How to Replace Your Pop-Up Camper Canvas

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If you own a pop-up camper, you likely decided on this type of RV because of its affordability, size, and tow ability.

These campers work great for folks wanting to camp a few times a year without breaking the bank. But after a few years, you may notice that the canvas may begin to rip or has a few unrepairable holes. If you’ve run into this common problem, you’ll need a pop-up camper canvas replacement. 

But don’t worry! The installation isn’t difficult, and you can do it yourself. We’ll walk you through this process step-by-step. Let’s get started!

What Type of Canvas Is Used for Pop-Up Campers?

Pop-up campers may have vinyl or canvas siding. Canvas campers withstand cold weather better than vinyl and usually cost less.

They also have a more earthy look because it’s more natural and rugged with a coarse texture. Many people prefer this “look” over the sleek vinyl appearance.

Can You Replace the Canvas on a Pop-Up Camper?

A pop-up camper canvas replacement doesn’t require a trip to the dealership or a call to a mobile technician. You can complete this job yourself and save quite a bit of money.

Just buy your canvas from a reputable company and read the customer reviews for honest experiences.

Set aside a couple of hours one day to complete your DIY project. Although YouTube may make it look like a pop-up camper canvas replacement can take just a few minutes, it’ll take longer if you’ve never done such a thing.

Where Can I Find a Pop-Up Camper Canvas Replacement?

Canvas Replacements is a company that specializes in caring for and restoring tent campers. Canvas Replacements began in 1957 with the original name Camper and Recreation, Inc, under the leadership of Clyde Grambsch, who designed and built the first tent camper in 1954.

Today it’s the largest manufacturer and supplier of replacement canvas for the pop-up camper industry. You can buy canvas replacements, awnings, mattresses, cushions, and cleaning and care products.

How to Complete Your Own Pop-Up Camper Canvas Replacement

Once you’ve received your pop-up camper canvas replacement, it’s time for the installation! Don’t worry if you’ve never done this before. We’ll walk you right through the process.

Stabilize the Pop-Up Camper

First, chock your wheels and put the stabilizers down. Ensure your camper is entirely secure. This includes extending the bed pole supports underneath the beds.

Remove All the Fasteners

Then remove the curtain ties. Grab a small tray to hold the fasteners. Remove the canvas retainer clips in the corners and along the bottom track. Then place them in the small tray so you don’t lose them.

Unzip the Bed Boot

The canvas sections zip together, so unzip the bed boot from the windows. You may need a drill to unscrew the ends of the canvas to completely remove them from the tracks.

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Heat Seal and Remove Canvas

Next, grab a heat gun and pliers. The canvas sections are held into the top tracks with a seal, so you’ll need to heat that seal to loosen it. Use the pliers to pull it free from the bed frame. Release the velcro along the outside of the canvas and slide the canvas out of the bed frame.

Insert New Canvas

It’s now time to install your pop-up camper canvas replacement. Insert the bottom of the canvas into the track from the outside first. Install the seal for the top interior track using a heat gun to heat the seal again. Then press the canvas into it and slide it into position.

Zip Everything Up and Reinstall Canvas Retainers

Finally, don’t forget to go outside and reattach the outer part of the canvas. The last step is to grab the bin with the fasteners and reinstall the canvas retainers. The installation of your pop-up camper canvas replacement is now complete!

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Is There a Company That Will Replace My Pop-Up Camper Canvas?

We recommend using Bear Creek Canvas if you want a company to do your pop-up camper canvas replacement for you. This company specializes in recanvassing pop-up campers of almost any make, model, or year. 

Whether you have a Coleman, Jayco, Tradewinds, or some other brand, the team at Bear Creek Canvas can help you restore or repair yours. They’re located in Spencer, Wisconsin. For more information on pricing, fill out the online form to get a quote.

Don’t Stop Camping When You Need a Pop-Up Camper Canvas Replacement

Pop-up campers are much more affordable than other types of RVs. They’re great for folks wanting to enjoy the camping lifestyle without spending tens of thousands or more on large RVs.

But sometimes, even with proper care and maintenance, you must replace your canvas. Don’t fret when this happens. You can complete the pop-up camper canvas replacement yourself in just a few easy steps.

Don’t let normal wear and tear keep you from enjoying the outdoor lifestyle this camping season!

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