental offers you all the fun with none of the responsibility. 

What is a Travel Trailer?

A travel trailer is a towable RV that is small enough to be hauled by most trucks and SUVs. Sometimes called a bumper-pull trailer, it hooks up to your vehicle’s hitch. It doesn’t require any additional add-ons or features in the bed of a truck as a fifth wheel does. 

A travel trailer typically offers living quarters with a full kitchen, a place to sleep, and a bathroom. It is a home away from home. Unlike some RVs, it is lighter and smaller. Its small size makes it easier to move around. 

A white travel trailer rental is ready to be hitched up to a car and towed along on an adventure.

Renting a Travel Trailer Vs. Other RV Rentals

Renting a travel trailer is much easier than renting other kinds of RVs. If you have a truck or larger SUV with a hitch, chances are you can tow a travel trailer. Be sure to check your vehicle’s capabilities before renting. 

There are several more benefits to renting a travel trailer vs. another RV. You don’t have to worry about driving a massive motorhome like a Class A, B, or C with no prior experience. You also don’t need any added features on your truck as you need for a fifth wheel. 

Therefore, renting a travel trailer is the perfect choice for the occasional RVer. 

Pros for Renting a Travel Trailer

A travel trailer is more manageable to tow than a larger fifth wheel and easier to drive around than a motorhome. Another benefit is that it offers everything you need at a lower weight. This means you could likely tow it with your truck or SUV to save money. 

If you have little towing experience, a travel trailer is also a good entry-level option. You can start with something small to gain confidence and experience. Additionally, a travel trailer rental is usually more affordable than renting other types of RVs. 

A travel trailer usually offers lots of sleeping space, so you have room for the entire family. If you want to take a solo or couple adventure, there are also small options that allow for off-road travel. Basically, you can find a travel trailer to meet any need. 

You will love having an enclosed bathroom, so you don’t have to use the communal amenities at a campground. You can also cook all your meals from the comfort of a kitchen rather than outside over a fire. 

A white travel trailer is set up for camp with chairs outside and an overhang to protect from the sun.

Cons of Renting a Travel Trailer

Typically, travel trailers are less luxurious than fifth wheels or motorhomes. This means the interior and furnishings might not be as high-end. Considering what you would get compared to a hotel (or a tent!), this shouldn’t be a primary concern, though. 

Another con of travel trailer rentals is that you need to know how to tow it. You also need to know how to set everything up once you arrive at your destination. Travel trailers require more onsite setup work than other RV types. 

Another downside is a factor on long trips. You don’t have the convenience of having the kitchen, snacks, and bathroom right behind you when you turn around. You do get this easy access with a motorhome, and it is fantastic! 

What to Know When Renting an RV Trailer

Before making a travel trailer rental, it is crucial to know how much the trailer weighs and how much your vehicle can tow. You need to make sure your vehicle is up for the task. If it isn’t, you’ll either have to rent a vehicle or choose a smaller travel trailer. 

You also need to know how to hook up the trailer lights. This is usually as simple as plugging everything in. The renter can likely show you how to do this before you drive off. 

You also need to know to hook up and unhook the trailer and put the wheel chocks in place. Again, these tasks are pretty simple, and the renter will probably give you a quick rundown. You can also search for a video demonstration beforehand if you want to be more prepared. 

Finally, it is essential to read all the fine print before renting a travel trailer. Make sure you know the terms of the agreement, including any deposits, cleaning fees, taxes, generator use fees, and so on. That way, you aren’t caught off guard by anything. 

It is also advisable to take pictures and document any damage before you leave. That way, you aren’t charged for issues caused by the owner or another renter. 

RV Trailer Rental Prices

Travel trailer rental prices depend on the age, size, and features of the trailer. For an older travel trailer (anything over ten years old), you’ll pay between $50-125 a night. For a newer rental, the costs increase to between $125-200 per night. 

It is important to note that these fees do NOT include RV park or campground site rentals. You will pay for these separately. Campgrounds usually charged $35-50 a night; however, luxury RV parks may charge $100 or more per night. 

How to Find RV Trailers to Rent

You may have seen the Cruise America motorhomes driving around before. Many of these large corporations only offer motorhomes but not travel trailers. Your best bet for a travel trailer rental is to use a peer-to-peer rental service. 

Outdoorsy and RVShare are the most popular and reputable rental services. They are like Airbnb for RVs. You’ll be renting directly from the owner and paying through the rental website. These services give you many options in terms of size and other features. That way, you can find the perfect fit. 

Should You Rent a Travel Trailer? 

You should consider a travel trailer rental! Taking an RV adventure is something everyone should do at least once in their life. It is a great way to see the country and enjoy the comforts of home at the same time.

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